Kelly Payne – Compliant Mommy

Cornering your mom in her room, she is on edge and politely asks why your in her room though by her nervousness deep down she knows why your there. She tries to convince you not to… once you do this you can’t go back… It doesn’t matter you pull her onto the bed, pushing her down. She balls up, and again tries to talk you out of what she knows your about to do to her. Telling her to undress, play with her tits and milk them for you. She is reluctant and hesitant, she tries everything she can think of to get you to stop, change your mind but you somehow convince her. She does as you ask, pushing her further telling her to pull her panties aside and expose herself to you. Again your mom tries to get you to stop but ultimately gives in to your wishes. You toss a dildo on the bed, she tries to stop you… but again she ultimate does as you ask, bringing herself to orgasm and then feeling guilty for what shes done. But your not done, and you want more from your mom, pulling her close your cock throbbing hard… she tries to push you away but you shove your cock deep inside her. She tries her best to resist the pleasure, guilt consumes her mind as she tries to convince you to stop but ultimately she is overcome with pleasure and can’t help but cover your cock in her cum. You fill her with your cum, and overwhelmed in ecstasy she brings herself to another orgasm as your cum drips from her pussy… after the high of the orgasms start to wear off she becomes overwhelmed with guilt and what she has done…

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