California Girl – Panty Thief Son JOI Part 1

My son likes to jerk off to my panties. I can’t find my panties anywhere. I looked in the laundry and they are all gone. WTF? Oh, I found them. They are hidden in my son’s drawer. Come here son. I found my underwear in your drawer. You’re masturbating to my panties? At first, I am not happy about this, but I have to admit. Its getting me pretty hot. Let me masturbate through the panties and get them nice and wet for you son. I strip out of my robe and am wearing a red bra and panties. I play with myself lying on my back to show off the panties, then I pull them off to the side so you can see my wet pussy. Then I masturbate doggy style to show off my pussy and asshole to my son while he masturbates for me.

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QueenMotherSoles – Custom Mommy Bangs Kyle

Naughty naughty Kyle was caught in my closet smelling and licking my sweaty thick cum filled panties. Mommy was so turned on to see Kyles hard cock and she made him put his hard Kyle cock in mommy’s pussy or she was going to tell daddy that Kyle was snacking on my silky panties. Kyle listens to mommy like a good boy.

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AmyPaige – Peeking At Mommy

Taking advantage of some time alone, I lay back on the futon in the spare badroom and begin fantasizing, letting my fingers drift on my body…hey! What are you doing there? You were supposed to be out with your friends this afternoon. Well you should knock on closed doors. Hmm, you look like you got an eyeful, I see what is going on there in your shorts. Okay, pull your cock out. Yes! Pull it out for me now. I intend to have even more fun now. Jerk your cock for me, jerk it for mommy’s big tits while I play with my wet pussy.

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Penny Barber – Mom Fucks Herself with a Baseball Bat

I really want you to play baseball this summer so can you please just do it for me? I might be willing to show you an old trick I used to do with my bat if you promise to go to tryouts today with a good attitude. Let’s just say it is the kind of trick that requires me to take my panties off and put a condom on this slugger. I need a minute to get warmed up before I can fit something this size in my pussy so you just sit back and enjoy the show. I will make sure to give you lots of good angles to watch Mom fuck herself with a baseball bat but you better get your butt straight into the mini-van as soon as I finish cumming all over this thing.

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Xev Bellringer – Stuck Inside With Mommy

My hands slid down, under my dress, between my legs. He was watching me… but I couldn’t push out the fantasies… the memories. There was no way I’d tell my husband what happened. He wouldn’t understand. He couldn’t. It’s been months since I’ve seen him, or anyone for that matter. Except for my darling boy. Just the two of us, locked under one roof together. And we’ve grown so close… so very close. But my husband can never know… just how close. It was so gradual… so natural. So inevitable. That my son would see his mother *like that*… want me in such forbidden ways. He couldn’t take his eyes off my barely clothed, oiled body. And when his hands rubbed against my skin… I craved more. I needed his touch… his heat… I needed him to need me. No matter how much I struggled against my own attraction, I only wanted my son that much more. To *feel* him give in to the same urges… and push himself against me… push himself hard, throbbing… INSIDE of me.

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Ryland Babylove – Quarantined Mom Handjob Seduction

We’ve been quarantined for a while now, and I’ve noticed you getting erections. As your mother, it’s my job to take care o your needs and urges and well…I’ve got a surprise for you to help make you cum and relieve some of that tension….but maybe my hands are a better fit for the job… mommy knows best afterall.

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yogabella – Mom takes Sons Virginity

Son! I have hired someone to take your virginity so you wont be so pathetic! Do you mind if mommy watches while she fucks you?? Oh my goodness that turns me on so much, you’re making mommy’s pussy so wet! Why haven’t you cum yet? Do you need mommy’s boobs in your face? Do you need mommy to fuck you? Okay I’ll fuck you, but cum on my face!

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