AlluringAli25 – Taboo Mothers Day Fuck

It is Mother’s Day!! She sees a cute little bear you got for her for her special day. She absolutely loves it. However, you notice she is a bit down. She explains her date did not go well. After the pandemic divorce from your father and trying to get back out into this weird date scene, she hasn’t has any luck. The skimpy red dress is not appropriate to be wearing around you. Come on, you can practically see her pussy. Anyways, she brings up your relationship with you and your girlfriend and you haven’t gotten any either. That is when Mom begins her seduction. A sexy little striptease, dirty talk, that leads to a sexy blowjob and fucking. You fuck her tight pussy missionary, side ways position, which includes a wet hot up close shot, and then she rides you until you explode. She has three intense orgasms. In the end, a drop of cream rolls down your cock which she taste. Thanks for making it the best Mother’s Day ever!

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Gwen Adora – Mommy Impregnation Creampie Mothers Day

You’ve come home from college for Mother’s Day, and I’m so excited to my baby boy home. You’ve really grown into a man during your time away and you’ve filled out so much. We need to talk about something though – I opened your package by accident and I found something I think might be my mothers day gift. It’s a pregnancy test – did you know me and your father have been trying to get pregnant? That’s so sweet of you, we’ve been having some troubles since your dad’s sperm count is so low. Oh, it’s not for me? Oh I’m sorry hunny, I didn’t know you were seeing someone? You drop the subject quickly and tell me that you’re not seeing someone and that your ordered it for private reasons. You let me have the pregnancy test as my mothers day gift, and we decide to let the subject rest. Later that night you come to say good night to me and admit the real reason you ordered the pregnancy – you have an impregnation fetish. We get to talking and soon I’m thinking about the idea of my young stud son impregnating me instead of your father. It’s so wrong but feels so right. Quickly, your mother is rubbing her belly and telling you to take your hard cock out for her.

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Cory Chase – Mommys Secret Lessons

Part 1: I see you baby… It’s okay, sit down, Mommy wants some company anyway. Your Father’s working late again tonight… So no action for Me. But if you’re curious I don’t see anything wrong with you watching… Mommy is just trying to relax and have some fun. Maybe you can even help a little, just as long as you can keep a secret…

Part 2: You can’t sle*p either baby? I just it’s just us again all alone in this big house… I was thinking about the other night. You did so well helping me cum, but Mommy didn’t make you cum. I think Mommy should teach you a few new things…

Part 3: Son, I feel so naughty having you in my bed, but I guess you belong here more than your Father… You’ve been learning so much, Mommy is very proud of you… I don’t know baby… Mommy wants to do that too but I’m worried it would be wrong… I know you’re curious and you should learn, it’s just… Well maybe we could just go slow… I think you’re ready…

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Download Cory Chase - Mothers Secret Lessons.mp4

AlluringAli25 – Perv Son Seduced By Mother

The scene starts out with mother being in the bathroom. Her son is spying on her through a crack in the door. Mother is naked and decides to use coconut oil to get her body nice and soft before going out for Mother’s Day with her girlfriends. She gets a bit carried away and rubs her clit to orgasm while caressing her oily tits. She remarks that she hopes her son gets his chores done before she turns on the shower head to rinse off. The scene cuts to son in his bedroom looking at a very naughty picture of his mother. She hears Mother calling out for him with pet names. She comes in with a load of laundry. She complains, which her son imagines some naughty innuendos, with the way she words things. He did not have time to get the imagine of his computer. Mother sees what he has been looking at. Those pictures were meant for her dates, not him. After coming to terms with her feelings, realizing she is more surprised and flattered than angry, she is curious to see how far things go. After all, she is surprised that her own son would have these sexual feelings towards her. He is even still hard underneath the covers.. She seduces him with dirty talk and a slow striptease. Then she gives him a hot blowjob before getting on top and riding him. Forbidden lust makes Mother feel so good, she creams all over him. Then, she wants her son to show how much of a man he is. He fucks her in a sideways position before pounding her missionary. Mother begs him to creampie her. Once he does, she cleans off his creamy cock before grabbing her dress and telling him she should be leaving for Mother’s Day festivities. However, maybe he could be dessert when she comes home.

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Download AlluringAli25 - Perv Son Seduced By Mother.mp4
Download AlluringAli25 - Perv Son Seduced By Mother.mp4