Taboo Diaries – Mommy Loves You POV

Scene 1. Maxine X. What are you doing on my bed with my bra son? And my panties too? Were you getting ready to play with Mr. Winkie and think about mommies naked body? Looks like I got here just in time because Mommie needs some attention too. It’s ok your father will never know. I can tell you like Mommies mouth on your hard cock, lets see how you like sliding between her tits. Wow you’ve grown into a big boy haven’t you? Mommie is going to have some fun with you so lay back while I ride your cock. You’re soo hard son it’s making me cum already. You like the way mommie rides your cock don’t you? That’s it make mommie cum again and uh oh looks like you cam inside me too. That’s a good son!!

Scene 2. Nadia White. So son I’ve been noticing you staring at me quite a bit. Is there something you want to tell me? I know I’m just your step-mom but you can talk to me. Well maybe if I share something it will help us both. Your dad doesn’t stay home enough to please me anymore and I know you don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve watched you a bit too and I know you’re better endowed than your father. So what do you say, wanna have some fun with your step-mom? It’ll be our little secret.

Scene 3. Helena Price. Wake up son, mommies finally off work. I’m sorry daddy caught us. I should have been more careful but I can’t help myself. I’m so attracted to you it’s scary but you don’t seem to mind. I’ll figure out someplace for you soon and in the meantime I’m gonna make you feel better. mm I can tell you really need this too from the way you’re watching me undress. Your cock is throbbing with anticipation as I wrap my lips around it gently. You’re so hard I need you inside me now son. You like when mommie rides you don’t you? My pussy is so wet and I can’t stop cumming. That’s it son take me from behind and pound mommies pussy til you give me a big creampie. That’s mommies good boy. I’ll handle everything soon so we can do this more often.

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Download Taboo Diaries - Mommy Loves You POV.mp4
Download Taboo Diaries - Mommy Loves You POV.mp4

Nadia White in Neglected Horny Stepmom

Scene One: Step-Mom Shows Off Her New Tits
I’m trying to look at porn on my phone and my mom won’t leave the house to give me any privacy! “Why don’t you come over here and play with your step-mom’s new boobs?!” she asks me. I am so freaked out by this question! “No, mom!” I yell back. “Come on! Your dad’s away on business and I’ve been so lonely!” she tells me. She is wearing a skirt and she spreads her legs so I can clearly see that she doesn’t have any panties on! She pulls her shirt off over her head and she exposes her new, huge tits to me! I walk over to her and I grab a feel! I can’t believe how big they are! I can feel my cock getting hard in my pants, so I grab her hand and I place it on my cock. She gets down on her knees, pulls my cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob! “No one is going to find out about this unless you open your mouth to your friends!” she warns me. She keeps sucking my cock and it feels so good! It doesn’t take long for me to cum in her mouth, and she swallows as much as she can! There is still some cum and saliva dripping down her chin on to her big tits though…

Scene Two: Mom Wants More
I walk in to my mom’s bedroom to find her sitting on the bed in a red skirt and black and white blouse. She tells me that she wants to have some more fun with me, but she wants me to fuck her pussy this time! “You should stick your cock in mommy’s pussy this time because mommy needs to cum too! You’re the only one who came last time!” she tells me. “I guess that is fair!” I tell her. She pulls my cock out and she starts to give me another blowjob. She pulls her skirt off and she lies down in the missionary position for me to fuck her! I shove my hard cock inside of her pussy and her big tits bounce up and down with every thrust. “You want me to cum all over your cock?” she moans. “Dont stop!” she moans louder as she cums. I flip her over in to the doggy style position next and I fuck her pussy from behind. I keep fucking her pussy until I accidentally cum inside of her pussy! Oh no… I hope that was okay!

Scene Three: Sharing A Bed With Mom
My mom told me that the construction workers busted a pipe in my bathroom and it flooded my whole bedroom! So I have no choice but to sleep in the same bed as my mom tonight! This is so unfair, but I’m going to try and make the best out of this situation! “Can I please see your boobs again?” I ask her. My mom laughs as she pulls her blue tank top off, exposing her big tits to me. I reach out and grab her tits with my hands. Then she gets down on her knees and she starts to give me a blowjob again. “I really do enjoy our special time together!” she tells me. She puts my cock in between her tits and she titty fucks my cock! “Can you please sit on it again?” I ask her. She pulls her panties off and she hops on top of my cock! She rides my cock in the cowgirl position where I have a great view of her big tits! Then she lies down in the missionary position next and she holds her legs back, so my cock can feel deeper inside of her. I flip her over in to the doggy style position and I fuck her pussy from behind. “Give me all your cum!” she begs. I cum inside of her pussy and then I pull out and watch my cum drip out of her!

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Download Nadia White in Neglected Horny Stepmom.mp4
Download Nadia White in Neglected Horny Stepmom.mp4

Nadia White – A Mothers Progress

Part 1 – Let Me Comfort You
Mom, about last night… I know you’re upset and probably confused… Don’t be so hard on yourself. It wasn’t your fault. I should have stopped myself but it all just happened so quickly… I just wanted to make you feel better. The way you looked at me when you told me Dad wanted a divorce, you were shaking… And when I held you, the way you looked at me… No one has to know what we did, it was an accident. Mom, I’m here for you, please don’t worry… We’ll get through this together… A week passes and Alex’s Mother has begun to reject his advances. She decides what happened was wrong and they have to stop
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Family Therapy – Whore mothers used and abused

Watch these three terrible whore Mothers get fucked, jizzed on, and spanked by their out of control sons!
Includes full versions of:
“Mom, You’re Not Going Out Tonight” , “Mom, I’m Your New Boyfriend” and “Mom, I Know You’re Cheating”.
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