Reagan Foxx – Do You Think I’m a MILF?

MILF, Big Tits, Blowjob, Titty Fucking, Taboo, Mommy Roleplay
Reagan Foxx and her son are on vacation and come back to their hotel from shopping. Reagan is excited for the things she bought and the couple glasses of wine she had. Feeling tipsy, Reagan asks her son some questions one being..”Do You Think I’m A Milf? Then watch what happens.

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Can’t Resist Your Big Penis

You came home inebriated and could barely stand up..Barely able to stand, hanging on me while your hands keep finding their way all over my body, touching me the way a son shouldn’t touch his mother. And liking it! It’s not right to rub against me like that….I grab your arm and sit you down on the closest piece of furniture…which happened to be my bed. I try to steady you but you are about to topple over! I lean over, my dress hiked up…showing my juicy, plump ass and yummy pussy lips just screaming to be touched…tasted….I pull the covers down so I can lay you down before you fall over….I lay you down on the bed and notice that you have a huge erection!!!! OMG baby! I guess seeing mommy’s bare ass and raw pussy lips just excited you…..I looked at you and before I could commit on your manhood throbbing…you were !!!! I have to admit, seeing your hard cock through your jeans was a huge turn on….I know I am your mother but I didn’t know you were so well endowed….And I am a normal hot milf…you know…craving big penis whenever I can get it..which is rare… I thought….what would it hurt to touch it….just unzip your pants…You were resting….so you would never know…I never knew your penis was so big! I never knew you wanted me….I don’t think I can help myself….I want my son’s big cock!!! I need to feel it in my mouth, honey…Mmm just the thought of sucking my boy’s cock make me feel so good….I can’t resist touching it….feeling it between my legs….I mean…what is the worst that could happen? If he wakes up…he won’t even remember he was so Tipsy! I just want to slip his big cock into my wet pussy…just once…just feel how much he stretches me….he’s sound resting and hard as a rock!!!OH!!! MY!!! I am going to cum all over his young, hard, huge cock!!! And he won’t even remember cumming inside my pussy!! BUT I SURE WILL!!!

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Reya Reign – Impregnating Mommy Virtual Sex And Creampie

Mommy Roleplay, Impregnation Fantasy, Taboo, Virtual Sex
You’re surprised to see mommy in the living room wearing nothing but a bra and panties. You want to look away but you can’t- mommy looks so sexy! She tells you that daddy’s out of town again, and how lonely she’s been. She wonders if you could do her a favor. It’s been so long since mommy’s felt cum inside of her! She wants you to impregnate her. You feel your cock start to harden, you can’t stop it. The thought of fucking mommy then releasing your seed deep inside of her makes you horny. She takes her bra off and squeezes her big tits together, asking you to suck on them. After tasting her nipples, she takes off her panties and gets into doggy position on the couch. She wants you to slide your cock inside of her and you gladly oblige. Mommy’s ass slaps against your hips as she takes you deep inside. You sit on the couch and mommy mounts you, her big tits bouncing as she rides you. After she cums, she turns around and rides you from behind. She begs you to impregnate her as her ass bounces up and down on your cock. Wanting nothing more than to shoot your seed deep into her womb, you explode inside mommy’s pussy and watch as your massive load drips out.

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Tara Tainton – You Found Your Mothers Sexy Videos Meant for Your Father

I’ll just say it. I FOUND MY SON WATCHING DIRTY VIDEOS I MADE FOR MY HUSBAND, HIS FATHER! I was dumbounded, shocked, disgusted… in that moment, I had no idea what to do. There was no going back. He’d seen my NUDE, he’d seen me saying sexual things, talking dirty to the man I love. And he was turned on by them! I thought I would just keel over. THEN, it came to me: the ultimate punishment. I’d show him who’s really in control, who really has the power. I’d make sure his visions of me would never ever leave him; they’d haunt his spank bank for the rest of his days. And you better believe I didn’t let him enjoy his orgasm by the end of it!!

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Eva Long – Let Mommy Take Care of Your Cock

MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Solo masturbation, Taboo
I know you’ve been watching me and lusting after me. In just my little robe, I talk to you secretly in a quiet, seductive voice. I’m here to fulfill your fantasy so I strip off my robe and sensuously touch my body. I play with your cock, spitting on it, licking it and sucking on it. Then I straddle it and fuck you hard, moaning with pleasure as your cock goes deeper into my hot, wet pussy. I scream as I bring myself to a powerful orgasm.

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Is Your Personal Maid And More

Taboo, Garter & Stockings, POV, MILF, Mommy Roleplay
Who is the dirty one? You? Mommy?…but this is your fantasy…It’s just another day at home when that hot older woman walks into your bedroom…the woman who raised you, who breast fed you. She hasn’t even dressed for the day yet, still in her robe, high heel bedroom shoes, bra, and garter belt. She picks up your dirty laundry, wipes the floor, and vacuums around you. From the minute she walked in, your eyes are glued to her…Your mind starts wandering to what is underneath that robe…she doesn’t know the effect she has on you…completely unaware!!! Or does she??? In your fantasy, your mom is unwrapping her robe, removing her bra and letting her hair down to jump on your hard cock!!! In reality, she’s still cleaning your room and asking you to get out of the way…Your mind drifts back and fourth…Mommy is cleaning and acting all innocent…all the while you imagine her in one position dirty talking to you ,moaning that she is going to cum all over your huge , hard cock!!! Finally you snap, fantasy and reality mingling, as you bend her over to take her in REAL LIFE!!!

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Rose Black – Mommy’s Treat Box

MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Upskirt, Dirty Talk, Taboo
Your mother is too short to do hard to reach house chores alone. This year you’ve been tasked with helping her decorate the house for the Halloween party but time is running short. As she hangs ornaments and spooky decorations, you get a direct view up her Halloween micro-skirt. You’ve waited until the last minute to help hang the decorations in the guest bedroom so your mother is already dressed up to prepare for guests to start arriving. It’s like she doesn’t even notice how sexy that mini skirt is. It lifts up as she reaches up the step ladder and flashes off the g-string thong underneath. It’s so wrong, but you reach to finger your mother’s pussy anyways. You’ve been staring at her upskirt for long enough that it’s made you painfully aroused. You snatch off the tiny scrap and dive in mouth first for a lick of her unprotected pussy. She knows it’s wrong but moans against your tongue and thrusts in time with you. You shouldn’t be attracted to your mother this way but she tastes amazing and wants your cock so badly even though she struggles with her sexual response to you. There’s still enough time before the Halloween party and your mother’s costume could easily hide anything amiss. Guests won’t be arriving for at least another 20 minutes and you could just lock the door for a minute before anyone noticed you were missing. This horrifyingly taboo act is too much to resist as your mother pulls her thong aside and demands you fuck her. Your mother can’t hide how much she wants to break this taboo with you and lets loose like you’ve never seen before. She shouldn’t be enjoying fucking her son this much but she cums hard and encourages you to ejaculate on her hairy pussy. Mother rides you until you’re about to explode and then lays back and spreads her pussy under her slutty kitty costume. You both moan in pleasure when you squirt semen directly onto her pussy. Hopefully none of the guests have noticed you haven’t answered the door yet.

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