Butt3rflyforu – Happy Ending Massage

I am your mom’s hot mom best friend and you came into my massage studio for a massage. I enter the room to find you laying face up on the table and rather surprised to see you! I tell you I just had lunch with your mom and I begin the massage. I tell you that normally we start face down but it’s ok….at least you have a towel to cover you up. I start massaging you and asking how the pressure is…moving from body part to body part. I get to your thighs and notice you have been aroused and have a huge hard on. I tell you that’s ok and it happens. My hand suddenly grazes your throbbing cock…..I look at you for approval, and begin stroking you under the sheet. You look at me with approval and I keep stroking you…making you harder and harder….I tell you that we can’t tell your mom, this must be kept between us….I remove the sheet and put your hard , young cock in my mouth while I stick my finger in your ass….giving you a prostate massage while sucking you….I begin getting so wet…..after sticking several fingers in your ass…..you tell me to ride you….bareback….I tell you ok….but don’t cum inside me!!! You are very young and fertile and might get my pregnant!!!! I sit on your rock hard cock , riding you until I cum….reminding you not to tell your mom and don’t cum inside me……I turn around so you can see my ass….and that just excites you so much….I turn back around and you see my huge tits bouncing and you cum inside me!!!! I told you not to cum in me!!!!! OMG get off the table and clean yourself up!

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Havana Ginger – Jerking off with an older woman

Havana does not have a man around the house to help with chores and she appreciates you helping her. She has been a friend of your mother for years. How can she repay you for your help? You tell her that you cannot take her money, but she really wants to do something for you. She sees that you are focused on her big tits and she notices that you have a bulge in your pants. Maybe you can show her what that bulge is all about and she can show off her body to you. Do you want to stroke off for your mother’s hot friend? Hell, yes!! You take your dick out and begin to stroke it. Havana leans back on the couch, spreads her legs, and she touches her pussy. As she reveals her fat tits, she tells you how much of a turn-on it is watching you jack off to her. You have always loved older women, so playing with Havana today is like a dream come true for you. She tells you exactly how to work your dick and when to cum. You love a woman who knows what she wants!
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Lady Sonia – Creeping Into Best Friends Son Bedroom After His Parents Had Gone To Bed

I was having a stay-over with friends last week while my husband was away and all evening their young son was looking at my huge 34g cup tits in my white blouse! I had the top two buttons open to give plenty of exposed cleavage and the more that he looked at me the wetter and wetter I got! Everyone had been in bed for an hour and I just couldn’t sleep so I crept out of the guest room and along the landing to the young sons room and then I climbed into bed with him and told him in a whisper that if he didn’t make any noise I would show him everything that he was so obviously desperate to see and I would give him his first ever REAL handjob from an older married woman as a special little treat as well!
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Toni Lace – Wank Over Moms Friend Milf Pussy

Toni is your moms hot friend, she is going on a night out but your mom isn’t back yet so you tell her she can wait. You have just got back from uni and you remember as soon as you see her what a massive crush you used to have on her and you can feel your cock starting to throb while she is sat in-front of you in her short skirt! You can she that she is wearing stockings and suspenders and you are struggling to disguise your growing erection.
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Alana Cruise – Cumming on MILF titties

Your mom’s friend is waiting for her and she is chatting you up. She asks you about how you like college and she suspects that you probably are very popular with the girls. Alana asks if you have ever been with an older woman before. You have not, but Alana would be a good place to start. She could teach you many things. Alana notices the growing bulge in your pants and she asks you to take your dick out for her. She likes what she sees and she wants you to get your dick totally hard. This MILF is practically salivating over you and she shows you her tits. Then she slides her panties to the side and you see her hairy bush. You rarely see bush on girls your age, but you really like her hairy pussy. Alana encourages you to stroke yourself as she continues to tease you before you cum all over her pretty MILF tits.
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Sophia Delane – Cock craving moms friend desperate for my cum

When you return home from the beach you find Sophia Delane lying on your bed in a body stocking and satin robe. Sophia makes another pass at you and wants to show you what you could be missing out on if you turn her down! She knows you’re her friends Son by that doesn’t stop the COCK hungry MILF from spreading her wet slit while giving you all the encouragement you need to WANK! Sophia loves a younger guy’s DICK and soon finds herself begging for every inch of your fresh meat deep inside her CUNT…. After you’ve finished FUCKING her, she begs you to unload your bollocks all over her huge TITS!
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Butt3rflyforu – Poolside Facial

You and your mom live next door to me. I am her best friend and you have always wanted to fuck me. You can’t stop spying me when I wash my car or do any type of gardening in my yard. You love all my little bikinis I wear so when you overheard your mom telling me I could use her pool to lay out naked while your mom was at work, you decided to skip out of your classes early and come home to spy on the hot naked milf! You come home and see that I am totally naked on the lounge chair poolside. I overhear the garage door going up and start to try to cover my huge tits and bare pussy but it’s not possible being that they are so big! You approach me because I can hear you…to your delight…I actually need some help applying sunscreen so I don’t burn on my back…I ask you and you begin getting even harder…you dick is filling and you can feel it begin to throb…you imagine my hand rubbing and squeezing your full ball sack…You begin rubbing my naked body with sunscreen and I notice your manhood through your jeans…I smile at you and tell you I have always wondered and imagined what is underneath…I tell you this probably wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t ask you to apply sunscreen…so why don’t your drop your pants and let me take care of your raging hard on…I have such an addiction to young, hard boys…please let me help you,..your mom won’t know and isn’t expected home for some time!
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Anna Lynn – The Milf Next Door

Anna is the sexy milf next door and she has popped around to introduce herself to you and your mother, you invite her in but tell her you mom isn’t around. Anna introduces herself and asks you about yourself, you tell her you are 18 and in university. This seems to interest the hot milf and she flashes her pink panties to see if you will have a good look! Once she catches you looking she knows she can have some fun with you.
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