Mona Wales – Fucking Your Mom

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Your Pop is out of town, but your mother still has needs. She is used to getting fucked all of the time… and she is losing her mind without a big hard dick inside of her. So your stepmom asked her husband if she could fuck you instead… and he agreed.. so do you want to fuck your hot mom or what? because she is dying and desperate to get a dick in her.. .she sucks you dry and then rides your cock until she cums all over your dick. She then licks her cum off your cock and jerks you off on her tits.

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Mona Wales – Waking Up Your Mom With Hot Sneaky Sex

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You wake your mom up with a hot cup of coffee, she is so grateful, she notices your hard dick and you notice her vibrator. She tells you that you two cannot fuck anymore. She cant do it to your father and it was just a mistake. You convince her to jerk off with you before you talk her into taking your hard horny dick, you fuck her hard and cum in her before you hear your dad coming!!!

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Mona Wales – Your Mom Makes You Cum In The Garden

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Your mom is gardening and you are helping her. Sort of you are horny and ask her if she can make your dick grow. you manipulate her into showing you her tits ass and pussy and then you guilt trip her into letting you cum on her tits.

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Mona Wales – Friends Hot Mom Fucks For Graduating

Your friends hot mom is so grateful for your friendship to her son… she wants to say thank you for graduating from school and keeping her son out of trouble. She has always thought you were cute and is now going to fuck you and make you a man.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Plans Out Fantasy With Sons Friend

The first scene has a conversation scene only. You and Tyler are talking about a recent satisfying relationship. You tell Tyler about your satisfaction, it’s Tyler’s good-looking face, good figure, and big cock. But the thing you’re most satisfied with is that Tyler fills your fantasy, because when you were in high school, you wanted to have a popular and dominant boyfriend at a school like Tyler, but you couldn’t, and you said that now you were older and you were really satisfied to have a relationship with your fantasy boy. You said you were very lucky that your son Lewis had a friend like Tyler who didn’t have much in common. And since you told him about your fantasy, You asked him to tell his fantasy, too. You asked Tyler what’s most satisfying in the relationship, Tyler said that he was mainly turned on by the fact that you were Lewis’s mom and that he could have sex with his friend’s mom. You said it was too obvious to know, because when you and Tyler having sex he always wanted you to say many dirty talk containing Lewis and to remind him that he was having sex with “friend’s mother” or “Lewis’s mother,” and he was extremely excited every time you told him. Besides, Tyler wanted to have sex with you in Lewis’s room, so You and Tyler had sex in Lewis’s room several times. So You asked him if that was all, if all his sexual fantasies were filled. He said he had another his ultimate fantasy, but he said it was a secret. You asked him to tell you whatever it is, because you’ll help. He said his ultimate fantasy was let Lewis see you and him having sex. And He said he wanted to make you feel a real orgasm when Lewis watching. When you heard it, you didn’t understand at first. So you asked if Lewis was join in or if Lewis was just watching and pleasuring himself. He said he means Lewis standing there and pleasuring himself. And he want both peeping tom or actually there. You were surprised to hear him for a moment, but soon you tell him, Lewis was your son, so it was hard to do damage by showing his friend having sex with his mother. So you said it is not gonna happen. But you say fantasy is just a fantasy, and you say you don’t go around outside being slutty worshiping young boy’s cock. You said you respectable in public, but within these four walls you do what you want because you can. You say, it is purely fantasy, so maybe you and Tyler can reach compromise, maybe next time if the mood is right, you and Tyler won’t anything, you and Tyler can go into this fantasy of Tyler’s. You said whilst you and Tyler having sex, you and Tyler can cooperate the idea of having Lewis there, and you said you could act like Lewis was watching and you can say many dirty talk that Tyler wants. Tyler like your idea very much. The first scene end with a promise of another time.

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MoRina – Love For Mom Grows

Your mom enters the room in a very slinkiy, sexy velvet dress and strappy high heel sandals. She’s going on a date and you find yourself jealous. The two of you have a very real, intimate discussion where she reveals how lonely she’s been and, well, she’s horny and needs to start finding a man to satisy those desires. One thing leads to another and, even though she is hesitant at first, you both end up getting exactly what you need.

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Feel Better Blowjob

Your girlfriend got mad at you the other day. She got so mad, because you couldn’t hold in your load while she was sucking you off, and you shot right down her throat! It was an honest mistake, but she was so mad she told you that you cum too quick and your cock is too small–hitting below the belt, the one thing you’re self conscious about. You can’t stop thinking about it, wondering if its true, so you went to the school nurse and got out early to go home and mope. When you walk in, your mom is on the couch, and she can tell something is wrong. “Come on honey,” she coaxes, “you can talk to me.” So you lay it all out, and after talking a little, you feel a tiny bit better, but…you’re not convinced. Your mother is just trying to make you feel better. “No,” she says, “I’m really not. You had that little nudist phase a while back, and well…there is nothing to be worried about in that department. And cumming too quick? Well, that can be changed. You just need practice…”

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MoRina – You Exploit Moms Love

You’re packing up in your room because you’ve decided it’s time to be a grown up and move out of your mom’s house. She really doesn’t want you to go, and you get her to agree to do anything you want if you stay. She jumps at the chance to keep you home. She didn’t realize what “anything” really meant, but she loves you and lets you convince her.

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