Mixxxie – Mom Needs Breeding

Your father and I have been having so much trouble getting pregnant. We got into a fight about it this morning and he left. It’s so hot in the house with the air conditioner being out and I’m so upset that I haven’t been able to get pregnant yet. But I’ve been thinking about it long and hard and I think I know the perfect person to help me out. Who better than my son? I know you have always lusted after me. Now is your chance to get to slide that big dick inside of your moms wet pussy. We can start with doggystyle so you can watch my perfect ass bounce for you before I turn around and ride that big dick. You can use my pussy anytime you want while you are here for your visit. Just make sure you cum deep inside of me and get your mommy pregnant.

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Mixxxie – Mom Needs Your Creampie

I miss you so much babe. And I need you so badly! I know you love looking at my sexy body. Let me get nice and close to you and tease you with my breasts. Shaking and bouncing my tits for you. I can see how hard its making you. Why dont you pull out that big cock and let Mommy give you a blowjob. I lick and suck that big dick until I cant wait anymore. I need to feel it inside of me. Watch me climb on top and you can watch as my perfect ass bounces up and down as I work you big dick inside of me. Fucking you harder and faster until you finally give me what I need. A creampie. I need to feel you cum deep inside of my tight pussy.

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Mixxxie – Mom Needs You

I’m so glad you’re home from college for your break. I’ve been so lonely without you. I think about you all the time. About how I sucked your cock before. But we can’t do that again. It was a mistake. I know you still want me and I want you too but we really shouldn’t… I just can’t resist you. How about you just watch me while I touch myself for you? Stroke your cock and watch me rub my pussy. OK I guess I can lick and suck your cock again but we can’t go any further than that. You just make my pussy so wet. Go ahead and give it to me. Give me that big dick. Fuck your mom‘s pussy until I cum all over your big dick.

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Mixxxie – Date Night with Mom

Your mom is finally getting back into the dating world. It’s been years since I have gone out and I need your help. First I get dressed in my sexiest clothing asking if it is too much. I am extremely nervous and hoping you will role-play with me to help ease my nerves. We start talking about casual things and that comes simple enough. I want to test out my flirting too, hoping it’s not too rusty. As things continue they change from flirtation toward seduction. it is just pretend, right? Then I invite you back to my bed…am I still roleplaying? I stand up, taking your hand and you follow. The lines are blurred between roleplaying for my date and what’s about to take place. Needing to make sure I’m still ready sexually, I strip off my clothes and ask how I look? Will you tell me if can I still give a good blowjob? I’ll show you how I do it. You are such a wonderful help…Maybe you could stick your cock in, just for a minute? Maybe try another position? That feels so good. But I have to confess something… there was no date, I have seen all the mommy taboo porn on your computer. Now cum inside of me, cum deep inside.

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Mixxxie – St. Paddys Day With Mom

I had such a good time at the party. But I’m pretty disappointed now. Your dad took me to the bedroom but he couldn’t even get it up then he couldn’t stay awake! What a loser. Now I’m all horny and alone. Well not totally alone. You are here too. Look at how wet my pussy is. It’s OK I’m your mom you can look. I see that your dick is pretty hard. You can show it to me it’s OK. Do you want a better view of my entire body? Well that seems to be making you even harder. Why don’t you come rub your dick on the outside of my pussy? Oh that feels so good. OK you can put it in but just the tip. Wait, your cock feels so amazing I need the whole thing. Give me that big cock and cum deep inside of me. But we can never tell anyone what happened here.

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Mixxxie – Spring Break with Mom

I’m so glad you came home for spring break. I’ve missed you so much! You know how your dad is always on the road and leaving me alone. I get so lonely without you here to keep me company. I can’t believe what a man you are now. I can’t help but think about all the things I want to do to you. I start stripping and tempting you with my sexy body. Telling you to pull out your cock. I finally convince you to come with me and I have to jump on your cock right away. Riding you and making my tits bounce around. I turn around and keep riding and grinding on your cock while my ass shakes and jiggles. I turn back around and let you keep fucking me until you feel like you’re going to cum. Go ahead and cum inside of me sweetie, I want to feel it. We have a pretty fun spring break ahead of us. Oh did I forget to mention that I’m not on birth control?

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Mixxxie – Masturbate with Mom

I can’t believe that you’re still stroking your cock thinking about me all the time instead of spending time with the family. We are going to settle this once and for all. I will let you watch me while you stroke your cock and cum. I know what you really want is to slide deep inside of your moms pussy because you are such a pathetic excuse for a man. You will have to settle for getting to watch me touch my tits, shake my ass, suck this dildo and slide it inside my wet pussy while I describe all the ways you want to fuck me and cum deep inside of me.

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Mixxxie – Let Mommy Help You

I just need to get this room cleaned up but you can keep studying. I didn’t even realize you were getting turned on by seeing down my dress and up my skirt until I realize you have a massive erection. You know you should ejaculate every day, sweetie. Here, I’ll help you. I can sit on the floor and show you my wet panties and rub my cunt while you stroke your cock for me. Then I’ll strip off my dress and panties so you can see my naked body while I cover my tits and ass in oil for you. I know you like it when I do that. I shake and bounce my ass and tell you to cum for me.

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Mixxxie – Mom Takes UR Virginity

I need to talk to you about something important. I’m concerned that you haven’t started dating even though you’re already an adult. But I think this might be my fault. I think after all these years of watching me prance around the house half naked or completely nude now you’re stuck on the idea of being with me. But we need to get past that. So I decided that the only option is to let you have my soft pussy. That way you can get it out of your system and you can move on. I know you might be apprehensive so I shake and bounce my ass to tease you and get your cock hard. Then I suck your dick to get you ready. Of course giving you a blowjob has made me very wet. Bring that big cock over to me and let me ride it for you reverse cowgirl. It feels so amazing. Better than I ever thought it could. It feels so good that I even let you come inside of me. We might need to do this a couple more times…

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