MoRina – Mom Supports Masturbation

As your mom, I’m always trying to help you! Today I come into your room in the morning to make sure you get up to go to your important appointment. I quickly realize that you’re awake and masturbating. I always want to support you, so even though at first it seems awkward, I get into the spirit pretty quickly…

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Lady Suzanne – Exciting Time with a MILF

Imagine being seduced by your parent’s friend, a sexy and very attractive milf that you have been looking at the whole evening. She comes into your room while at a party in your house, takes off her dress and makes you stroke and cum for her. Would you be able to resist her? Or you will just take out your hard cock, stroke it and cum for her like a good boy?

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California Girl – Panty Thief Son JOI Part 1

My son likes to jerk off to my panties. I can’t find my panties anywhere. I looked in the laundry and they are all gone. WTF? Oh, I found them. They are hidden in my son’s drawer. Come here son. I found my underwear in your drawer. You’re masturbating to my panties? At first, I am not happy about this, but I have to admit. Its getting me pretty hot. Let me masturbate through the panties and get them nice and wet for you son. I strip out of my robe and am wearing a red bra and panties. I play with myself lying on my back to show off the panties, then I pull them off to the side so you can see my wet pussy. Then I masturbate doggy style to show off my pussy and asshole to my son while he masturbates for me.

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QueenGoddessKatie – MILF Asks Son to Impregnate Her

In honor of Mother’s Day Your hot mom knows you have been spying Her and she’s ready to keep a secret from dad and allow you to get off to Her gorgeous body. Suckle Her tits, enjoy Her fabulous ass and wet pussy while She encourages you to jerk off. She’s so horny and excited She encourages you to stretch Her tight pussy out and impregnate Her! Promise to keep it a secret!

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Paintedrose – Moms MILF Bikini and Your Friends

How could you forget, it’s BEACH day! Mom comes in to find out why you’re not ready and you’re friends will be here any minute! C’mon you can change in front of me. What do you mean you don’t like my bikini and it’s too revealing? Don’t worry about your friends looking, It’s not like I’m going to blow them if they get little boners… Mommy is not a slut, I’m just curvy and I can’t help it. I mean, if were there and my top slips off because it’s a nude beach it is no big deal. I wonder if you will get a boner if I have you rub oil on my butt, I’m trying to work on my tan. Get changed son! Ok I’ll look away while you change. Mom peeks to see if you have a chubby one. I continue to tease you about blowing you and your friends at this clothing optional beach until you…cum in your swim trunks. Oh I hear the doorbell, it must be your friends.

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Paintedrose – Patriotic MILF: Your Mom and Your Friends

It’s going to be hot today for the parade and fireworks and your Mom is at it again with the slutty outfits in front of you and your friends. She thinks it’s ok to dress like that and be sexy in front of your friends, she loves the attention. She buys them candy, and is sweet to them, and she even flaunts her body hoping to give them their first boners. Stepmom teases you and tells you how she isn’t ashamed of her body and loves turning on the boys.

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JackieSynn – Secrets At The Sleepover 2

Jackie has a new round of young boys staying the night at her house with her son. They don’t know her son’s naughty little secret though, Jackie helps him cum every night using her big juicy tits! Jackie teases the boys and tells some nasty stories about her days as a teen having sleepovers. All of her filthy stories make their big boy boners absolutely throb and they can’t help but to take them out and start stroking them. Mommy makes her son lick up all of their cum loads, sucking each of them dry as she tells dirtier and dirtier stories. After mummy’s boy has swallowed all of those loads, it’s his turn to bust all over Mom‘s fat foxy tits! Sleepovers at Mrs Synn’s house are the best!

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JackieSynn – Mom Is Getting Ready To Get Pregnant Again

You walk in on your mother changing, she’s getting dressed up to go out tonight because she finally is going to get some cock! Mommy has been aching to get pregnant for years, and tonight she’s going out to make sure that happens. You get curious and start asking her what it was like to be pregnant. Mummy gives you the details, letting you know how sensitive and hard her nipples got, her pussy flooded with every day making her masturbate like crazy. Masturbating mommy through her whole pregnancy, you really wanna fuck mummy and get her pregnant yourself but mum says that’s wrong. Instead she lets you watch her make herself cum in front of you while you jerk your dick. Come while you watch mommy cum, you know when she gets home tonight her pussy is going to be flooded with spunk!

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