Mona Wales – Your Friends Hot Mom Seduces You

You are over at your friend’s house hanging out with their mom, and your friend leaves for a date. She asks you if you have any plans tonight and offers to give you a tour of her bedroom that she had redone. She slowly seduces you, by sitting on the bed, feeding you compliments, and asking you what you think of her looks and if you would ever date her. She massages your thigh and then takes off her clothes and offers herself to you, she gets on top of you and rides you she lets you fuck away at her while dirty talking and begging for your cum. She is so grateful for your young hot cock that she cums and squirts all over your throbbing cock.

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Mona Wales – Seduced By Hot Teacher During Tutoring

You are asked to come and meet with your hot teacher for some one on one tutoring help. You have fallen behind in class because it seems like you are distracted by something… Could it be your epic crush on your teacher.. maybe she will just have to let you fuck her so that you can focus on your studies.

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Mona Wales – Fucking Your Mom in the Kitchen

You come home from school and you are sad because your girlfriend broke up with you and is dating your best friend. Your mom knows just what to do to cheer you up. she takes out her boobs and tells you that she can teach you to become the best lover so that no girl will ever break up with you again. she spreads her legs and teaches you how to eat pussy before grabbing your cock and slipping you inside of her wet mommy pussy. she then lets you bend her over the counter and cum inside of her.

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Mona Wales – You Love Your Bossy Mom

Your mom knows that she is the only woman in your life. Which is why when you get her a gift for valentines day, she decided to throw you a bone. She lets you worship her body, her tits, ass, feet and heeled shoes and makes you jerk off for her until you explode.

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Mona Wales – Mom Catches you Peeping During Her Bath

Your mom catches you sneaking a peek at her during her private bath time. She invites you to take a bath with her like the old days and invites you to join her in Jerking off in the bath tub with her.

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Mona Wales – Mom Seduces You With Her Feet

Your conservative mother just got a pedicure and sees you looking at them, you ask to give her feet a massage and she notices that you got hard. She wonders if you are a pervert and then enjoys having the power over you. She is convinced to let you jerk off to her feet but when she sees the size of your cock she can’t resist a little sneaky hookup.

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Mona Wales – Jerk Off To Mommys Butthole

Your mommy is worried that you are too anal-retentive and need to move on to your phallic stage. She tells you to pull down your pants and jerk off to mommy’s perfect butthole like she tells you to. If you want to be a good boy. Mommy wants to help you develop into a healthy young person and the only way to do that is to get you to cum very hard to her pink little asshole.

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