Meana Wolf – All About Me

Blowjob, Cougar, Meana Wolf, MILF, Older Woman Younger Man, POV

You’d never met your new Aunt before tonight, and right away you could tell that the two of you were going to get along great. Like you, she wasn’t happy about her sister and your dad getting married. And like you, she was looking for a way to ruin their engagement party. She starts pitching all the ways the two of you could act out…but then she suggests that she suck your cock and walk around the party with your cum on her face. Maybe this union isn’t such a bad idea after all?

Clip Contains: Your new Milfy Step Aunt is a hot mess of sexy trouble. If the engagement party is this much fun, just think of how hot the wedding will be.

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Meana Wolf – Bully My Son 2

Cougar, Facial, Meana Wolf, MILF, Older Woman Younger Man, POV

You did what she told you to do. You pushed him and bullied him and humiliated him until he just couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, he snapped and punched you in the face. You had to admit, it hurt. Everyone saw it too. They all cheered and clapped when his fist connected with your face because you deserved it. But it hurt a lot less knowing you’d get to fuck his hot mom.

Clip Contains: You bullied her son like she asked. Now it’s time to get your reward.

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Meana Wolf – Bully My Son

Cougar, Cum Shot, Meana Wolf, MILF, Older Woman Younger Man, POV

You knew it was coming. The consequences of your actions. You never should have hit him that hard. You even felt a little guilty about it. But bullying him was just a regular every day thing now and it was hard to stop, even if sometimes you wanted to. Then his mom walked in. You knew you were gonna get an earful. But she doesn’t want you to stop. She wants you to keep going. And she’ll make it worth your while.

Clip Contains: A mother knows that hardships in life are the only way to fortify strength of spirit. So she wants you to bully her son until he learns to man up. And in return, she’ll fuck your brains out.

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Meana Wolf – Another Scandal 3

Cougar, Meana Wolf, MILF, Older Woman Younger Man, POV

You couldn’t bare it any longer. The tension with the milf next-door was boiling inside of you. This was insane. She was way older than you… but you liked that part. She was the sexiest woman on the fucking planet and she made you feel like a man. The way she talked to you… flirted with you. The way she would put her hand on your leg…You could still feel her mouth on your cock… the way she squished your dick between her milfy tits… You had to fuck her. You were going to fuck her. She wants to deny her feelings for you, but you saw her dripping wet pussy. You know she wants it, and you’re going to give it to her.

Clip Contains: You and the milf next door finally fuck and its totally fucking mental.

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Meana Wolf – Another Scandal 2

Blowjob, Cum Shot, Handjob, Meana Wolf, MILF, Older Woman Younger Man, POV

You couldn’t stop thinking about the MILF next door. For the last couple of weeks, you’d watched every night as she undressed in her bedroom. You’d watched her sunbathing by the pool, and relaxing in her hot tub…And every night, with aching cock in hand, you jerked it to the memory of her voice in your ear. She was fully aware of your growing obsession of course, you saw her glancing over in your direction and flash a little smile as you peered at her through the fence between your yards. She was definitely flirting with you too.

Clip Contains: The MILF next door is sending you all the signals…she just needs to know she can trust you to be a good boy.

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Meana Wolf – Another Scandal

Busty, JOI, Meana Wolf, MILF, Older Woman Younger Man, POV

She’s the next-door MILF, and she’s not just some regular mom, she’s a crazy hot, insanely fuckable mom, who’s perfect tits jiggle every time she laughs. But she just moved because of some scandal with a younger neighbour boy, so she’s not taking any chances with you and your inconvenient boner. She pulls you into the bathroom and pleads; “If your mom see’s that, she’s going to freak and I’ll never get on the PTA, then the rumours will start and I’ll have to move again. Do you understand?” You definitely do not understand. “I can’t handle another scandal, you need to jerk your cock and get rid of it.” What…? She puts her big milfy titties right in your face, “Stroke it sweetheart”.

Clip Contains: She’s had trouble like this before. It’s not her fault she’s the sexiest mom on the planet. But she’s not ready to move again because of rumours about her and younger boys. So jerk it quick young man.

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Meana Wolf – Good To Be Bad

Dad was out of town, so you were surprised when you heard your stepmother’s moans coming from the bedroom. It’s not that you blamed her for cheating. Your dad hardly paid attention to her at all and she was still hot… for a step mom. Your curiosity got the better of you and you made your way down the hall. You couldn’t see who was giving it to her so good… but you knew who it was when she moaned, “You can’t tell your brother”. Your heart sunk deep into your stomach. Your brother was fucking your step mom. You were so angry you could hardly breathe. Suddenly your eyes locked with hers, and all you could think about was how badly you wanted to fuck her too.

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Meana Wolf – Impulsive II

You felt like a total dick for being late to Jason’s Bday party. You didn’t have as much time to hang out as you used to now that Rugby practice was taking over your life. So you popped off your shoes and tried to make your way to the backyard where you knew all the dudes were hanging out. You didn’t expect Jason’s mom to walk out of her room in that bikini. Her hair all wet… her towel clinging to her hips. You’d always been hot for Jason’s mom… but you’d never been old enough to do anything about it. “I really need a shower” she says as she beckons you into the washroom. You had no idea how horny older women could be.

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Meana Wolf – Impulsive

Jason’s mom slid into the hot tub, and all the boys went silent. Every single one of them was pitching tents. God damn she looked good for a mom, with her tits and ass spilling out of her hot pink bikini. You immediately left. You couldn’t handle it. You figured you’d run into the bathroom and jerk it quickly to shake the image of her perfect tits out of your mind. But the bathroom was occupied, no doubt another one of Jason’s friends had exactly the same idea. So you waited patiently in the living room for your turn. But then she walked in. “Do you like my new bikini? I just got it today”. Your dick lifts up your swim trunks and she giggles. “Your Jason’s best friend, I know you wanna get back to the party. Maybe I could help you with that?”

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Meana Wolf – Bully

Damn. Billy’s mom was hot. If you’d known that, maybe you wouldn’t have spent the whole year bullying him. She was there to yell at you, and you deserved it. You’d made his life pretty miserable at school, ruffing him up, taking his lunch money. Man, that boy was a dork. You try to get out of it by giving her the sad, misunderstood bully routine. But she’s not buying it. She know’s you’re not as innocent as you seem, and neither is she… She’s the type of mom that would do anything for her son. Looks like you’re about to have a new Best Friend.

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