ScarletEllie – Jealous Mommy Wants Be Your Girlfriend

You have a new girlfriend and mommy is so jealous ! Mommy is going to convince you to be her boyfriend. She loves you more than that whore you call a girlfriend anyways. She wants to satisfy you.

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ScarletEllie – Mommy Bribes You Blowjob And Titty Fuck

You caught mommy blowing the repair man. Mommy sees that you have caught her. She bribes you not to tell daddy what a whore she is. Mommy has needs and daddy cant fullfill all of them. You have such a big cock maybe i can just suck my son’s cock to get my fix. Blowjob countdown and swallow your cum.

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AnnabelleRogers – Squirting Soccer Mom

I am a tired soccer mom dropping my son off at practice. It is a hot day outside and my son takes his shirt off during practice. Between that and the junk moving around in his athletic shorts it’s getting me quite hot and bothered. Even though it feels so wrong touching myself from being turned on my my own son I can’t help but pleasure myself. My book isn’t doing a good job of distracting me. Eventually, I move to the backseat where I first use a makeup brush and then a bullet vibrator to get myself off. I surprise myself by squirting all over the backseat. My son then opens the car door to find me…

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Found Your Porn

Mommy found those sexy magazines in your bedroom… you know… the ones with the naked ladies inside! I know that you are coming of age and it’s only natural to get erections, but it’s getting embarrassing, especially when your mommy’s friends are around and it’s standing to attention and everybody can see! Something has to be done… mommy doesn’t like you looking at strange naked women… you can look at your mother instead. Come on my sweet boy, let mommy help that hard dick go down…

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LilRedVelvet – Mom Encouragment JOI

Your moms a milf and knows it. she overheard you and your friends talking about how hot she is and it got her so horny. she worships your cock and gives you a joi until you cum.

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Ellie Rowyn – Catching Mommy Cumming

You somehow sneak in without me noticing and watch while I use my favorite vibrator. After a couple minutes, I orgasm intensely and then notice that you’re just sitting there watching me. What the fuck!? Did I wake you up? I’m so sorry, I had a couple needs to take care of. Do you have a boner right now?! Oh my god. That’s fine. Probably just a normal reaction to seeing a woman cum. Your dad and I just…haven’t had sex in a while. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a real dick inside of me. What if…you took your boxers off for me and…Fuck your dick looks so good. I bet it would feel amazing. I don’t think I’ve had a cock that big before…We can’t though. If your dad comes home and catches us fucking…we just can’t. As you start to walk away, I stop you. Maybe we can if we’re quick about it. Do you want to fuck me? Maybe you’ve been thinking about fucking me a bit more than you’re letting on? I tease you for a bit, going back and forth about fucking you or not. Finally I give in. I can’t wait anymore, tell you to put a condom on, and pull my lingerie to the side so you can slide your thick dick into me. You feel so good. Half way through, I stop you and tell you to take your condom off. I want to really feel you inside of me. I moan and tell you that I want you to cum inside of me. We cum at the same time. We can’t ever do this again. I can’t believe I had you take the condom off. I have no idea what I was thinking. Your dad can never know!

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Paintedrose – Our Little Secret: Son And Mom Are Lovers

Mom and son begin a casual conversation which leads into them confessing their attraction and desire for one another. Mom seduces son into getting sucked and fucked.

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MoRina – You Are Moms Mr Right

Your mom asks for some advice because she wants to enter the dating world. She asks for help with what she should wear, and how she should flirt. You suggest some role-play and things end up progressing to a wild and wonderful place you thought only happened in your dreams!

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MizzErotique – Mom Has Forbidden Fun With College Son

You’re home for college and you’re a bit embarrassed that your mom decides to walk around the house in lingerie. And after seeing her prancing around and she can’t quite resist and you end up playing a little game with her after she’s had some vodka. You guys show each other your part and then it takes a naughty turn and she lets her son bang her and come in her mouth.

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Alyssa Reece – Mommy Coerces You Into Impregnating Her

Mommy finds her son’s dirty magazines and starts to masturbate fantasizing about her son and after she can’t take it anymore she calls her son to her bedroom and asks him to jerk off for her while she masturbates and cums for him. She knows it’s wrong but she just can’t help it. She then asks him to fuck her and cum inside her so she can get pregnant.

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