Penny Barber – Mz Kim Convinces Mom To Blow You

I’m having out with my friend, the sexy Asian MILF Mz. Kim, chatting about how our sons are doing. Hers are always outdoing themselves. Good grades, helping around the house, extracurricular activities… I wish you were so impressive. I beg her to tell me her secret and she’s only too happy to share: oral sex. If I want a dream son, I need to be willing to suck his cock regularly. I’m not so sure but she assures me that it’s fine. Her son loves it! It’s brought them closer, improved his performance at school, and he’s learned a lot about sex, too. She suggests that I call you in immediately for your first taboo blow job from Mom. I’m not sure that I can go through with it, but she encourages me, reminding me of all the benefits to sucking my son’s cock.

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