JackieSynn – The Cool Aunt

Your aunt Jackie has agreed to let you and three of your buddies stay the night at her house for a sleepover since your mom didn’t want you to do it at her house. Aunt Jackie is so cool, she set up the video games, brought you guys lots of snacks and let you know that you are allowed to do what ever you want when you’re at aunt Jackie‘s house! Aunt Jackie leaves you to it, but after a few hours she checks in to see if you guys need anymore refreshments, she’s quite surprised to see that you’re all watching porn on her TV! Aunt Jackie is not mad though, if fact, she thinks it’s adorable. She questions you boys about your sexual history and is surprised you’re all teen virgins who’ve never even see boobs in the flesh! Deciding that that needs to change, aunt Jackie tells you all to pull out your young hard decks and show them to her and if you are good boys and comply she will let you have a look at her huge soft tits. You and your friends jump at the opportunity, the next thing you know you are all jerking your young teen boners looking at your hot aunt’s fat tits. Auntie Jackie even lets you suck and squeeze those big beautiful pink nipples while you jerk your young cocks. You and your friends are going to have to start coming over more often!

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JackieSynn – Secrets at the Sleepover

Tonight you’re having a sleepover with some friends, they’re getting a little bit wild and rowdy but then Mom walks in. It’s okay, she’s a cool mom, in fact she wants to partake in the partying! After Mom lets loose a bit, she starts telling your friends some secrets you are not too pleased she is revealing. She tells them how she likes to show a little skin to get boys to do what she wants, next thing you know Mom is showing off her cleavage and her tiny little metallic silver shorts. You notice your mates getting boners, hell you have one yourself! Mom notices all of your young hard on this, but you start to turn red and get jealous. Mom makes you confessed to the boys why you’re jealous, it’s because you have a big crush on your mum! She tells your friends what a mummies boy you are, and how you jerk off every night to her, sometimes even in front of mom. Mom understands that all of your young dicks need release, it’s completely natural. Jackie decides to pull out a big tits so all of your friends can jerk off, don’t worry mummy doesn’t want you to be jealous, she just wants all of your teenage friends to check after her big mummy tits just like you! Jackie shows off her big fat booty in her tiny tight little metallic shorts, and encourages those young cocks to start pumping nice and hard. Jackie teasers and giggles, she finds your young cock prematurely ejaculating very charming. Jackie’s got all of your young boners leaking, your friends wish they had a hot Mom like Jackie that would let them jerk off to her. Jackie puts her shorts down and starts clapping her fat ass and encourages you and all of your friends to spunk all over her! Mummy tells your friends that if they need a helping hand you’ll be glad to help, mummy has had you help jerk some of her lovers in the past – mummy is revealing all of your perverted little secrets tonight! Your friends love it and come all over the place, it’s like a chain reaction as you young boys start blowing you just can’t stop until all of you are drained!

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AimeeWavesXXX – Cum With Mommy

Mommy notices your boner while you watch me rub oil all over my body. You get a little shy, but there’s no need to be shy around mommy. I make you feel comfortable by masturbating with you. It’s much more fun to masturbate with someone else anyways. You get a little glimpse of your mother’s rawness and dirtiness right as I’m about to cum, you’ve never seen me like that. You kind of hope you can see it again. And who knows, maybe you will…

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Says Close Your Eyes

Mommy has discovered a stash of her beautiful satin night dresses and panties hidden under your mattress. She confronts you and you admit that yes, you have an uncontrollable satin and silk fetish, particularly for your Mommy wearing it. Your Mom is not angry, in fact, she indulges you in your kink. She is so open minded that she offers to show off wearing her best satin just for you, but there is one rule you must follow.. you must close your eyes every time Mommy gets changed. She doesn’t want you to see her bare body, so you agree and close your eyes immediately… but it is SO HARD to keep them closed when you know your Mommy is right there in front of you with her perfect boobs and bottom on show in between changing outfits.. Mommy laughs as you keep peeking at her, and one by one, shows you what she looks like wearing your personal favourite items. She is reluctant to wear her panties with nothing else, but she is prepared to allow you to see her breasts for a short time if it means making you happy- which it definitely does! Mommy notices you shifting uncomfortably, so encourages you to touch yourself if it feels right to. Mommy wants your face close to her ass, so close that you can smell her. You take a big sniff of your Mommys panties and bottom, her scent driving you close to orgasm. Mommy keeps asking you to close your eyes when she puts on a new pair of satin panties, but you are so turned on you just can’t help but watch her! Mommy is cruel not letting you look, but it feels so damn good… the sound of that material sliding about her skin, knowing you can’t look… too much to bare… Mommy says you can cum if you want to, but not on her best red satin panties… too late… you blew your hot load ALL over your Momma, ruining her underwear forever..but she doesn’t mind, in fact she is going to keep this pair as a reminder of the day her son emptied his balls just for her…

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Kinkykatlive – Mutual Masturbation With Mommy

Mommy sees the history on the computer and wants to guide you through the masturbation process in hopes that creamy white stuff will come flying out of your cock!

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imchloeswift – You Step Mommy Wants Your Cum

You Step-Mommy Wants Your Cum Your step-mom is bored at home, and she needs some entertainment, so she has decided to visit your room to ask you for some fun ideas when she notices your bulge. She is so surprised by the size of your cock that she decides shes is going to give you a hand-job and take all your cum Will you cum for your step-mommy?

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Harley Sin – Reluctant Mommy Confession

In this confession vid I talk about making Reluctant Mom Blackmailed and how incredibly horny I got after filming it. I talk about my deep feelings on being a mommy and how I feel about my ‘sons’. I get very wet and get carried away in this one. My confession video turned into a dirty masturbation encouragement where I invite you, my son, to put your cock in my pussy and I confess how mommy likes to get fucked. An excellent VERY TRUE confession for my perverted son’s out there. Are you as perverted as mommy? I have a very real orgasm and the leftover cum in my pussy drips out mixed with my pussy juice.

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BuniBun – Edging With Mommy

Your mom calls you into her bedroom to have a talk with her while your father is out and its just the two of you. She really wants to talk to you about something…..Your mom knows your headed off to college in less then a week and she just realized shes never given you the sex talk before. She wants you to be informed on how to be protected with sex and how to please a woman properly. She explains that she knows when your in college theres going to be girls everywhere and your probably going to be having lots of sex and she wants to make sure your prepared. She also explains that she and your father are really hoping you get a nice stable girlfriend in college and that maybe teaching you how to please a woman in bed and informing you about sex might help your relationship with your future girlfriend be more longer lasting as many women feel unsatisified in bed because there man cums too quickly. Your mom explains that theres many things she can teach you, like how to eat out a woman, how to hit her G spot etc…..but today mommy wants to teach you how to edge yourself. She shows you how to edge yourself and how YOU can masturbate properly to make yourself last longer in bed with the next girl you decide to fuck. Your mom jerks you off with her hand, then she moves to blowjob and lastly tittyfucking. She wants to see how well you can restrain yourself with cumming. In the end you suprise mommy with a cumshot while she tittyfucks you.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommys Milk Accident

Mommy is just chatting away to you without realising her milk has leaked through her top leaving giant wet patches! You try not to look, but you can’t help but stare, and when mommy notices she is mortified and embarrassed! …She also notices that lil erection in your pants sticking up. Your mommy loves you so much she just has to do something to help her boy out

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