BuniBun – Edging With Mommy

Your mom calls you into her bedroom to have a talk with her while your father is out and its just the two of you. She really wants to talk to you about something…..Your mom knows your headed off to college in less then a week and she just realized shes never given you the sex talk before. She wants you to be informed on how to be protected with sex and how to please a woman properly. She explains that she knows when your in college theres going to be girls everywhere and your probably going to be having lots of sex and she wants to make sure your prepared. She also explains that she and your father are really hoping you get a nice stable girlfriend in college and that maybe teaching you how to please a woman in bed and informing you about sex might help your relationship with your future girlfriend be more longer lasting as many women feel unsatisified in bed because there man cums too quickly. Your mom explains that theres many things she can teach you, like how to eat out a woman, how to hit her G spot etc…..but today mommy wants to teach you how to edge yourself. She shows you how to edge yourself and how YOU can masturbate properly to make yourself last longer in bed with the next girl you decide to fuck. Your mom jerks you off with her hand, then she moves to blowjob and lastly tittyfucking. She wants to see how well you can restrain yourself with cumming. In the end you suprise mommy with a cumshot while she tittyfucks you.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommys Milk Accident

Mommy is just chatting away to you without realising her milk has leaked through her top leaving giant wet patches! You try not to look, but you can’t help but stare, and when mommy notices she is mortified and embarrassed! …She also notices that lil erection in your pants sticking up. Your mommy loves you so much she just has to do something to help her boy out

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Kittycream – Mummys Video Calls Her Army Boy

I’m chatting to my boy who is away with the army. He is missing his mommy who likes to satisfy him when he is at home. She wants him to feel she loves him very much so she shows him in the only way a good mommy knows how…

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Brandon Areana – Hidden Desires Pt2

While doing my make up I feel someone watching me and turn to see you, a bulge already in your pants, what are you doing here? I have been avoiding you since what happened last time even though I can’t stop thinking about it. It was wrong, I know it was wrong and you know it was wrong and it can Never, ever happen again. Please leave while I finish my make up and then I will drive you to practice, I turn to continue but when I turn again you are standing there with your hard dick out, I am flushed with desire and embarrassment. We can’t do this, it’s wrong. Please go….but it’s so hard, so very hard and when your look at your my MILF tits you lose control, I pick them up and drop them, I play with my large nipples and heavy tits until you can’t take it any longer, once pre-cum begins to drizzle I can’t hold out any longer and must stroke your cock STEP-Son. I have too! My tits bounce wildly as I stroke your cock and get you closer and closer to blowing your load. Step-Mommy’s beautiful face and bouncing tits are to much for you to handle and you blow your massive load all over her tits as she strokes your face and reminds you how much she loves her special boy.

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Brandon Areana – Hidden Desires Pt1

What a great workout, I am completely spent and feeling so good. I have really noticed the changes in my body and they are amazing. I strip my gym clothes off and gentle touch my body, my breast and my pussy lips. I begin to relax and enjoy myself when something catches my eye…YOU. Hiding in the curtains, watching me, I quickly cover up and confront you. What are you doing in here, watching your mom are your erect? OMG, this is so embarrassing. I insist you leave but you won’t you just keep looking at my big nipples and tan milf body and you can’t hide your boner. You have been hiding these desires for your MOTHER for so long and now the truth has come out. But what should I do? I don’t want to humiliate him but i know this is so wrong. He isn’t a bb anymore though, he is a young man now with a rock hard cock just for her. Maybe he can just watch her, maybe he can just touch himself, maybe they can orgasm together and then no one has to know and it never, ever has to happen again but she really likes it, she likes it a lot and is horny all over just thinking about him inside her. She asks you to lay with her after you both cum and as you gaze into her beautiful eyes you find all new ways to fall completely in love with her. They say your Mother is your first love and this has proven to be extremely true for you.

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Sweetkiss_69 – Mum Found Your Porn And Pics

I know your friends call me yummy mummy and i found your mummy/son stash along with my pics. We need to have a talk about your choice of porn…. Are you getting hard right now? Really? And did i mention i found your watersports porn and no not jet skis, do you want to taste mummy? do you want to feel it run down your cock? do you want to wank to milf mummy?

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Sweetkiss_69 – You Want To Fuck The Pussy That Made You

Oh look how hard you are at the pussy that made you. You should be over joyed that all your friends want to fuck me. Do you want to sit in the corner and watch him fuck me while you stroke your young cock?

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Tara Tainton – Of Course You Can Ask Mommy Anything You Want

I’ve only wanted to be the best mother, the best mother I can possibly be. That’s what my son deserves. I’ve always promised I’d be honest with him, always encouraged him to come to me with any questions. Anything at all. And… he has. But parenting is always full of surprises. I could’ve never guessed just what my policy would mean, what my son would have in store for me. I didn’t know he could hear what his father and I talk about – what we do – after he’s been tucked snuggly into bed and we finally get our time alone together. Maybe I shouldn’t have answered my son’s questions? Maybe I should’ve sugar-coated the answers? Maybe I shouldn’t have demonstrated just to help him understand…

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Emmas Secret Life – Your Perverted Mother Fucks Your Big Cock

I go to wish my son a good night and unexpectedly walk in on him masturbating. I can’t help but stare at his cock in his hand. I can’t believe how big his dick has grew! I get turned on and start telling him to stroke it for me. He seems a little uncomfortable but he starts stroking it. I walk closer and tell him I could give him something to stroke it to. I drop my robe and start fingering myself while he strokes. I’m dripping wet and just can’t take it anymore and get on top of him. I rub his cock on my wet cunt and ask if he wanted more when he says yes I slide down on his thick cock! I ride and dirty talk him till I cum all over his cock and he cums inside of me. I feel instantly ashamed of myself and make him promise that this will be our secret!

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