MisterCoxProductions – Mommy’s Love Convinces Steve To Stay

It has been a long time since Steve’s Dad left his Mommy. Steve is 18 now and looking to find his own place to live. He begins to tell Mommy about his plans… She does not like what she’s hearing at all! If Steve moves out she’ll be really lonely… she can’t lose him! She’s always considered him man of the house since Steve’s Dad left… Well, Mommy has something to tell Steve that should most definitely keep him around! She begins to tell Steve that ever since his father moved out long ago, she’s been VERY lonely. She’s watched Steve grow into a very handsome man. She’s seen him in the shower, seen how sexy he is, seen how big his penis is! Sometimes Mommy would imagine she was with Steve fucking him. She would turn on mother / son taboo porn in his bedroom and masturbate on his bed leaving her juices and sweet scent on his sheets hoping someday Steve would be actually fucking her. What Mommy continues to tell Steve seems not upset him, rather it is making him quite horny! Will Steve fulfill Mommy’s ultimate fantasy?!

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MisterCoxProductions – My Stepmom Gets Me A New Sex Doll

My Stepmom knows how strong my sex drive is… We actually fuck EVERY time Dad is gone! She also knows how much I LOVE ebony women! She’s been SO PROUD of me lately, so much so that she decides to get me a gift… A SUPER SEXY and petite ebony realistic sex doll!! We ended up naming her “Destiny”. WOW SHE’S HOT!!! But my Stepmom has some rules… “…there’s a rule with this… I get to suck and fuck you first!” she says. “I’ll follow the rules” I say as my Stepmom swallows my cock. She sucks and deepthroats my hard cock as I fondle my new sex doll, then move to finger banging Stepmom’s pussy so it’s nice and wet when I pull her off the edge of the bed to fuck her. “I’m gonna bend over right here, right by your new doll!” she says tapping the edge of the bed. My Stepmom now standing and leaning over the edge of the bed, with my cock hard as a rock I stick it in her and fuck her standing doggystyle with her saying “Show me how you’re gonna fuck your doll!”. I continue to fuck my Stepmom as I look at my beautiful new sex doll, fondling the sex doll some more… I can’t wait for my chance to fuck my new doll! We all move onto the bed with my new sex doll AND my Stepmom’s asses staring at me… I really want to stick my big cock in my doll now but of course I must play by my Stepmom’s rules. She’s not done with me yet. I climb up onto the bed and continue to fuck Stepmom doggystyle, sometimes looking at my new doll imagining I’m fucking her! I can’t wait!! My Stepmom’s warm wet pussy is feeling SOOOO GOOOD right now though… As I’m ramming her from behind with my big hard dick, she looks up at me as I tell her how much of a Goddess she is. She replies saying “You’ve been such a good boy… I thought I’d show you how much I appreciate you! I’ll let you have fun with your doll now!!”. YES! It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for!! I quickly jump over to my realistic sex doll and stick my hard cock in her asshole, fucking her asshole as Stepmom says “Yeah, fuck her just like you fuck me!!”. I continue to fuck my new sex doll’s asshole, then I feel the urge to fuck my Stepmom a bit more before I flip my sex doll on her back to fuck her pussy. With my Stepmom’s big ass and wet pussy still staring me in the face I jump back over and start fucking her some more, harder this time as she looks at me upside down at me moaning as I ram her pussy! “Oh you fuck me SO GOOD…. fuck your doll again!”. I jump back over to my sex doll who’s now laying on her back staring at me waiting for me to fuck her pussy, and stick my hard cock into her well lubricated pussy. I fuck my sex doll harder this time, harder and harder as my Stepmom looks at me saying “I want you to fuck her pussy just like you fuck my pussy…”. My new sex doll feels SO GOOD as I fuck her pussy! I can feel the cum ready to burst out of my nuts!! I shoot a HUGE load all over my new sex doll, spraying her from pussy all the way up to her perky tits as my Stepmom cheers me on saying “You can cum ALL OVER your doll sweetheart. Give it to her!!”. My Stepmom seems surprised by the size of my load! “You fuck both of us really good, I’m proud of you!!” she says. I thank her for getting me this sexy doll as she tells me how much of a good job I did tonight!

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MisterCoxProductions – Ricky’s BIG Day With His Stepmom LVL UP

Dad is out of town on a business trip so Vivian has a SUPER special day planned for her Stepson Ricky! First, she plans on making pancakes for breakfast. Then, she’s going to take Ricky to the mall to get some new video games! And after going to the video game store Stepmom Vivian wants to take Ricky for some ice cream!! She walks into Ricky’s room to announce her plans for his BIG FUN DAY… “Well your Dad left for a business trip, so I was thinking we could have a VERY special day!” she says. She sees that Ricky needs some cuddling, so she decides to slip in the bed next to Ricky under the sheets accidentally revealing his big cock. Seeing a peek of his cock instantly makes her horny, so she decides she wants to play her own type of video game… With HIS joystick! Vivian pulls the sheets down off of Ricky’s now hard cock and begins edging his cock with her tongue and fingers while sucking on his balls. “I’m gonna lick your cock like ice cream Ricky…” she says as she continues to lick Ricky’s cock like an ice cream cone before climbing on top of him to fuck his big hard cock and see if Ricky can get to level one… Making Stepmom cum! Ricky succeeds at making her cum and passes the first level! The next level is trying not to cum while Stepmom Vivian climbs back down to lick her own cum off of his dick, edging him and sucking his balls again. Hold onto that load Ricky, don’t cum yet… Stepmom has a bonus level for you! She climbs back on top and rides Ricky’s cock some more. “I know you like bonus levels Ricky!” she says as she’s fucking him. For Ricky to pass the bonus level he must make her cum again! “Is Mommy’s Special Little Man going to make her cum again?!” she asks Ricky. Does he succeed? Of course he does!! She continues fucking after she orgasms for the second time as she says “Ooooh Mommy’s Little Soldier! I can’t stop fucking you!! Yeah… the next level is going to be the best… it’s the final level! What’s it called? It’s called face fuck Mommy until you cum all over her face! Would you like that Ricky?”. Of course Ricky would like that… He’d LOVE to face fuck his Stepmom and give her a huge cum facial that she could wear to the mall when they go, plus he LOVES to conquer levels! Ricky climbs on top of Vivian, straddling her chest while gently rubbing his cock all over his Stepmom’s face, lips and tongue. She caresses his hard dick with her tongue and lips, while Ricky intermittently sticks his cock all the way in her mouth, fucking her face. Ricky feels like he can’t hold onto his load much longer… I think he’s ready to beat the final level! Ricky begins to fuck her face harder and feeling the cum about to explode out of him, pulls out of her mouth so she can grab onto it while Ricky let’s out a moan while draining his nuts ALL over Stepmom Vivian’s face and hair, accidentally shooting her in the eye! With a cum glazed face and one eye open she says “Now I’m going to wear this to the mall sweetheart! I have to clean up a little bit. But first I’m gonna make your pancakes!” before blowing Ricky a kiss.

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MisterCoxProductions – Catching Stepmom Playing With Her Toy

She doesn’t know it yet, but you got home early and walk into Stepmom Vivian’s bedroom to greet her. Just as you enter her doorway you see her up on her bed with a big dildo, getting ready to hop on it and fuck it! “Finally a night where everyone is gone and I can enjoy a new fuck toy!” she says still not knowing that you are there. As she begins to fuck her dildo, your cock begins to get hard as you pull it out and start masturbating as you watch your Stepmom moaning and fucking her dildo! You decide it would be a good idea to record some of this action on your phone, just in case you need the video to blackmail her at some point. You pull out your phone and hit record as she continues to fuck her dildo with her pussy creaming all over it! You hope to cum on the edge of her bed and leave before she notices you, but you end up dropping your phone making a loud noise as she turns around noticing that you’re there watching her “What the fuck! What are you doing here!??” she asks. She actually thinks it’s kind of funny that you caught her… She’s STILL horny as fuck and notices you’re big boner pointed right at her! “Do you want me to cream all over your cock like I did this one? I think I can do that to you… What do you think!?” she asks as she rubs the dildo with her cream all over it. Stepmom Vivian gives you a slow, deep and sensual blowjob before you fuck her standing doggy style over the edge of the bed as she says “…It’s not like I’m your real Mom…”. You grab her neck and ram her hard as she looks up at you. You continue to fuck her doggy style as you both move up onto the bed, before you roll her over on her back to fuck her with her missionary while holding her leg up in the air until you unload you cum all over Stepmom’s skirt “Good boy… Ruin my skirt!” she says. She grabs onto your cock as it continues to drip cum, smearing her finger in your cum as she licks her finger off saying “I love getting this cock as a surprise… I love your dick and your cum!”.

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MisterCoxProductions – Mom Makes You Erupt With Her Tongue

Your Mom walks into your room to announce “Your Dad just got on a plane! He’s going to be gone for two days!!”. You are surprised to hear that news, and quite surprised to see her come into your room with that sexy nighty on while holding a ruler! “What’s the ruler for? I’ll tell you in a second… But first I wanted to tell you that I want you cock!!” she says. Mom pulls your sheets away to uncover your soft cock as she begins to put the entire soft cock in her mouth to start making you grow hard! She slowly licks and caresses your cock with her tongue and lips, licking it from tip all the way down to your balls as she engulfs your testicle into her mouth while making moaning sounds and massaging your nut with her tongue. Your cock is growing very hard now! Mom notices how much you have grown while she’s been caressing your cock!! She grabs the ruler and measures you “NICE!” she exclaims. She also brought a cock ring for you to try out! She gets your cock nice and slobbery before she slides the cock ring onto your hard shaft. She continues her slow caressing of your cock “Cum for me…” she says licking and massaging your frenulum as you ejaculate. She is SO PROUD of you! “Good Boy!!” she exclaims. “I love you!” she says as she kisses the cum covered tip of your cock and blows you a kiss.

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MisterCoxProductions – Breeding Your Stepmom For the First Time

Your Stepmom is laying on her bed all dressed up in a sexy lingerie outfit and hot red lipstick on as she waits for your Dad to return from his business trip. She gives him a call to check in and see about what time he’ll be home. Though she receives bad news… Dad will not be returning home this evening. “I dressed all up for nothing” she says as she lays down under her covers for a rest. A bit later you enter the room noticing that your Stepmom is resting. You accidentally bump the lamp which makes a noise causing Stepmom to roll over. You hold still for a minute, then start noticing her big fine ass sticking out of the covers! Your cock immediately grows hard as you untie your sweat pants, taking them off as you begin to masturbate while looking at your Stepmom’s ass. You begin to touch her ass and ass crack with your fingers, then climb up on the bed as you hover over her with your big hard cock in your hand as you stroke it. You start rubbing her hip and ass as she turns and notices you with you hard cock looking her right in the face! “Hey you! Oh my gosh… WOW…. I’m so glad you woke me up! Your Dad must have called and told you he wasn’t coming home.” she says. “Oooooooh look what you brought me! Your Dad never brings me cock!” she says as she invites you to lay down on the bed so she can suck on your cock and balls. Your Stepmom sucks on your cock and nuts, looking right in your eyes while saying “I’d much rather have your cock anyway!!”. She gives you a nice long sensual blowjob, getting your cock as deep in her throat as possible. Her pussy is wet and needs some attention… “I think it’s time for us to fuck! Are you ready for that?!!” she asks. She climbs aboard that big hard cock and fucks it hard making her ass clap on your legs and big tits bounce in your face, then grinding her clit on you. “I’m gonna turn around so you can watch my pussy grip your cock, ok?” she asks. Of course that’s ok! You fucking love the reverse cowgirl position… it ALWAYS makes you CUM!! Your Stepmom’s creamy pussy juice runs down your cock as you watch her slide up and down as she says “Oooooh yeah… you’re gonna make me cum!!”. She pumps your cock a few more times before you feel the urge to cum! You pull your cock out of her pussy as you cum all over your cock and hand. “Yeah cum for me!!” she says. You’ve been holding onto your cum load for a LONG time and you know you’re not done for the night! You might as well take advantage of the time you have with her before your Dad returns home!! “Let’s get you cleaned up. We should get in the shower…” she says. You and your Stepmom return to the bedroom after getting cleaned up. She climbs back on top of you to ride you reverse again saying “Now that you’re all cleaned up why don’t you let me sit on that cock again!”. She fucks you again reverse cowgirl, twerking her ass on your cock as you watch her pussy gripping your cock again! “I fuck better than those college girls?!? Yeah?! Why don’t you fuck me…. doggy style?!!” she asks you. Of course you won’t deny your Stepmom’s demands and you do like to be in control sometimes! Stepmom doesn’t know it but you have BIG plans… You’re gonna blow your load DEEP inside her pussy!! You know you shouldn’t but you’ve always fantasized about breeding your HOT Stepmom!!! You fuck her hard making her ass wave as she looks up at you saying “Yeah fuck me!… Such a good boy!!… You fuck me WAY better than your Dad does!!! I want you to cum for me again…Let’s cum at the same time!”. You continue pounding her pussy as you begin to feel that urge to cum again except this time you don’t pull out! As she begins to cum you start cumming DEEP inside her, planting your seed as she says “Yeah fill me up!”. But then she realizes exactly what’s happening… You’re ACTUALLY doing it! Stepmom usually talks dirty to you for fun, but never really thought you would break the boundary and cum inside her. “You should NOT be cumming in me! You’re a bad boy AND a good boy!!” she tells you.

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MisterCoxProductions – Spencer’s Ultimate Mommy Fantasy POV

You and your wife come home after a dinner at your Mom’s house. During the dinner your wife had noticed you checking out your Mom’s hard nipples and checking out your Mom’s big round ass when she was bent over the stove. “You were COMPLETELY checking out her ass!” your wife says. “I have an idea… Why don’t I roleplay!!” she says as she begins to get down on her knees to suck your cock. She begins sucking your cock and balls just like you imagined Mommy would “You like all that sweetheart?” she asks with your big cock swinging in her face. “Don’t worry, Mommy will take care of you!” she says. She invites you to fuck her face as she takes as much of your cock as she possibly can, gagging a bit while pulling off saying “Spencer don’t gag me… Mommy’s mouth is not very big!”. “Mommy’s ready to fuck! I wanna ride that big cock Spencer!!” she says inviting you to lay on the bed as she climbs on top of your cock. She rides your big hard cock, horny as fuck from the roleplay, until she cums for the first time! “Oooooh, you make me cum!” she says. She turns around to ride you reverse while you spank her ass. Don’t cum yet though… “I want us to cum together…. I want to see your face when you cum!” she says. She turns back around riding you forwards again until she cums a second time! Feeling her pussy pulsing on your big hard cock makes you cum too!! She quickly jumps off your cock as it starts to cum, grabbing a hold of it and licking your sweet cum off the tip saying “Good job! Such a good boy!!”. She swipes some more cum off of your stomach with her finger and licks it. “Spencer…. I know I’m your wife and we can do something like that again I think… If you want to though! Did you enjoy it? I did, I enjoyed playing your Mommy!”. She blows you a kiss goodnight.

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MisterCoxProductions – Stepmom Vivian Gives You A V-Day Gift

You’re home from college and it’s Valentines day! Your Stepmom got all dolled up and sexy for your Dad because they were supposed to have a nice Valentines evening date out to dinner, but he’s going to be late coming home from work tonight so they won’t be able to go. Well needless to say your Stepmom is REALLY horny RIGHT NOW and needs a cock! You are relaxing on your bed, jerking off your big hard cock while assuming your Stepmom and Dad had left for dinner, when she comes and catches you! “I got all dressed up for your Dad…. and now that he’s going to be late…” she starts saying as she climbs up onto the bed between your legs, grabbing your cock and sticking it in her mouth! “It IS bigger than your Dad’s!!” she exclaims in awe as she looks at your cock. She sucks on your cock and balls before climbing on top of you, riding your cock and grinding her clit on you saying “Your dick feels even better than I imagined!!”. Stepmom Vivian turns around while sticking your cock back inside as she fucks you reverse cowgirl, twerking on your cock and saying “I’m gonna fuck the **** out of you!”. She continues fucking you with her big ass in your face and with her tight wet pussy gripping your big hard cock. You’ve got your Valentine gift of fulfilling that fantasy of fucking your Stepmom and now she’s ready for HER Valentine’s gift from you…. Your big load of cum all over her ass!! You get up as Stepmom Vivian sticks her big ass in the air as she urges you to finish her off by fucking her doggy style. Your hard cock enters DEEP inside her pussy, and you know you’re close to blowing your load… Fucking your Stepmom feels SO GOOD!! “Give me your Valentine’s Day juice!! Happy Valentine’s Day…. I love you!!” she says as you unload your cum all over her ass and she blows you a kiss!

Duration: 0:21:48 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1.83 GB

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MisterCoxProductions – Fucking Mommy While Daddy is Away 3

You know by now that Mommy Vivian is a SUPER HORNY MILF! She takes every chance she can to get time alone with you and your big cock!! She just finished up baking some brownies for her Sexy Cooking Show, and Dad is in the shop working for a while… She enters your room with her sexy apron on as she climbs up onto your bed and takes her bra off saying “I made brownies! Your favorite!!”. Mommy notices that your cock is already hard “Look at that beautiful cock!” she says as she pulls down the blanket. She grabs a hold of your hard cock as she begins to lick it from ball sack to the tip of your dick head, then back down to your balls as she sucks an entire nut in her mouth wiggling her tongue around it while humming making your cock pulsate. “Did that feel good?!” she asks as your nuts drops from her mouth. “I’ve been thinking about riding your dick all day long!” Mommy says as she climbs on top of you, sticking your hard cock in her wet pussy as she begins to ride you. “Your cock feels so good…” she says with her big tits bouncing in your face “…you’re such a big boy!!”. She knows exactly how you like to watch her tight pussy grip your huge cock as she rides you reverse cowgirl… It usually makes you cum too! “Do you want Mommy to turn around?” she asks. She turns sitting right back down on your cock with her ass slapping on your legs as she fucks you. “Ohhh I fucking love you!” Mommy exclaims as she continues fucking you harder and harder bringing you to the point of explosion “Ooooooh yeah cum for Mommy!!” she exclaims as you pull out and cum all over yourself. “Good boy! Just like that!!” she says. She is so proud of you!! “I love you sweetheart…. now let’s get you cleaned up!” she says as she climbs off the bed, grabs a towel and comes back over to you as she wipes all the cum off of you. She leans down giving your cock a kiss saying “Now let’s tuck you in!”.

Duration: 0:16:11 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 733.32 MB

Download MisterCoxProductions - Fucking Mommy While Daddy is Away 3.mp4

MisterCoxProductions – Fucking Mommy While Daddy is Away 2

Expecting your Dad’s flight to land anytime, Mommy is preparing dinner when she notices you peeking into the kitchen holding your dick as if you need some attention. You explain that it has been a while since you and your girlfriend fucked…. She approaches you as she kneels down looking at your balls saying “I think I have time to maybe… see if I can help you and drain those!”. She’s no stranger to your cock and takes control of it! Sucking it then licking down to your nuts then sucking each entire nut into her mouth as she swirls her tongue around gently. “I know… You’re lucky your Dad goes out of town for work all the time…. or you’d never have these balls drained!” she says. As she is deep on your cock Mommy gets a phone call from Dad saying that his flight was cancelled due to a snow storm, so he won’t be home until tomorrow! She hangs up the call while never stopping sucking your cock then says “OH MY GOSH!!….Very good news!!…. Now we have all night, which means I get to fuck you too!!!”. Mommy wants you to hold onto that big load until later… Now that she knows Dad isn’t coming home she wants to fuck that big cock of yours before you unload all that cum! She sends you off to your room while she finishes up cooking and doing dishes. Later that night, Mommy enters your room noticing that you dozed off. She climbs up onto your bed with just her apron on and her big natural tits hanging out… She’s ready to fuck now! She warms you back up by sucking on your cock and nuts some more, then climbs on top of you as she rides your big cock with her big natural tits bouncing up and down in your face. “Oooooh your cock feels SO GOOD when you’re inside of me!” she says grinding on your cock. She knows how much you like the view of her asshole while she rides you reverse, so she turns around for you and starts fucking you reverse cowgirl with her pussy lips gripping your big hard cock saying “I hope your Dad’s plane is delayed a few more days…. I could ride this dick all week long!”. “Do you love your dessert?” she asks. “Yeah me too! I can’t wait to eat your cum though!!” she exclaims. Knowing Mommy wants to eat your cum for dessert, you decide to signal her with a tap on her ankle as you’re about to cum. She quickly turns around and swallows your cock before you unload your cum, sucking on your cock as you cum in her mouth before she spits it all back out onto your cock! “Good boy! I got to taste that cum didn’t I?!?!! What a good dessert, and a good boy!”.

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Download MisterCoxProductions - Fucking Mommy While Daddy is Away 2.mp4