Dawn Willow – Trashy Mom Light JOI

I’m your naughty momma and feeling so needy this morning, won’t you come in bed and cuddle? You’re never too old to love your Mom and she loves you too…. in that special kind of way. She isn’t perfect but no one is could you really break her heart and say no?

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Knows Best

You have been dating a girl from school and she is just a big tease and bitch that usually leaves you hard, sore and blue balls! Today is no different. You come running home with an aching hard on because your girlfriend was teasing you under the lunch table at school. Mommy knows exactly what is wrong. She just has to look in your pants to see your huge erection that can’t go down!!! Mommy tells you , “I told you to get rid of her”, “she never does anything good for you”!!!!! Mommy tells you to unzip your pants and let mommy work her magic because mommy knows best how to make that aching boner go away. Mommy turns on some sexy strip music and begins her erotic dance moves telling you to jerk your cock to her tight body and huge tits!!!You begin listening to her every word and slowly you start seeing precum dripping. Mommy shakes her big tits and lovely round ass right in your face and you feel like you are about to explode. Mommy gets on her knees and opens her mouth wide and you begin ejaculating right into mommy’s warm mouth. Her eyes open wide as you drain yourself and she swallows!!!! Now go back to school and stop talking to that girl!!!! Mommy knows best!

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Cassandra Calogera – Mom Helps Son Through First Heartbreak

My poor son got dumped by his girlfriend this week and is going through his first heart break. He has been sulking around the house looking so depressed and I just can’t stand seeing my son so upset. I don’t know what words to say that will take his pain away…but I do know what I can do to at least get his mind on preoccupied on something else. I call him into my room and tell him to just let Mommy help put a smile on his face again….Mommy will help you forget all about this girl…

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Luna Sapphire – Mommy Surprise Birthday Blowjob

Happy birthday, baby! I want to give my son a special gift. I know you’re getting older and you’ve started to notice Mommy’s curves. I even see you getting hard right now, looking at me in this lacy lingerie. Take out your cock for me, baby – wow, you really are a big boy now! I start jerking you off and then suck your dick. I give you an amazing blowjob with lots of babying dirty talk, asking if you like the feeling of your own mother’s mouth on your cock. You’re being such a good boy for Mommy! I suck you off until you’re ready to cum, then I encourage you to blow your load in your mom’s mouth and I swallow it all.

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Penny Barber – Caught Beating Off In Moms Bed

I am sorry you had a fight with your girlfriend, I mean your fiance, but I am more than happy to have you spend the night, sweetheart. Why don’t you snuggle up and tell me what this big bad fight was about? Well, I guess it can wait till morning… I cannot believe I just got woken up by my son beating off in my bed. No need to stop I already saw what you were doing. Oh I guess you want me to do it then. There is no point in arguing since we both know Mom knows best. It’s not like you have anywhere else to go even if I didn’t have a hold of your dick. I don’t think a young man with such a hard on for his Mom needs to worry about going back to his fiance anytime soon so this might be the most action you get for a while.

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Bettie Bondage – Smoking With Mom

This is it. Summer is winding down, and it’s time to pack up and move out to college. Of course, your mother is feeling nostalgic, sad about you going away. Her baby! Off to college! Wow. So when she comes into your nearly empty room, you’re expecting more of the same maudlin mom talk, but she surprises you by pulling a spliff from one of your packed up boxes! Your mother doesn’t know you smoke…you don’t think…but she seems surprisingly unbothered by this reveal. She smirks, tells you not to freak out. That she knows. Not just that you like to smoke that dank green, but also that you, uh…like it when others do, too. Specifically, you like it when pretty women do. More specifically, you really like when she does. See, she knows you’ve been spying on her, when she thinks you’re not watching, when she takes a little puff herself, hanging poolside. You can’t believe how busted you are! But more than that, you can’t believe what your mother is starting to do. You watch as she starts to trace the spliff across her neck, down the perfect, round mound of her breast, across her chest, smirking as you become transfixed, enchanted. She knows just what to do to drive you crazy! You start intently as she hangs the spliff from her pouty lips, watching it dangle as she suggests the two of you play a “game,” a game involving the quickly stiffening cock in your pants. This can’t be real, can it? But, yes, it is, you realize, as your mother unbuttons her top, goading you further into taking out your now straining dick. “When I inhale,” she says, lighting up the spliff and taking a big toke, “you stroke slow…” she takes the spliff between her fingers, holding it like a cigarette, placing it between her lips and again letting it dangle, “but when I dangle it just like this, you go fast.” Of course, you agree, obeying the rules and stroking just as she says, watching her inhale, exhale, dangle, repeat. You’re entranced, your cock is dripping precum, and she is getting turned on. You can tell the spliff has her high, tingling, and she’s touching her pussy through her panties. It doesn’t take long before she’s slipping them off, spreading her legs, presenting her unshaven, pink quim for you to fuck! You can’t believe it’s happening, but you waste no time pressing your cock into her, stroking yourself to the very edge inside your mother’s loving, warm pussy!

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Sydney Paige – Dad Watches Mom Fuck Their Son

Wife is horny so you confess to wanting to see her fuck your son, she agrees & you two call him in, she lies to him & tells him that she wants to teach him a few things that he’ll need to know further in life – things of the sexual nature, she explains that you’ll be watching her to make sure she educates him properly, mom is sweet & seductive to her son, she corrupts & manipulates him into letting her touch him, she rubs & caresses his cock.

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Sydney Harwin – Dads Gone. It’s On

Your father has passed away, leaving your Mom alone and worried for her future. But she need not worry… Now your dad is gone, who better to fill his shoes than you? As the funeral guests sit downstairs, you take advantage of your grieving mother in her bedroom… At first she is not into you at all, but when she feels how big you are inside of her, and how desperate she is for someone to look after her, she soon relaxes and screams in pleasure.

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Breastfeeding Confession

Your mother always likes to wax nostalgic on your birthday, and this year – your 18th birthday – is no exception. She talks about all the stuff she always does: how little you were, how cute you were. It’s like she can’t believe you’re a grown man now! Then she starts talking about breastfeeding you. You’re a little shocked, but you guess it’s normal…until you notice something change. She’s…squirming. It’s almost like she’s getting excited talking about it. But that can’t be, right? Your mother isn’t excited by talking about breastfeeding you…right? Only she is. And its getting more and more apparent, less and less possible for her to hide it. You start to get excited, too, seeing her chest rise and fall, the way her hand brushes across her breasts as she talks, pressing against her nipples for relief from the mounting excitement…she confesses that she always found it…arousing to be breastfeeding. You watch as she slips her shirt over her head, after assessing the sizeable bulge in your pants and deciding what the next step would be. When she unclasps her bra and holds it against her tits, spilling around the sweet flowered fabric of her bra, and asks if you want to see them, you can’t barely stop yourself from screaming yes, your cock straining to be free. She undresses for you, slinking onto the floor as you free yourself from your jeans, looking down at your mother as she grasps your cock with a sweet look in her eye, determined to give you the best birthday present ever.

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