Melissa Lynn – Comforting My Friends Mom

My buddy’s Mom is SO HOT. I know it is not cool for me to come up with a way to fuck her, but, just look at her. I head over when I know no one else is home, Mrs Lynn isn’t my biggest fan but I tell her it’s important so she lets me in. I tell her how I was in the house the other day because I forgot my laptop and I saw Mr Lynn with another woman. I use some things that my buddy mentioned about his dad helping the lady down the street with stuff to make it all more believable and Melissa (that’s what I call her now) FLIPS OUT! I go and get her some tea. After a few sips it is clear I know how to make a REALLY good cup of tea. Melissa gets more open with me and with a little guidance, and several sips of tea, she is ready to show off her body, prove she is just as horny as the bitch down the road, that she is a blow job QUEEN and, by the time we’re done she is totally unihibeted.

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Melissa Lynn – Finding Mom The Right Guy

Melissa Lynn – Finding Mom The Right Guy Part 1:
When your mom comes home from a night out, she talks to you about her “frustrations”. You didn’t expect her to talk to you about her personal life, but what she says to you next, you definitely don’t expect to hear from your mom! But she makes it pretty clear that she wants you to take care of her.

Melissa Lynn – Finding Mom The Right Guy Part 2:
Mommy takes her time with you since you had to rush last time. This time, she wants to show you more.

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