AmyPaige – Peeking At Mommy

Taking advantage of some time alone, I lay back on the futon in the spare badroom and begin fantasizing, letting my fingers drift on my body…hey! What are you doing there? You were supposed to be out with your friends this afternoon. Well you should knock on closed doors. Hmm, you look like you got an eyeful, I see what is going on there in your shorts. Okay, pull your cock out. Yes! Pull it out for me now. I intend to have even more fun now. Jerk your cock for me, jerk it for mommy’s big tits while I play with my wet pussy.

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Mama Fiona – Naughty Mama’s Sweet Good Boy JOI

Ooooh hunny! I have noticed you getting boners around your super hott mama a LOT lately. You have to stop hunny, you have to be able to control it. I don’t mind, but… we have to figure out how to take care of this. I know! Mama is just gonna have to help you, that’s all. I think you’re old enough now to start fuckin around with your mama. I’m going to give you what you want. So here’s what we’re going to do: take down your pants, get your dick realllll hard for me as I tease you. Just listen to me, follow my instructions, do as I say, and you will bust a REALLY big load for me sweetheart. This is real life – your hott mama is going to help you! And I loooove doing it, too. My sweet, good boy!

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Kendra Heart – Mommys Night Out Part 1

Mommy is getting ready to go to dinner with Dad at the restaurant and I’m sure they’ll stop by the bar on the way back to the hotel room like they always do. I don’t always like staying in the hotel but after Mom showed me herself before leaving now I’m wanting to spend some time alone. Some time alone to think about what she showed me, her legs, ass, and tits, her breast makes we wanna cum. I got really turned on when she rubbed lotion all over herself. I could imagine it being my cum rubbed all over her tits and ass. I’ve got a few hours before they make it back to the hotel, I’m about to pleasure myself while I think of Mommy.

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Goddess Fiona – Sensual Kinky Bonding JOI with Mommy

Hi Sweetheart. I really really love our time together recently. Our nightly bonding… nightly sexy little sessions between stepmom & stepson… its so wrong and naughty but I love watching my S o n stroke his hott cock. I never knew it would come to this point… but I have to say I’m so glad it did. I give you JOI as you stare at my MILFY bouncing titties, my nipples hard as rocks as I tell you how to stroke. You beg to go further but… I’m not ready yet sweetheart. I want to prolong this as much as I can… its so fucking naughty and sexy and I want to savor each and every sexy moment that we have together. I instruct you how to stroke… we flirt back and forth… and I bring you to the brink a few times while you’re begging me to go further… not yet baby… I want to soooo bad. I want to stroke you myself and make you cum and fuck you silly… TRUST ME… but lets take it slow my hott sexy s o n. Lets savor each sensual, sexy session before we go a tad bit further. … don’t worry hunny. Your hott sexy MOM isn’t going anywhere!

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Kinkykatlive – Mutual Masturbation With Mommy

Mommy sees the history on the computer and wants to guide you through the masturbation process in hopes that creamy white stuff will come flying out of your cock!

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Tara Tainton – I Know What You Really Want Nephew

Do you really think no one knows? Really? You aren’t so sly you know. You’re clever, but… you’re a man. You can’t help but give yourself away. It’s so obvious…. to me. I see how you look at your own mother, how your mind wanders, what you’re THINKING… DREAMING… FANTASIZING. And the thing is… you can HAVE all of that. You can have the woman that gave birth to you and raised you… essentially. I’m practically… her. So, show me how badly you want her, nephew. Get your cock out.

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Mindi Mink – Aunty Mindi Relieves Your Blue Balls

You have the worst cast of blue balls. You go to tell your aunt Mindi Mink about how bad they are and that your girlfriend got you turned on. She is in a super hot nighty and she isnt afraid to show it off. She is ready to help you relieve your blue balls. She starts teasing and turning you on. She tells you to pull your cock out and stroke it to her while she masturbates.

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Taboo MILF Kristi – Can’t Stop Spying on Mommy

It’s late at night and you are getting the feeling again… that feeling… the one that always seems to get you in trouble. Every time you get the feeling you can’t resist your urges for your mother. Her beautiful body with curves in all of the right places. The way she gently touches herself… her fingers tracing her perfect nipples until they slip down beneath her lacy panties… You are doing it again, you just can’t help yourself. You are in her room hiding under something spying on your mother… nervous yet exhilarated… hoping she doesn’t catch you but deep down inside you wish that she would. You fondly remember the last time she caught you. You thought she would be mad but she wasn’t. You were surprised when she started explaining why you feel the way you do but you were truly shocked when your own gorgeous mother started showing you all of the parts of her body that you were ever so interested in. That wasn’t all though… you still can’t believe what happened next. Her taking your hard penis in her hand and touching it. Just like you do but way way better… the way only a mother could touch her son. You feel it getting hard. You want to touch it but you know you shouldn’t. Your mommy is on the bed touching herself again… just like she does every night. Your breathing is getting faster. You are so immersed in her movements… her sounds… her orgasm. That was so perfect and totally worth sneaking in her room again! You thought you got away with it like every other night… except this wasn’t any other night. This was the night that mommy caught you peeking again.

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Ashley Alban – Getting Freaky With The Babysitter

Your babysitter comes over after school to watch you while your mom works late. She tells you that she is going to try on some new clothes upstairs, but she’ll start making you dinner after. You have a huge crush on her, and you want to see her change, so you sneak upstairs to spy on her. She slides off her plaid skirt, and you can’t believe she’s not wearing any panties underneath! She tries on a pair on nude pantyhose first, and her ass and pussy look so hot. Next, she tries on some leggings. As she is checking out the camel toe they give her, she notices you watching. She smiles and says that she’s not mad. She sees that you have a boner and asks if it is your first one. She tells you it is ok and to come into the bedroom with her. She tells you that it is ok to touch yourself if you get turned on; it’s perfectly natural. She asks if you have seen breasts in real life before. You say no, so she takes off her tank top and shows off her perky boobs. Then she stands and asks if you liked staring at her butt when she was changing. She removes her leggings and bends over and spreads her cheeks to show you her asshole and pussy. Suddenly, she gets an idea. She says that since you liked her pantyhose so much, she wants you to put a pair on. She shows you how to do it by putting on a black pair herself. She tells you to rub yourself through the pantyhose and she continues to tease you. Then, she rips open her tights from the back, freeing her ass, and she instructs you to do the same. She tells you to stroke your dick. As she bends over and spreads again, she tells you that it would be fun if you fingered your ass while you stroke. She shows you how to do it. Then, she gets on the bed and fingers herself as she tells you to continue to stroke and finger your asshole. It’s so hot and naughty, it isn’t long until you both cum.

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