Bettie Bondage – Girlfriend Finds Your Mother Son Porn

Your girlfriend shows up with a little treat in hand You’re not huge stoners, but you were recently talking about how ganja makes you both feel horny and relaxed. And she says that’ll be a good mindset to be in, since she has something she wants to talk about. Lazily, she lights up, smirking as she inhales, exhales, plays with the smoke, holding it loosely to your lips as you drag. She tells you she had to use your computer and while trying to find something she downloaded, she stumbled onto your porn folders. Your taboo porn folders. She laughs when your face betrays your attempt to stay cool, reassuring you that she’s not upset. She just wants to discuss it. She tells you she found the folder of all the mother-son stuff, saying again that she’s not upset. Quite the contrary. She thinks fantasy is important. Sexy. Healthy. Even the stuff you fantasize. “But,” she says, “I did notice that all those women looked a lot like your mother. A lot…is there maybe something to that?” You freeze. She’s cool, but is she that cool, that open? You don’t need to respond, though, before she’s smiling again, opening her sweater, telling you that its ok. She wants to explore it. She wants to talk. For both of you to touch yourselves while you explore. While she encourages you. Encourages you to stroke and think about all the naughty, taboo scenarios that were in those videos. Stroke and think…about your mother. Is this really happening? As you bring yourselves closer and closer to orgasm, dirty talking and encouraging, she tells you to wait. She’s going to get something… She leaves, and when she returns, she’s carrying something. A picture. Framed. A framed picture of your mother! You can’t believe this. Really? Yes, really. Yes, really, your girlfriend is holding a framed photo of your mother between her legs, against her naked, smooth, wet pussy, stroking your cock and telling you to cum all over your mother’s face. Telling you that its just what she wants. It’s just what you want. And she’s right.

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Julie Snow – Stepmom Wants You To Do Porn With Her

I’m really struggling to make ends meet since your Father left, and he hasn’t been sending money at all lately, so I’ve started my own business……I decided to go into online adult entertaining. You find this hard to believe? Look at my body, I mean….I still got it going on, and I’m doing well in Taboo Role Play. You wouldn’t believe how popular Step Mom and Step Son role play is, and we could really make a lot of money in this niche. Do I need to encourage you a little….? Maybe show off my tight body while talking about making porn with you, what you would need to do, maybe see if we are comfortable masturbating together? I want you to watch me play with my pussy while we see if you can get hard and play with yourself and cum in front of me. Impress me with your huge load!

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommy’s Huge Expandable Tits

Mommy just got back from the plastic surgeons office today. It’s your favorite place that you want mommy to go!!! You are hooked on her huge silicon fun jugs!!! Mommy just came home and she tells you she got her fun bags blown up!!! She knows you love when she has her monthly appointment to blow them up!!! She knows you and all your horny friends check out her fake tits. She is going next month to reach her goal of 1000 cc’s!!! She wants them as big as basketballs!! Oh honey…I see you are rock hard!!! I guess my tits aren’t the only thing that are pumped up!!! I can tell your cock is loving my new tits!!! Just wait til next visit, mommy’s tits will need a good milking they will be so big!!! I want them bigger than my head sweetie!!! I think your dick needs draining honey…you love mommy’s huge jugs don’t you? Do you want to masturbate and squirt your load all over mommy’s new, huge fun bags? Why don’t you leave your load on them right now? Mommy will empty your balls right on my newly expanded huge fake tits.

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Kelle Martina – Naughty Boy

Hello honey! Why is your mom dressed like this? Well, there is something I’d like to talk to you about. I let you use my work laptop for your homework, but I found you browsing some very adult websites on there! I could lose my job over that. You don’t want that do you? I’m very disappointed, but I understand you have certain needs, and I noticed a lot of the videos were MILFs. Why didn’t you just ask your mom to play with you? You seem to like older women with big tits, so why don’t you play with the real thing instead of a video? Your mom discovers your MILF fetish.

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Butt3rflyforu – Step Mom Gives JOI

Your step mom is so damn hot! It’s becoming routine for you to masturbate while she is cleaning and rearranging your room. She now comes in even if nothing needs to be tidied up!!! She knows you will be in there jerking that young, horny cock for her. You are my beloved step son and I would do anything for you. I love knowing you masturbate to me and drain your balls to me. I purposely dress like this. I want to tease you relentlessly. I want to see and know that I make your cock rock hard. You love sitting in front of me while I sit and cross my legs with my see through robe on and tell you how to jerk that cock so we can drain all your cum!!!

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Rose Black – Growing Big For Mommy

Mommy Roleplay, Yoga Pants, MILF, Masturbation Encouragement, Dirty Talk, Taboo
Oh my sweetie! I see you really are growing lately. Your pants look tighter than ever! I’ve been so busy with your new schedule though, so if you want my attention, then you’ll need to do something for Mommy too. Your erection really does seem to be growing quite massive, but you’ll have to agree to rub Mommy’s feet later. When Mommy makes you feel so good so often, even sneaking around with you behind Daddy’s back, it’s only fair to make Mommy feel good too. I’ll give you a quick timed jerk off, with plenty of teasing to make you super hard, but only after you agree. Mommy has needs, and my teasing comes with wanton risks. You need to cum for my tight yoga pants and natural, creamy tits, so jerk it fast and hard. You’ll cum, but you’ll also sneak back to cum for Mommy again later too. Your taboo needs for Mommy’s bare feet and milky breasts will keep you running back every time.

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Butt3rflyforu – Your Hidden Cameras Exposed

MILF, Voyeur, Taboo, Masturbation Encouragement
You’ve been hiding… your little camera… and from my awareness, from the truth. You love watching, don’t you? I know you do… now. After all this time… how many days?? …I’ve finally realized you’ve been filming me, everywhere. Just where have you tucked away that little camera of yours, out of my sight, and spying on me?? But dirty deeds – dirty boys – always get found out. I know now: my own son has been watching me, in my most private moments. Now that I’ve found out… just what should I do??

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Jess Ryan – Nephew Gets JOI From Sweet Auntie

Taboo, Older Woman / Younger Man, JOI, MILF, Masturbation Encouragement
I’ve never given jack off instructions but I’m willing to help you out since you haven’t cum in awhile…listen very carefully sweetheart, Auntie will take care of you.

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