Sofi Mora – Mom Son Revenge

Mom discovers Dad is cheating on her so she is feeling really sad. Her son Taylor always been there in difficult moments so he may be able to give her a hand…and maybe something else. Mom wants Taylor to make her pregnant so dad gets what he deserves…finally, to make mommy happy, Taylor gets down on his kness and let her pee over him.

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Harley Sin – Mother and Son Reunited

It’s the first time we’ve met. I gave you up for adoption when you were a baby and you’ve finally reached out to meet. I notice we have a connection right away, we even have our tea the same. I promise that I will make up for all our time lost. I kept the pictures of when I was pregnant with you, I always keep them on my bed side table so I can look at them every night. I’m very emotional looking at your old photo’s, remembering what it felt like to grow you inside my body. There is something you want to tell me but you’re hesitant. I want you to know that I would do anything for you, you just need to ask. You tell me you want to be inside me again, I’m confused but then I realize what you mean. I just want you to feel loved, so I agree. I get undressed and you get on top of me. I love you so much, I want to feel your hard cock inside my pussy. I beg you to put it inside me, and fuck me. I tell you that mommy is going to take care of you now, that I wished I could have given this to you a long time ago. You fuck me so good, I love your beautiful cock so much, I want you to fill me up with all your cream. I’m begging for you while we both cum.

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Rachel Steele – MILF1800 – MILF Distraction

Rachel finds out her son has been distracted by her sexiness. He isn’t doing his chores, Rachel takes matters into her own hands. She will drain his distraction by a slow sexy milf tease. Rachel poses on the couch spreading her pussy, bouncing her tits, and bending her round ass over. She encourages him to jerk hard and cum on command.

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Nina Nightbloom – Mommy Wants To Ride You

You have a present for me in your underwear. A really hard cock is inside of your pants and you want your mommy to take care of it. Show you what it’s like to have a good time and just lean back and relax. I make your cock wet with my mouth before jumping on it. I want to fuck you hard while I tell you how sweet you are and how much mommy loves you. You want to cum quickly so I slow down a little, I want to teach you how to last for mommy. I need you to make me cum first before I allow you to cum inside of mommy’s wet pussy. My big tits are bouncing in your face as I moan your name softly. I show you how special you are to mommy.

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Rose Scott – Rose Catches Her Peeping Son

While trying on some bras, Rose sees her son peeking at her. She is turned on and curious. She sees his bulging cock and after some persuasion, she decides to give him a blow job. He wants more but she is not okay with it, so she rubs her wet pussy on his cock. He “accidentley” sticks it in to her surprise. She lets him fuck her in many positions. She tells him to come but not in her…. But he does. She is angry and hopes that she doesn’t get pregnant.

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Chloeblossom – Mom Fucks You For Peeping

You walk in to your mom masturbating, upset you are home early on purpose, she decides to punish you. She says she will ride your nine inch cock until you cum cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, dirty talking along the way. If you don’t fuck her she will tell your father how you were peeping. After she makes you cum, she masturbates with lovense vibrator and cums with small squirt. She now owns you and you better do what she says when she says it.

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MaePeach – Sister Takes Your Virginity

You are hanging out with me, your older sister, and I catch you staring at my boobs. I let you see them, suggesting it may help you to stop obsessing over them. You tell me that you’re a virgin and I talk you into letting me take your virginity. I let you play with my tits and suck my nipples before i lay back and let you fuck me.

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Chloeblossom – Mommy Takes Sons Virginity

Honey, we need to have a chat. I see your awkward boners all the time, do you want your nudist mommy here to stop being naked all the time? Oh, you enjoy it? Aw okay, you’re a virgin? No way!! Let mommy help you with that and make you become a stud. I instruct you in detail how to caress, suck and play with my big beautiful milky breasts. I fuck you on top, I fuck you doggy style, I twerk on your cock, I have you finish in missionary and cum inside of me.. I am so proud of you son!

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