Maria Moore – Stepmom Wants You To Knock Her Up

Your stepmom really needs your help! There is something daddy just cannot give her. You though… you are young and virile. You can help your step-mommy out. She knows she turns you on. Bet you were always a little jealous of the old man. Here is your big chance young stud. Give her what she needs. Fill her up with your seed and watch they belly grow and those huge jugs swell. It will be your secret.

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Maria Moore – Mommy Maria Knows

She knows everything. Mommy knows what you have been doing while she is out. Her hidden camera caught you searching through her lingerie drawers. Oh no! You dirty boy . You have been having perverted thoughts about your mommy again … haven’t you ? Was this the set that you liked best? Mommy Maria knows it was because she found it hidden in your bedroom. Bad , bad , naughty boy! Hiding Mommy’s bra and thong in your bed. What good is that ? They look so much nicer on Mommy. Take a look! This is what you wanted to see after all. Mommy’s massive bra filled out with her fleshy, heavy breasts . He thong sliding between her plump bottom. Not time to be nervous now… you are a big boy! Mommy wants you to do what all big boys do.

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