Goddess Fiona – Handjob from Your Hot Mama

Oh hunny, you haven’t let me do this with you in a WHILE! But I have to say that I am always ecstatic to help my sweet stepson jerk his dick off. We’ve had this little routine for such a long time, you and I. But its been a few weeks now and your mom Is very VERY excited to help you out. I lay next to you and you can’t keep your eyes off of my beautiful face and sweet big natural titties as I grab the lube and start stroking your nice hard cock very sensually. I talk to you about how much I love doing this with you, and I tell you what I’m doing with your dick as I’m doing it, so that you can easily replicate your mommy’s sensual touch the next time your jerk off on your own. I let you cum all over me and kiss you goodnight. I love my sweet boy! You get me so excited hunny. I can’t wait to do this with you again!

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Sydney Harwin – A Mom And Son Affair

You have been having a secret affair with your Mommy for years, but your dad has been home from work lately, leaving you and your Mom no time for sex. Looks like you’ll both have to get creative. The first scene takes place in the kitchen and contains an under the table blowjob scene and cum in mouth play, but you have to be quiet because your father is just in the next room. The second scene is set on the sofa just as your dad has left the room to have a bath and you and your Mom quickly fuck whilst he is out of the room. You cum inside your Mom and make her orgasm. The third scene is split into two parts- part one is when you climb in bed on top of your Mom as your dad is dreaming next to you both. You slide your dick inside of her, trying to be quiet so you don’t wake dad. you fuck your Mom in missionary and cum inside of her. Part two is when your Mommy notices you are still hard after fucking her, so she gets on top of you and rides you until you cum deep inside of her again.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy and Son the Movie

Its movie night with your mommy and you are both snuggled up on the sofa. She tells you that she loves to spend quality time with you and mentions that before the night goes any further, she’ll have to help get rid of your erection stuck in the middle of you both. Your mommy often gives you a helping hand, and this time you get to cum all over her perfect titties. Don’t you just love your mommy.

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MollySnacks – A Naughty Night with Mommy

You walk in on mommy in bra and panties and she tells you that she hasn’t felt sexy lately. She quickly notices the boner in your pants and asks you to show her. She is flattered that you’re so turned on by her and even though she knows she shouldn’t, she touches your dick with her hand and mouth. She gets so turned on by this that she strips off her clothes and rubs your cock on her pussy while you suck on her toes. She jerks you off hard while you suck on her toes and you cum over and over all over mommys pussy. After you cum, you’re still erect and she can’t take it anymore and she sticks your dick in her and rides you doggystyle while begging for you to shoot another load of cum into her pussy.

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Mixxxie – Mom Needs You

I’m so glad you’re home from college for your break. I’ve been so lonely without you. I think about you all the time. About how I sucked your cock before. But we can’t do that again. It was a mistake. I know you still want me and I want you too but we really shouldn’t… I just can’t resist you. How about you just watch me while I touch myself for you? Stroke your cock and watch me rub my pussy. OK I guess I can lick and suck your cock again but we can’t go any further than that. You just make my pussy so wet. Go ahead and give it to me. Give me that big dick. Fuck your mom‘s pussy until I cum all over your big dick.

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TabithaXXX – Sons First Date Moms Sex Lesson

Well the day has come! My oldest son is ready to go out on his first date and have sex with some slut other than me his mom. His younger brother is finally old enough to learn how to keep me satisfied. I will teach him just like I taught his big brother. But before he walks out that door I need to remind him of the right way to fuck err satisfy a girl. He will be so disappointed when he realizes the truth. No girl has a pussy like mine, or even close, but that’s a story for another day. His date will be over soon so I take out my tits and take off my panties and do a quick recap of the dos and don’ts of satisfying a girl. Rub her tits, touch her clit don’t try to shove it in when she is dry….If she is dry he needs to come right back home to momma because obviously he is not ready. Oh they grow up so fast!!!

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TabithaXXX – Mom Son Dirty Talking Kitchen

Son is home for Spring Break, Father and Daughter are away Camping. Mom is so excited and it’s been so long, Mom is wearing a Cute PINK Sundress. Mom teases Son exposing her Sexy Ass and Panties. That is when she turns into a dirty talking nympho slut for her boy. Son reaches and goes straight for his Moms Gorgeous Breasts Rubbing and Squeezing them. Mom Pulls down her dress ready for action, She gets on her knees and Sucks her Son’s Cock. He Face Fucks her and makes his mom gag a few Times. They proceed to the Kitchen table where her Son Fucks her From Behind as she Bends over the Table. He Eventually Flips his mom over on the table and fucks her Missionary watching her big natural tits bounce back and forth as he pounds his own Mom. They move back to the kitchen and he fucks her Doggy style. Mom then Sucks his cock a little more and Her Son CUMS in his Mom’s Mouth, Her Lips Covered in His CUM. This is going to be the Best Spring Break Ever.

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