Tara Tainton – Of Course You Can Ask Mommy Anything You Want

I’ve only wanted to be the best mother, the best mother I can possibly be. That’s what my son deserves. I’ve always promised I’d be honest with him, always encouraged him to come to me with any questions. Anything at all. And… he has. But parenting is always full of surprises. I could’ve never guessed just what my policy would mean, what my son would have in store for me. I didn’t know he could hear what his father and I talk about – what we do – after he’s been tucked snuggly into bed and we finally get our time alone together. Maybe I shouldn’t have answered my son’s questions? Maybe I should’ve sugar-coated the answers? Maybe I shouldn’t have demonstrated just to help him understand…

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Emmas Secret Life – Your Perverted Mother Fucks Your Big Cock

I go to wish my son a good night and unexpectedly walk in on him masturbating. I can’t help but stare at his cock in his hand. I can’t believe how big his dick has grew! I get turned on and start telling him to stroke it for me. He seems a little uncomfortable but he starts stroking it. I walk closer and tell him I could give him something to stroke it to. I drop my robe and start fingering myself while he strokes. I’m dripping wet and just can’t take it anymore and get on top of him. I rub his cock on my wet cunt and ask if he wanted more when he says yes I slide down on his thick cock! I ride and dirty talk him till I cum all over his cock and he cums inside of me. I feel instantly ashamed of myself and make him promise that this will be our secret!

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Butt3rflyforu – Mom Found Your Taboo Porn

I walk in your room , your dad out of town and you are supposed to be sl33ping since you have an early day tomorrow at school, and I catch you with your pants around your ankles, hardest cock ever, with your taboo mommy porn on your screen. My mouth drops! I am shocked you are even watching porn, yet taboo porn with older hot woman and young guys. I question you…wondering what you are doing! I know right away something is not right. I see your cock…and notice how big it has gotten since I last saw it. I tell you that you need to get this fetish out of your system. Maybe if I tease you a bit, show you what mommy’s boobies look like…maybe if I slide this tiny G String to the side…that you will get this silly and unnatural fetish out of your system… Keep stroking that cock…don’t stop…I want you to imagine doing naughty things to my pussy…like sticking the tip of that huge, engorged head inside me….that excites you doesn’t it? Of what if I let you stick your hard penis in between my huge tits? It is as tight as my pussy honey…I want you to masturbate right in front of me, thinking of all these naughty things…I want you to cum on my titties…this will for sure get this bad fetish out of you once and for all! Or will it?

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Miss Bellerose – Mommy’s Jerking Zombie

Goodness son, you’ve been sick with this flu for over a week! Your fever hasn’t budged and the doctor said if you don’t start getting better soon you’ll need to spend time in the hospital. I have a forbidden treatment that I save for only the worst illnesses. It’s a pill that makes your brain and body perform only its most basic functions so your immune system can focus on eradicating viruses and other bacteria! Your father and I call it the “Zombie Pill” because it makes you act sort of like a zombie, haha! Hopefully you won’t end up having a horribly painful hard-on like your father did when he took the Zombie Pill! Don’t worry though, if that happens to you I know exactly how to take care of it. Mommy knows best.

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Moms Fantasy – Krissy Lynn

Part One: Your Mom comes in your room while you’re laying in bed. She wanted to check up on you. As she slowly climbs onto your bed, she asks if you were sleeping. Answering the question for you, she says she knows you weren’t. Her body language tells you she didn’t come in here just to tell you she knows you’re masturbating. She starts to slide the skinny straps from her shirt off of her shoulder, teasingly undressing herself in front of you. It becomes very clear to you that your mom wants to be with as close with her son as she an tonight.

Part Two: As you are about to leave to catch the bus for school, your mom notices you have a “raging hard on”. Realizing you can’t leave the house like that, your mom takes care of you again, like she did the night before.

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Ivy Secret – Mother Shames Perverted Son

Mom confronts her son about what a disgusting pervert he is, she knows that he fantasizes about her and jerks off to her, she tells him that it’s wrong and that it’s sick.

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Download Ivy Secret - Mother Shames Perverted Son.mp4

Bettie Bondage – The Learning Curve

Your new girlfriend has been getting really hot and heavy with you lately. I mean, you don’t mind it’s just…well, you’ve never done any of that. You’re trying to be cool about it, to act natural, but every time she tries to get closer, to put her hand low, you kind of freak out. Tonight is no exception. You’ve invited her over to watch a movie, knowing what that means…but when she makes a move, the same thing as always. You tell her to stop. And she runs out of your house, upset. Of course. You’re sitting on the couch wondering what you should text her, if you should text her, when your mom comes in. She ran into your girlfriend on the way into the house. “She seemed really upset!” she tells you, “did you guys have a fight or something?” You tell her that yeah, you had a little fight. Of course, your nosy mom, she wants to know what the fight was about. You’ve always been really open with your mom, so you tell her. She’s surprised when you tell her that you’ve never had anyone touch you like that…and she’s even more surprised when you tell her you’ve never even touched yourself like that! She tells you that she thinks that’s the root of the problem, that you need to get comfortable with your body before you share it with someone else. “But I’ve never done anything like that,” you say, still nervous. It’s just all so new and overwhelming! But your mother just smiles, offering to help you. She tells you how to stroke at first, but when you can’t quite get the right tempo going, she reaches forward, placing her hands on your wrists and moving your hands for you. You can’t believe what’s happening…your sexy, loving, mother, leaning forward, licking her lips, stroking your cock for you…before long, she’s on her knees, showing you what your girlfriend might like to do. Taking her breasts out, she leans forward and presses your dick against her lips. “You know, when a woman sees such a nice, big cock, there are certain things that she’s going to want to do…”

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Download Bettie Bondage -  The Learning Curve With Mom.mp4

Freaky Mommy Fantasy – Little Puck

Mommy comes to wake you up for school with a mimosa in her hand, wearing some sexy lingerie and you can see the faintest traces of lipstick writing on her tummy and the backs of her thighs…she notices you have a huge stiffy and gives you a big smile. “You’ve been such a good boy around the house lately, don’t you think Mommy should help you with your chores.” She convinces you that it’s okay for her to trace her fingers along your cock, daddy isn’t home, there’s no one around, and she wants to help you. Your dick quivers and grows larger as she begins to stroke you, telling you she just wants what’s best for you and that she’ll give you everything you need. She giggles and exclaims that she has something to do just the trick! She returns with some pills your dad has been slipping her…crazy sexy pills that get her all hot and horny, that make her breasts swell up…she admits that you might have to help her with her swollen tits just as she’s helping you with your swollen prick. The pills make her get all worked up and even hornier than she already was for you…she gets on her knees and begins to suck you all sloppy and giggly and moaning…her eyes keep crossing like she’s some weird anime girl all mindfucked by how amazingly fucked up it is to be sucking her hot son’s cock! She gets sloppier and louder and crazier as she sucks and strokes you til she’s begging for your huge load and you can’t help but release an epic fucking nut in her mouth…and then again on her face!

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Download Little Puck - Freaky Mommy Fantasy.mp4

Bettie Bondage – Girlfriend Finds Your Mother Son Porn

Your girlfriend shows up with a little treat in hand You’re not huge stoners, but you were recently talking about how ganja makes you both feel horny and relaxed. And she says that’ll be a good mindset to be in, since she has something she wants to talk about. Lazily, she lights up, smirking as she inhales, exhales, plays with the smoke, holding it loosely to your lips as you drag. She tells you she had to use your computer and while trying to find something she downloaded, she stumbled onto your porn folders. Your taboo porn folders. She laughs when your face betrays your attempt to stay cool, reassuring you that she’s not upset. She just wants to discuss it. She tells you she found the folder of all the mother-son stuff, saying again that she’s not upset. Quite the contrary. She thinks fantasy is important. Sexy. Healthy. Even the stuff you fantasize. “But,” she says, “I did notice that all those women looked a lot like your mother. A lot…is there maybe something to that?” You freeze. She’s cool, but is she that cool, that open? You don’t need to respond, though, before she’s smiling again, opening her sweater, telling you that its ok. She wants to explore it. She wants to talk. For both of you to touch yourselves while you explore. While she encourages you. Encourages you to stroke and think about all the naughty, taboo scenarios that were in those videos. Stroke and think…about your mother. Is this really happening? As you bring yourselves closer and closer to orgasm, dirty talking and encouraging, she tells you to wait. She’s going to get something… She leaves, and when she returns, she’s carrying something. A picture. Framed. A framed picture of your mother! You can’t believe this. Really? Yes, really. Yes, really, your girlfriend is holding a framed photo of your mother between her legs, against her naked, smooth, wet pussy, stroking your cock and telling you to cum all over your mother’s face. Telling you that its just what she wants. It’s just what you want. And she’s right.

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Julie Snow – Stepmom Wants You To Do Porn With Her

I’m really struggling to make ends meet since your Father left, and he hasn’t been sending money at all lately, so I’ve started my own business……I decided to go into online adult entertaining. You find this hard to believe? Look at my body, I mean….I still got it going on, and I’m doing well in Taboo Role Play. You wouldn’t believe how popular Step Mom and Step Son role play is, and we could really make a lot of money in this niche. Do I need to encourage you a little….? Maybe show off my tight body while talking about making porn with you, what you would need to do, maybe see if we are comfortable masturbating together? I want you to watch me play with my pussy while we see if you can get hard and play with yourself and cum in front of me. Impress me with your huge load!

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