QueenGoddessKatie – Mum Demands U 2 Cum Fuck Her Now

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Mum video calling you for a weekly chat! While She masturbates listen to Her talk about how you need to Cum over immediately and fuck Her. Are you getting excited listening and watching Her pleasuring Herself? She demands you to pleasure yourself as well so that way you don’t cum too early when you rush over to fuck Her. Drool from both heads over this awesome Mum taboo. joi masturbate and cum together video chat. Get your Cum rag or sock ready!

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QueenGoddessKatie – Mum Video Chat Masturbation

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Your video chat with your Mum about your date and Her date turns into a surprise masturbation chat when you catch Her pleasuring Herself. When you let Her know that you can see Her clit play, she embarrassingly asks if you mind to which of course you reply that She should continue. Enjoy this taboo joint masturbation encouragement.

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Morina – Mom Knows What You Need

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I always know what you need, and what you need right now is to cum. So I firmly guide you into taking out your cock and jerking off in front of me. Oh, and I also need an orgasm, so I’ll be rubbing my pussy and telling you when I’m getting close. Don’t cum until I tell you too!

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Morina – Secret Life Of Soccer Mom 1

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Who knew such a sweet looking soccer mom could talk so dirty and have such a naughty secret life? Watch as she masturbates and shares her taboo secrets with another soccer mom and they explore some topics like family love and fisting together…

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MoRina – Taboo Thoughts Turn Mom On

We need to have a conversation about what happened when I last visited you. I woke up to find you in bed with me, touching me inappropriately. I’ve been thinking about what would have happened if I hadn’t made you stop? I’m so turned on by the possibilities.

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PerfectNips – Mommy Role Play Sequel

This video is a sequel to my first Mommy role play video. I made my little b0y promise to never tell a soul about what happened on his birthday. But you didn’t keep your promise did you? You naughty little b0y. You spilled the beans to your friends and it just so happens that tonight your having a sle3p over. Your friends are all anxious to find out if you were telling the truth or not. Hesitant but turned on, I decide to let the b0ys in on the fun! Full orgasm, but plug action, so much fun. Watch Mommy pleasure herself until she cums for you and all of your friends!

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QueenGoddessKatie – Sun spies on Mum and fucks Her

Sun spies on Mu m and fucks Her Milf mu m spies on sun in shower then he repays the favor by spying on Her when she is putting on Her lotion. She catches him staring at Her and invites him to watch Her masturbate and to taste Her breasts that had provided him with milk. She spreads Her pussy and fingers Her clit for him while encouraging him to masturbate and taste Her. She orders him to stick his hard cock inside of Her tight wet pussy!

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Sinnsage – My Best Friend’s Hot Mom Cherie Deville

I haven’t seen you since you were little, but I see you looking at my big tits. It’s flattering that a handsome young man would be interested in an older woman like me. Flashing lacy panties, I seduce you with my large breasts. When I’m squeezing tits with my long red fingernails, is it what you imagined? Does my tight ass live up to your imagination as I pull the thong to the side and reveal my wet pussy? Ass smacking makes you horny as I make a confession of using a dildo and thinking about you. I always fantasized about fucking you and I want you to watch how I did it with this cock. Sucking the dildo to get it wet, I lick the head and deep throat the shaft before sliding it in my cunt. Rubbing my clit, masturbating feels so good that my eyes roll to the back of my head. Riding the cock in cowgirl position, I take every inch deep inside before bouncing in doggystyle. Isn’t this better to watch me cum than peeking upskirt like a voyeur? I’ve kept this secret pent up for a long time, but don’t tell my son that I fantasize about fucking his friends!

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Mama Fiona – Helping My Son for the 1st Time

Apparently it has been your horniest dream to have your super hott mom to… ya know… help you out a bit. You can’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to have your OWN MOM achieve your orgasm. You’ve had a little lusty crush on me for some time and I am SO flattered hunny! Anyway, i’ve been thinking about your request and I decide that I’m willing to help you… why would I deny my son something he needs? I am giddy and nervous… and even a little bit reluctant at first! But eventually I start to get into it and.. well, things go a little bit further than expected but, good grief I loved EVERY SINGLE MOMENT!!!! can’t believe i’m doing this with my own son! but… I hope we can do it again.

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