MoRina – You Exploit Moms Love

You’re packing up in your room because you’ve decided it’s time to be a grown up and move out of your mom’s house. She really doesn’t want you to go, and you get her to agree to do anything you want if you stay. She jumps at the chance to keep you home. She didn’t realize what “anything” really meant, but she loves you and lets you convince her.

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FANPRODXX – Aunty Josie Seduces Nephew

Aunty Josie comes to give her nephew some advice on getting girls after chatting with James mum. She quizzes James on whether he masturbates. Demonstrates how to wank using a rubber cock. Takes off his clothes before exposing her naked body to her nephew. She grabs his cock and helps him wank for a bit before demonstrating how she likes to suck cock with the rubber one. She penetrates herself allowing James to cum. She then cleans up his cum covered cock with pants.

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MoRina – Best Friends Mom Seduction

You show up at your best friend’s house but instead find your best friend’s mom home alone. She’s very happy to see you and invites you in to chat. She sensually seduces you, showing you what a mature woman can give you compared to those immature girls. She bares her breasts and shows off her stocking legs…. She somehow produces a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs. Wow, you’ve never experienced a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants! And what she wants is your young seed…

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MoRina – Moms Next Level Love

Your mom finds your journal and reads all about your taboo fantasies… and realizes they are all about her! She is shocked by the words she’s reading and is determined to have a serious talk with you. That talk leads to an emotion discussion and an intimate affair…

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Kittycream – Have You Been Sniffing My Panties

Kitty has been suspicious for a while that you might have been taking her panties…. You are a naughty boy having all these fantasies so now you will stand in front of Kitty, take your trousers down and jerk off for her as your punishment!

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MoRina – First Date With Mom

You come home and find your mom primping for a date. It takes a little time and some awkward conversation before you realize that you are mom’s date. Well, you and mom have been trading some flirty texts… but only in your fantasies did you think she’d act on it. And even though it’s your first date, she wants to skip the dinner and movie and go straight to dessert. Oh mom…

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Mona Wales – Your Friends Hot Mom Seduces You

You are over at your friend’s house hanging out with their mom, and your friend leaves for a date. She asks you if you have any plans tonight and offers to give you a tour of her bedroom that she had redone. She slowly seduces you, by sitting on the bed, feeding you compliments, and asking you what you think of her looks and if you would ever date her. She massages your thigh and then takes off her clothes and offers herself to you, she gets on top of you and rides you she lets you fuck away at her while dirty talking and begging for your cum. She is so grateful for your young hot cock that she cums and squirts all over your throbbing cock.

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