Bettie Bondage – Dr Mom and the Anal Semen Extraction

Your mother, the doctor. The COVID researcher. If she says that she needs your young semen for her antibody research, what reason do you have to think she’d lie? Even if it does seem like she’s really enjoying this…the teasing, the…ass play. And when she breaks out her thick strap on and tells you to get on your stomach, it seems there is no denying she loves fucking her dear boy hard, right in the ass, until he explodes all over the bed. All in the name of science, right?

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Penny Barber – Mommy Comforts Her Special Boy

A bad grade, a fumble that cost you the big game, and your girlfriend dumped you: can this week get any worse? But Mommy’s here for you, whether you need to stare at my tits, feel my warm mouth around your cock, or take it out on my slutty pussy. I first notice you getting hard as you stare at my cleavage in my satin robe and then it somehow escalates to my taking your virginity. I wouldn’t normally do this, but you have had a really rough week and Mommy pussy makes everything better – I promise. Just take your cock out and let Mommy show you exactly how to feel better.

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Kendra Heart – Mommys Night Out Part 1

Mommy is getting ready to go to dinner with Dad at the restaurant and I’m sure they’ll stop by the bar on the way back to the hotel room like they always do. I don’t always like staying in the hotel but after Mom showed me herself before leaving now I’m wanting to spend some time alone. Some time alone to think about what she showed me, her legs, ass, and tits, her breast makes we wanna cum. I got really turned on when she rubbed lotion all over herself. I could imagine it being my cum rubbed all over her tits and ass. I’ve got a few hours before they make it back to the hotel, I’m about to pleasure myself while I think of Mommy.

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Brea Rose – Mom Takes Sons Virginity

I am doing a charity cam stream to earn as much money as possible, I know I need to put on a really good show to earn lots of money for charity. So I have my son with me who is a virgin, he is very submissive and will do as he is told, I have dressed him up and I cuff his hands and attach his collar to mine. I encourage you to tip me and ask you what you want to see us do together, the guys say they want to see me fuck him, but I tell them they must tip me a lot to do that, but they do it, these guys must love giving to charity! I put a condom on my son and he fucks me for all the guys to see, but they want to see me fuck him without the condom, and they know i’m willing to do anything to earn as much money as possible for charity. So I take his condom off and tell him its perfectly fine, as i encourage him to fuck his mommy until he cums, who knows, maybe he will even get me pregnant!

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Rachel Steele – MILF1798 Panty Sniffing Mother Fucker

Rachel discovers her son had been holding her panties and stockings. Sh has little chat with hm but becomes very turned on. Rachel takes sexual control of her son. He becomes her toy boy. She instructs him to pull his cock out , jerk slowly, lick her pussy, take a stocking foot job, fuck her doggy style, then cum on her command.

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CherryPussy1 – Make Your Mommy Pregnant Again

OMG! I just born a brother to my sexy adult son and do you know what I want to do next? I want to become pregnant again! I want to take all sperm from my sons huge balls and feel his gorgeous dick inside my mommy pussy every second of my life!

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AniErotika – Vid Message From Mom

You and your mom always had the tension, and a few weeks before you left the house for college you fucked for the first time. It was intense, and crazy… but the best either of you had. It began a few week stint of constantly banging each other in a whirlwind spree of pure and heavenly ‘cest sin. You both could not get enough, but dammit all you had to go off to college. You both yearn for the other now, and you quench your thirst best you can while at school with calls and video chats etc. Your mom also sends you special sexy video messages masturbating and talking nasty. This is the latest video message from her, short sweet and succulent.

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Rachel Steele – MILF1797 Mommy Cancelled Then Creamed

During this virus dating has been a challange. After a bit search to find the right candidate, i found a match and the date was arranged. We spoke on the phone to confirm and he last minute cancelled! I was all dressed up with sexy red dress, tight skinny pantyhose, red heels and a push up bra. I was angry and sexually frustrated. So, i called my Son to my room to vent. Before i knew i was flirting with him hard. My pussy was wet and i couldn’t stop. My son was shocked but growing a huge hard erection. I showed him my wet pantyhose and took him to my bed. He was reluctant but i wanted to play with that cock and feel him inside me. I didn’t stop until i felt his cum fill me up!

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VieraMayXXX – 80s Step Mommy Helps Group Of Boys Cum

You are celebrating jerking off with friends because you boy’s just won a masturbation tournament. I decide to help you celebrate by letting you boy’s jerk off onto mommy. I end the video by letting my son ruin my new apron with his cum. Good job my boner boy’s. Let’s practice again next week.

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Mixxxie – St. Paddys Day With Mom

I had such a good time at the party. But I’m pretty disappointed now. Your dad took me to the bedroom but he couldn’t even get it up then he couldn’t stay awake! What a loser. Now I’m all horny and alone. Well not totally alone. You are here too. Look at how wet my pussy is. It’s OK I’m your mom you can look. I see that your dick is pretty hard. You can show it to me it’s OK. Do you want a better view of my entire body? Well that seems to be making you even harder. Why don’t you come rub your dick on the outside of my pussy? Oh that feels so good. OK you can put it in but just the tip. Wait, your cock feels so amazing I need the whole thing. Give me that big cock and cum deep inside of me. But we can never tell anyone what happened here.

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