Molly Darling – Bathtime With Mommy

You’ve had a bad day, you’re stressed out and feeling upset.. Mommy knows exactly what to do! She is going to run one of her special bubble baths for you. It will be just like old times. Mommy runs a lovely hot bubble bath for you and tells you to take off your clothes. You get naked and ready and so does Mommy. She climbs in the bath and the sight of her bare breasts gets you all excited. You’re a little embarrassed but Mommy tells you it’s okay, it’s perfectly natural. You’re a big boy now and you’re bound to get excited at the sight of a woman’s body. She asks to have a look and she gently caresses and kisses your hard cock. Mommy sucks your cock in the bath and it feels so good. Mommy knows a really special, nice way to get you squeaky clean. She turns around and shows you her pussy and asshole, dripping with bath water and bubbles. She is super clean, so when she sits on top of you, she will get your penis clean too. Mommy sits down on top of you and rides your cock. It feels wrong..but it’s okay, this is what Mommies and Sons are supposed to do. You fuck Mommy’s pussy and she tells you how good it feels to have her son inside of her again. Lastly Mommy climbs on top of you and rides you, giving you gentle encouragement to cum inside of her pussy. You release a huge load and she praises you on how much of a good boy you are. ** I have to put a note to apologise for my bathroom. I’ve recently moved into a house which needs a lot of renovation – I know my bath tiles are grim!

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Molly Darling – Mommy Loves You

Mommy wants to talk to you. She looks upset. She reassures you not to be worried. Lately she has noticed that your Mommy & son bond isn’t as strong as it once was. She’s starting to worry that one day you won’t be Mommy’s boy anymore. You don’t want that, do you? Luckily Mommy has the perfect solution! There’s something very special that Mommy and her boy can do to make your relationship great again. Although, it has to be kept an absolute secret. Only the best Mommy’s do this with their sons. It’s okay, Mommy knows exactly how to look after you and make you feel good. It’s been you and her from day one. Mommy gets down on her knees and starts to unzip your pants. Why don’t you show Mommy your penis? Mommy holds your hard cock in her hand and admires it. You’re such a good boy. She traces her fingers over your shaft, Mommy is always so very gentle. She licks and sucks your cock whist praising you for always being such a good listener. Now Mommy wants to show you her special parts. She lets her huge milky breasts hang out of her bra and takes her dress off. Now for the most important part of your bonding session. Mommy pulls down her panties to show you her pussy. You came out of Mommy’s pussy and now you are going to go back inside to fuck her. You get close to her on the bed and Mommy instructs you to sniff her filthy pussy. She tells you she will help guide your cock inside of her. She pulls you on top and puts your dick in her pussy. You fuck her as she moans and talks dirty to you. Having her special boy inside of her is too much and she cums all over your cock. Mommy climbs on top of you and starts to ride you. She wants her son’s cum deep inside of her pussy… and guess what sweetie? Mommy isn’t on any birth control. She wants your seed inside of her. Mommy wants you to get her pregnant. She begs for your cum as she rides your cock until you shoot a huge load in her fertile pussy. Don’t you feel so much closer to Mommy now? Your special secret.

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Molly Darling – Transforming Mommy Into Your Fuckdoll

You’re in your room when your Mom comes in. She doesn’t look happy. She’s holding something you ordered in the post.. unbeknownst to her..a magic ring that can transform the wearer into a submissive Fuckdoll slut. She chastises you for always ordering crap online rather than focusing on your school work. You look worried when she starts to get the ring out of the bag.. not realising what she is getting herself into, she puts the ring on and continues nagging you about school. She wants to see what progress you’ve made on your work and takes your laptop. Embarrassingly, you’ve left open your Mommy son porn. She is shocked and disgusted to see what you’ve been watching.. you see no other way out of the situation.. you have to use the ring’s powers !! In a flash your boring, frumpy, bitch Mom is transformed into a sexy milf stood right before your very eyes! Her nagging attitude changes too, suddenly she’s very interested in your kinky porn and has another way to motivate you to do your school work. Your sexy Mom gets on her knees and promises if you are good, you’ll get more of Mommy in the future. She gets your cock out and starts to stroke you. She tells you to make sure you let her know when you’re going to cum. Although the excitement of it all is too much, seeing your Mom with her juicy cleavage and touching your can’t help but blow your load all over her face and tits. She is not impressed… her anger makes the rings power wear off and she begins to shout at you again, her old personality returning. You need to stop her, so you use the rings powers once again to transform your Mom into the perfect Fuckdoll Mommy slut. She’s in lingerie, collared – with her new title written across her chest in lipstick. She realises her mistake and apologises to you, telling you all the things a good Mommy should do for her son. Her job is to make sure her son is satisfied all the time and his needs always met. She starts to suck your cock. However, the ring seems to be malfunctioning and her old personality battles to take control before returning back to her new submissive role. You fuck her on the bed and she struggles with her old personality which occasionally comes out to object to the whole scenario.. but she can’t help but listen to her new slut self who wants her sons cum deep in her wet pussy. She begs for your cum and you creampie her.. which seals her new transformation permanently. You won’t have to worry about old bitch Mom coming back, you have a new Fuckdoll Mommy to play with now. She thanks you for changing her for the better.. and she’s eager to take the ring into the neighbourhood for some more fun with other women.

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Molly Darling – Mommy Teaches You How to Fuck

You walk into your Mom’s room, she’s reading her book on the bed. She notices right away that you look embarrassed. She invites you to lie down next to her and tell her what’s wrong. You’ve been made fun of by your friends today.. they laugh at you for being a virgin and inexperienced with women. Your Mom is very sympathetic of you and tries to make you feel better but you just feel useless. Then she comes up with an idea.. it’s not too late for Mommy to show you a thing or two.. don’t be shy! It’s not like she hasn’t seen it all before. It’s just to help you find your way with women in the future. She teaches you how she likes to be kissed, teased and worked up. Then she shows you how to make Mommy cum by licking her pussy. You make her cum really quickly and she rewards you by sucking your cock to get you ready for the main event. Are you ready to lose your virginity to Mommy? You slide in Mommy’s hole and fuck her until you cum all over her pussy.

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Molly Darling – Mommy Makes You Feel Better

You’ve come home from work in a bad mood, you’ve had a really rough day. Your mom is tidying in her room. You walk in and as soon as she sees you, she can tell something is up. Sit down and tell Mommy all about it. She sympathises with you and wants to make you feel better.. and she knows exactly the way to put a smile back on your face! Mommy knows how much you love her big juicy milkers. Come close and snuggle in to her breasts, suckle on her nipples until you feel calmer. She can tell that sucking her tits has gotten you all excited. Don’t worry, Mommy wouldn’t get you all worked up and leave you! Take your pants off and Mommy will help you. She gets on her knees and sucks your cock, she loves the taste of you. You can feel all that tension building from your day.. and you want to blow your load all over your Mommy’s face and tits. You shoot your cum all over her when she begs for it.. you absolutely covered her.. such a mess! …Although…you still don’t feel like you’re quite relieved of all your pent up frustration yet. Mommy had better sort that out for you. She climbs on top of you and slips your hard cock inside of her warm pussy. You fuck her bareback..watching her big, cum covered tits bouncing up and down as she rides you. She begs for your cum deep inside of her. Fill Mommy’s pussy with your cum! You deliver another huge load of cum to your Mommy, it pours from her pussy and onto the bedsheets. You feel much better now. Didn’t Mommy say she would make you feel better?

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