Mia Monroe – Nightmare Let Mommy Put You To Bed

Ba-baby? What’s wrong? A nightmare? Awwww, my precious, you’re trembling…No, no it’s okay… Mommy’s awake now… Of course you can climb in bed with me. Do you want Mommy to turn on the light? Okay, there… better? Mommy’ll hold you baby don’t you worry, ssshh, you’re safe now… There’s nothing scary here, Yes, snuggle bug Mommy promises. Just take some deep breaths in and out… come baby, lay your head on Mommy’s chest… That’s it… Mmmm, you’re so adorable when you’re tired like this. I’ve always thought so even when you were younger… You used to have a lot of night mares back then. Do you remember how Mommy used to calm you down? Of course you remember. You stopped nursing waay later than your siblings… But Mommy didn’t mind at all, I love you sweet boy…Mommy saved a little drop of milk for you… Go on, lick it up… It’ll help you rest… Mmmmm, your mouth feels so wet and warm wrapped around Mommy’s big tits… Ooooh, someone’s getting all worked up again, isn’t he?…I think you’re gonna need more than a taste of Mommy’s milk to get to bed tonight baby…Luckily Mommy knows exactly how to give you nothing but sweet dreams for the rest of the night…

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