Meana Wolf – Cheating Mommy

I know you saw me with that man today. Are you going to tell your father? I know you’re upset. I didn’t think you would see me. I want to be a good mother, but your father and I don’t love each other anymore. I would never leave you… you’re everything to me. I know you are confused… I’m trying so hard to stop how I feel. Are you jealous? He reminded me of you… that’s why I did it. I want you so badly… I’m trying to be a good mother… I want things that I shouldn’t want… And I know you do too.

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Meana Wolf – Got Milf

So nice of you to come over and hang out with my son… oh dear! You pulled a muscle during the game? Well my son will cook dinner and I’ll take a look at it. I’m a massage therapist! You know you’ve really grown since I last saw you. I can’t believe how big you are now… and handsome too! Does it hurt when I press into that upper thigh muscle there? I’m just going to go under your shorts a little bit so I can get in a little closer. Oh my… Don’t let my son see that, his friends are always talking about how much they want to bang me, he doesn’t let them come over anymore. Oh my… It’s so big.

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Meana Wolf – Mommys Sex Ed Part 1

Sweetie, don’t lie to me. I know you’re not feeling sick. What’s wrong? You can tell mommy? They made fun of you at school? Because you didn’t know what a blowjob was?! Ugh… shh please don’t tell your father, he blames me for homeschooling you and if he finds out the other boys are making fun of you he’ll say it’s my fault. My sweet boy… I’ll show you how to make those bullies be quiet. Tomorrow you can tell them how much you know about blowjobs.

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Meana Wolf – Family Secret

I think tonight is going to be the night. I think he’s ready. Maybe he suspects something by now. I mean he’s old enough to understand these things…but why would he ever think it? I’m his big sister…15 years older than him. I’ve always been his big sister…there to protect him, teach him how to tie his shoes…When he was younger he used to sleep in my bed all the time. I loved the smell of his hair. I loved being close to him. I’ve been waiting to tell him the truth for so long…I can barely keep it in anymore. The family secret. But I need to know he’s ready. I need to know he’s grown up enough…I’ve tried to stop how I feel about my little br…him. But I can’t fight it anymore. I don’t think its wrong for me to want him so badly. Not with everything there is between us. We were meant to be together. I want him to know everything. I want him to know the truth. Is he ready? I’ll know he’s ready when he touches me. I’ll lay next to him like we did when he was little. I’ll ask him to touch me…to touch himself. If he does everything I say I’ll know that I can tell him once and for all. I want to feel him inside of me again…I want him to cum inside of me. I want to fuck him so badly. I want to tell him the truth…the family secret. I’m not really his sister…
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Meana Wolf – Bad Baby Sitter

Hey! Your mom and dad said we could watch a movie tonight! What do you think we should watch? haha Cool…so…where do your mom and dad keep the booze? You don’t know? That’s alright, I’ll just keep looking for it. Don’t be such a boyscout! Your mom always says I can have whatever I want when I come over here. So I’m pretty sure that counts. Ooooh nice! She has an open bottle of wine in the fridge. haha MMMM it’s good! You wanna try some? You’ll like it. hah See now you can’t tell on me cuz you had some too. Wanna play a drinking game with me? Come on, it’ll be fun. You’re grown up enough to play a drinking game with your favourite babysitter. Here’s the game, I take a sip and I tell you what I want you to do. Then you take a sip and you tell me what you want me to do. Sound like fun? hahah My turn first! MMMmmm wow this wine is going to my head already…k ready? I want… you to take off your underwear. hahah Come on you have to do it! Now you take a sip and tell me what you want me to do. You want me to take off my underwear too? hehe Okay…mmm see how wet it is? Have you ever seen an older girls pussy before? haha K now it’s my turn!
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Meana Wolf – Promise To Mother

You and your mom have a special relationship…it’s your little secret. She knows you better than anyone…she says you’re her special little man…her perfect little boy. At night when everyone is asleep she comes to your room to spend special time with you. She touches you in your special place and tells you she loves you. You love this special time with your mother…it feels so good when she touches you. But you’re such a horny little boy…you though maybe you could get your little sister to touch you as well…she was just about to do it…but then mommy walked in. She got really mad…really mad. She sent your sister to her room…and then she came into your room to talk to you. You see, mommy is a very jealous woman. She’s very protective of her perfect little boy. She doesn’t want you to be having special time with any other woman. But you’re a good boy…You didn’t know that mommy was jealous…she’s going to show you just why an older, more experienced woman is better than some young little girl. And she’s going to do all kinds of things to you that your little sister couldn’t do. She’s going to make you swear to never touch your sister again…and you’re going to be so in love with mommy after tonight that you won’t even think about you dumb little sister again. Mommy will make sure of that.
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Meana Wolf – Breed Me College Boy

There’s something different about professor Wolf today. She asked you to stay after class so she could talk to you about something…you’re worried. Once the other students have left she starts asking you questions…Personal questions… it’s hard for you to focus. You can’t help but stare at her panties as she sits on her desk…her short skirt riding up. It’s almost as if her pussy is calling to you…You can’t help but notice how seductively she’s talking to you…and there’s just something about her… you can hear it in her voice… you can smell it in the air… she’s horny as hell. She’s asking you about your family history… why is she asking if there’s any illnesses that run in your family?
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Naughty Paediatrician Special Checkup

Hi there sweetie, my name is Dr. Meana. I’m a paediatrician. Do you know what that is? Well that means that I am a special doctor that only treats young people such as yourself. Did your mommy talk to you about why you’re here today? hmm…well…I’m sure she’s over reacting. She has some concerns about the size of…well…do you know what a penis is sweetie? Oh yes good of course you do. She’s concerned that your penis is too big. Now I’m sure everything is completely normal down there but we should have a look just in case. Why don’t you undress and hop up on the examination table for me? Good boy…oh my…your mom wasn’t exaggerating…you have a very large penis for such a little young boy.
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Meana Wolf – Never Leave Mommy

Hi sweetie. Can you help mommy clean the cupboards? Well…because we have to move baby. Well your step dad is moving out…and I can’t afford a 2 bedroom anymore. We’re going to have to share a 1 bedroom from now on. Oh baby, it’s not your fault. Your step dad was a dick…I know you didn’t like him. He wasn’t good enough for us baby. You know you’re really the only man I can count on in my life…we have a special connection. Oh my…sweetie…you have to…um tuck in your boner. You can’t just walk around with your boner hanging out silly heheh. Are you feeling something down there…for mommy? You can take care of me is that it? heheh We can take care of each other baby. All you’re the only man I need…and you’ll never leave mommy will you?
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Meana Wolf – Practice With Mommy

Sweetie why aren’t you sleeping? Tomorrow is your first day of the 6th grade…I know you’re nervous but you really have to sleep for mommy okay? Oh come on what are you worried about? Girls? hahah Oh come now…there’s nothing to be worried about.Everyone is gonna love you. All the teachers, all the other boys, and all the girls are all going to love you. Oh come on honey…you’re still nervous? Look…don’t tell your daddy…but maybe you wouldn’t be so nervous if you practiced with mommy. I know you’re worried about kissing…so why don’t you let mommy help you? Maybe then you won’t be so nervous? Okay…now just pout your lips like this…and close your eyes. Mommy is going to kiss you. mmmm you like that don’t you? You want to try some more advanced techniques? hahah of course you do…you’re my dirty little boy aren’t you?
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