MissMiserlou – You Have to Fuck Mommy Taboo Facial

I come into your room to see how my son is doing; you’ve been hiding out in bed all day! You’re reluctant to tell me what’s wrong, but I keep insisting that you tell me. Finally you admit that something’s going on with your penis and you let me pull back the covers to take a look. You have a raging erection! I’m very sweet, gentle, and reassuring when I tell you that it’s totally normal, and I offer to help you take care of it. I grip your penis and tell you to follow my lead, stroking it up and down, eventually getting quicker and urging you to orgasm. Seems like this won’t work though, so I tell you to stand up, and I’m going to use my mouth to help give you relief. You seem to be enjoying it, because you blow your load all over my face! I’m proud of you for reaching climax but… well… I was really starting to get into this and was hoping that you’d have to fuck me next! Come on dear, I need you to get hard again so you can fuck me properly. You’re reluctant but I’m very insistent, you have to fuck Mommy and make me cum! I strip off my outfit for you and show off my cute little titties, my round ass, and my luscious hairy pussy for you. I stroke your cock as I lay on my back, ready for you to thrust into me. You’re fucking me so well and I give you instructions on exactly how to make me have a huge orgasm! I’m moaning and my legs are shaking as you bring me over the edge, and then I let you keep fucking me until you blow another load all over my belly! You did such a good job, sweetie!

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