Mona Wales – You Love Your Bossy Mom

Your mom knows that she is the only woman in your life. Which is why when you get her a gift for valentines day, she decided to throw you a bone. She lets you worship her body, her tits, ass, feet and heeled shoes and makes you jerk off for her until you explode.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Son Sneaking Around Dad

Script: Story line begins with your son Ryan laying down in bed, you come in mad that his blackmailng you, and mention that his dad downstairs so we have to make this quick. You give him a blowjob and say things like “ I can’t believe your my son what is wrong with you. You start to ride him when all of a sudden you can head your husband walking up to the room You tell your son Ryan to act normal but your still on top of him. Your trying to not to moan while your talking to your husband. You make small movements to show that your still fucking your son. (I cum while talking to my husband, his father) Second scene is your in the kitchen giving your son a blowjob with a dildo whole your husband is fixing the sink. Your also taking to him while his underneath the sink. He fucks your doggy style and missionary. Then he cums in your mouth with a fake cum. Last scene is your in bed with your husband then your son sneaks in, you look surprise and you tell him he better be quiet. You give him a sloppy blowjob he fucks you in missionary doggy style, virtual riding him. And again he cum in your mouth with a fake cum.

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Blackddmamba – BBW Mommy Finds Your Cock Shots

Your mommy just found out you were sending nudes on the family phone and she is MAD! she makes you come into her bedroom to do a proof check that in fact that’s her sons cock! She notices how turned on you’re getting and can’t get the image of your youngg hung cock out of her mind! She wants to taste it so bad that fresh pre-cum and more! It’s driving her wild. She loses control of herself and starts throat banging her own sons rock cock!

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Mona Wales – Putting My Four Stepsons To Bed

I am in my sons old room on their bunk beds wishing the didnt leave for college so I could put all four of them buy fucking their brains out one by one. does that make me a sick step mom that i miss them so much I want to fuck their brains out?

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Strips For Sons Friend

So you came over to your friends place, but hes out and only his mom is home. She wants to get to know her sons friend a little more…she asks if you like older women…you still think theyre grosse… OH BOY – wrong thing to say, she is out to prove you wrong.

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Mona Wales – Fucking Your Friends Hot Mom Sleepover

You are staying the night at your friends house and as you wish your friends hot mom goodnight you slowly seduce her and convince her to fuck you. She wants to so bad and she rides you and lets you fuck her hard!

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MILF1785 – Bad Mommy

Rachel’s husband is out of town, she becomes a cock hungry MILF. Her son doesn’t approve of his slutty mothers actions and watches in shock as she prances around him wearing the lingerie she was fucked in the night before. Bad mommy then masturbates and encourages you to jerk off for her.

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