QueenGoddessKatie – Sun spies on Mum and fucks Her

Sun spies on Mu m and fucks Her Milf mu m spies on sun in shower then he repays the favor by spying on Her when she is putting on Her lotion. She catches him staring at Her and invites him to watch Her masturbate and to taste Her breasts that had provided him with milk. She spreads Her pussy and fingers Her clit for him while encouraging him to masturbate and taste Her. She orders him to stick his hard cock inside of Her tight wet pussy!

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Sinnsage – My Best Friend’s Hot Mom Cherie Deville

I haven’t seen you since you were little, but I see you looking at my big tits. It’s flattering that a handsome young man would be interested in an older woman like me. Flashing lacy panties, I seduce you with my large breasts. When I’m squeezing tits with my long red fingernails, is it what you imagined? Does my tight ass live up to your imagination as I pull the thong to the side and reveal my wet pussy? Ass smacking makes you horny as I make a confession of using a dildo and thinking about you. I always fantasized about fucking you and I want you to watch how I did it with this cock. Sucking the dildo to get it wet, I lick the head and deep throat the shaft before sliding it in my cunt. Rubbing my clit, masturbating feels so good that my eyes roll to the back of my head. Riding the cock in cowgirl position, I take every inch deep inside before bouncing in doggystyle. Isn’t this better to watch me cum than peeking upskirt like a voyeur? I’ve kept this secret pent up for a long time, but don’t tell my son that I fantasize about fucking his friends!

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Mama Fiona – Helping My Son for the 1st Time

Apparently it has been your horniest dream to have your super hott mom to… ya know… help you out a bit. You can’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to have your OWN MOM achieve your orgasm. You’ve had a little lusty crush on me for some time and I am SO flattered hunny! Anyway, i’ve been thinking about your request and I decide that I’m willing to help you… why would I deny my son something he needs? I am giddy and nervous… and even a little bit reluctant at first! But eventually I start to get into it and.. well, things go a little bit further than expected but, good grief I loved EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!!!! can’t believe i’m doing this with my own son! but… I hope we can do it again.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom’s Bad Date

Your mom has had a bad run of it for the past few years, so you’re honestly glad to hear she finally has a date. She bought a new outfit, which, in your opinion, looks great on her…meaning it looks slutty as hell. She’s never been very good at dressing up, always going too tight, too low cut, etc. But you figure she needs to make her intent known: she hasn’t had a good fuck since way before the divorce, so you hope he gives her at least a quick fuck behind the steakhouse before she cums home… …but, when you get back from practice, you find her on the couch. Crying. Eating cake and having a chocolate milk that tastes suspiciously like something more. Turns out the guy was a total dick! Got a few in him and told her she looked like a whore, threw money at her very on display tits, and left! You can’t believe it. You also can’t believe what a great job she did picking out clothes that show off her best assets. She’s got this gorgeous, full tits that you’ve been wanking over for years. You try your best not to stare, to comfort her, but its impossible. Plus, she’s so loose from her date and the “chocolate milk,” she’s being touchy and sitting so close…and you can’t help but ask to see this “invisible bra” she got, that’s pushing her tits tight against each other and making you want to sell your first born just to get your cock between them…playfully, she pulls her velvet dress down to show you the contraption, laughing, playing it off like normal banter. You tell her she should take it off, and she does, thinking you just want her to get comfortable, forget the night. You know what you’re doing. You know what she wants, even if she doesn’t, yet. You tell her to show you her breasts now, without the bra. She’s just far into the evening enough to do it, too, pulling down her dress again to show you, shivering, her breasts. You rub your cock through your pants, telegraphing your desire to her across the loveseat, making sure there is no mistaking what you want. She may keep saying variations on “no, this is wrong,” but that doesn’t stop her from touching herself, too. Or from pulling her panties aside, hiking her dress, watching you as you pull your cock out, stroke it. It doesn’t stop her from reaching towards you, rubbing your precum all over your cockhead, stroking you towards her wet, yawning pussy… “Just the head,” she insists, but you know that’s just a protest for show. Give her a few minutes of feeling that young, thick cockhead inside her neglected, gorgeous shaved pussy, and she’ll be begging for you balls deep. Even if you are her son.

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MizzErotique – Mommy’s Taboo Dirty Little Secret

In this 1st episode of the series mommy is getting ready and she is having an internal conflict about her son. She is very interested in crossing that boundary into taboo territory. She wants to have sex with her own son. She keeps trying to fight the thoughts but she just can’t. She even uses his bathroom and smells his towel. She’s so sexually aroused by her son the thought is embedded within her. She talks dirty about her son and the things she’d do. Would he even want her? She finds herself so turned on, she masturbates on his bathroom floor and squirts everywhere while talking dirty about fucking her own son.

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Yogabella – Bestie Fuck Your Son Custom Video

My best friend comes over and tells me her sex life sucks. I tell her that her son is hot and maybe she should fuck him. I tell her my dirty secret that I’ve been fucking my son for a while and its great!! I try and convince her to fuck her son and we masturbate about it together.

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