Sydney Harwin – I Am Your Mom

It is very important that you CHOOSE me as your new mother. You must understand the extreme nature of this choice and also understand that from now on, I will be your new mom. That other woman whom you used to call mom, is NOT your mommy anymore. She can never fully satisfy your intense sexual desires.. she can never make you as happy as I can. Would she spread her legs for you? No. Would she allow you to have sex with her? No. If you decide to say yes, and choose me as your new biological Mommy, we will have to start the sexual bonding process. Do you want to do that? Have you made your choice? Good… now we can begin…

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Kinky Kristi – Mommys Mindfuck Therapy

Kristi is a very successful hpnotist therapist. Her son is away at college and he seems to be struggling with a lot of stress from the big change in his life. He calls his mother Kristi one day just to vent a little. Kristi has been trying to convince him to try her therapy just one time, she knows it would help him so much! Today must have been a special day because her son finally agrees to let his mother put him under and find the cause of all of his stress. He arrives at her office and she explains the process and then they begin. It doesn’t take long for him to fall under… then Kristi starts probing deep into his mind… she starts off with a few mundane questions until she is shocked to look down and see her son with a huge hard on in his pants! She begins to question him about why his dick is hard in her office… and that’s when she finds out what has truly been bothering her sweet son. He is attracted to his mother. He wants her, he longs for her and not being able to have her? Well, it’s definitely the cause of his stress. He tries to make up for the inadequacy of not having his mother by dating girls who look like her… but obviously that hasn’t been working. Kristi is quite shocked by these findings but being the professional she is, she understands that this is a primal urge and is her son is to ever lead a fulfilling life, his urges must be met… by his mother. She grabs his cock and starts stroking while he is still under… planting the seeds of obsession into his mind. He will only want his mother for now on… he will no longer date other women… his cock belongs solely to mommy. This is the only way… She brings him back awake and tells him to lie down… she hikes her skirt up and pulls her tits out and she climbs on top of his hard cock. She slides it into her pussy and begins to fuck her son with a hunger so strong they can both feel it. Yes, this is just the way it’s meant to be… his cock belongs to mommy.

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