Bettie Bondage – Fantasizing About Mom And Her Makeup

Your mother isn’t plain, so to speak, but she certainly doesn’t get dolled up to go out or anything. She’s modest. I mean, she’s a mom, what else would she be? Which is why its a bit surprising when she comes home from her friend’s house with a bunch of new makeup. She says she wants a new look! She tries some on and shows you but honestly? You can’t even tell. She’s just so subtle with everything. You offer to help her out, be a man’s perspective while she tries things on and she eagerly agrees. In her bedroom, she lays all the makeup out and starts to try it on. Watching her as she rubs on foundation, strokes lipgloss across her lips, you realize your mother has more sexuality than she lets on. In fact, you find yourself even a little aroused as you watch her swipe shades across her supple lips. You suggest a certain gloss, wanting to see it slide across her parted lips, so sensuous you can’t help but think about how they’d look around your cock…you’re letting your daydream get away from you, imagining her seeing the tent in your pants, calling it out, even getting on her knees to suck you, god your own mother! You shouldn’t be thinking about all this but she’s practically begging for it, all made up, pouting her lips, pursing them, smacking them…who wouldn’t be thinking about her on her knees, giving the blowjob of a lifetime, stroking and sucking cock until it explodes across her lips?!

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