MizzErotique – Mommy Gets Gangbanged By Your Friends

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You hear a commotion and your friends keep going in and out of the room… what the hell is going on? You walk to the door and see your mom fucking 4 of your friends. What a whore your mom is.

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MizzErotique – The Neighbor Lady Is Nice

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I’m putting away my groceries and you approach me and start to help me.. I thank you and ask if you need a ride home.. you are so cute…Where do you live? Do you have a girlfriend? Don’t you want to be my boy toy? All of your friends want to fuck me. I want to fuck the shy boy out of you. I take you to a motel and I change into lingerie. I proceed to fuck you and enjoy every minute of it.

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MizzErotique – Taboo Your Buddys Curious Mom

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You came over to Tyler’s house when Tyler was at school…you’re obviously skipping. You catch Tyler’s mom in a towel and she’s obviously disturbed you are in her house with no one’s permission. She threatens to call your parents, and you ignore her pulling your cock out and stroking it. This even further makes her want you to stop. At some point you come to an agreement that she won’t call anyone and instead she’ll take your virginity. She starts sucking you, jerking you off with her tits, and then you have sex in a couple positions.

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MizzErotique – A Romantic Night With Mom

Mom had plans to surprise your father, she has the wine, candles, sexy lingerie. She sits to wait and when she hears the door open, she thinks it’s her hubby. To her shock it’s her son! He presents her with the knowledge he has that she had an affair and takes advantage of the situation. Mom is appalled but willingly goes along with his bribery.

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MizzErotique – Taboo Stepmom Under The Mistletoe

Your dad will be home soon and your stepmom is making sure that you have done all of your Christmas wrapping before he gets there when you go to show her the presents you guys find yourselves under the mistletoe. At first it starts off with an innocent little kiss and then it turns into a little bit more. I sensual blowjob from your hot stepmom for Christmas. What gets better than that?

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MizzErotique – Mommy’s Taboo Dirty Little Secret

In this 1st episode of the series mommy is getting ready and she is having an internal conflict about her son. She is very interested in crossing that boundary into taboo territory. She wants to have sex with her own son. She keeps trying to fight the thoughts but she just can’t. She even uses his bathroom and smells his towel. She’s so sexually aroused by her son the thought is embedded within her. She talks dirty about her son and the things she’d do. Would he even want her? She finds herself so turned on, she masturbates on his bathroom floor and squirts everywhere while talking dirty about fucking her own son.

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MizzErotique – Widow Needs Stepson and Son’s Cock

It’s the funeral of my husband and I’m full of grief. What I need most now is the support of my boys. My stepson and my son. I need them to make me feel better and vice versa on such a sad day. After the funeral, I tell my stepson and son to fuck me and make me feel better. They happily oblige. Giving me both of their loads in my pussy.

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