Natalie Wonder – Let Mom’s Body Take Care Of The Rest

Sweetie, have you seen my phone. And what are you doing? Why did you get all weird when I walked in? Hmm something seams suspicious here. Give me the pillow. Oh my gosh! You were jerking off! And my PHONE! You little sneak! Looking at naked pictures of your mommy! I have no words right now. I need to take a deep breath & gather my thoughts. Alright, listen sweetie. I’m sorry for that reaction. Don’t be embarrassed. It just caught me off guard. I understand you’re at that age & enjoy watching some sexy “visual stimulation”. I’m actually quite flattered you want to jerk off to your mother’s naked body parts. Being that you obviously didn’t get to finish, why don’t you let mommy’s body take care of the rest. Judging from the pics you were staring at, I know exactly which parts to let you have a peek at. After all, mommy always knows what’s best for her maturing boy.

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Natalie Wonder – Young Cock N Cum For Filthy Mommy

Mommy is so happy you brought your friends over after school sweetie. You know what mommy likes…young and full of cum. Are you boys excited? I bet I’m your favorite mom. All the other moms are boring and all they do is bake you boys cookies. But I’ll bake you cookies AND suck your little dicks. Mmmmm I’ve been looking forward to this all day. My pussy is just dripping with wetness, all ready for you boys…mmmm especially YOU sweetie. YOU get so excited watching mommy play with your little friends, don’t you. You always bring over the good looking ones for mommy. Okay boys, get your cocks out for me. I want to see your naked bodies and your little weewees. I’ll get naked too. Remember boys, this remains a secret. Come on boys don’t be shy. Show me what you’ve got. You boys are lucky to know such a bad, naughty mommy like me. I’ve got my tits out and I’m ready to take my pants off so I can finger fuck my wet horny cunt. Watch me slide my fingers all deep inside my pussy while you boys play with your weewees. Baby, you ready to see mommy jerk your friends off? Oh I love touching their little dicks. I’m in charge here so you boys listen to what I tell you to do. You cum when I tell you, where I tell you. Mmmmm I want your young boy jizz all over me. Give me that hot sticky semen. Make those little cocks cum for me. Let’s get nasty.

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Natalie Wonder – Fucking Mommy On The Dinner Table

This dining room table brings back a lot of memories, doesn’t it sweetie? Don’t look at me as if you don’t remember. You know the naughty things that happened on this table with mommy. We haven’t talked about it since then. I really enjoyed myself that day. I know you did too. Listen, I know you’re my son & I’m your mother, & it’s not normal to do those sorts of things with each other. But it happened. We would be lying to ourselves if we said we didn’t enjoy it. I remember you saying how good mommy made you feel. You love your mother’s touch. Just thinking about that time is making mommy horny. Let’s do it again. Right here, right now. Please. Daddy’s not here anymore so we won’t have to worry about being quiet. I want you to fuck me right here on our dining room table. Let me feel my handsome boy’s cock inside of me. We can’t deny ourselves this unique, sexual bond we have. Fucking your mommy is like nothing else you will ever experience. Come on sweetie, give mommy some more great memories to hold on to.

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Natalie Wonder – Moms Possession – Give In To The Pleasure

Script —-> Please play a mom who has become possessed. She looks to convert her son to be ‘one’ with him. Scene starts out with mom acting normal, then somehow she becomes possessed (details are up to you). Her demeanor transforms. An aggressive seduction towards her son unfolds. Forceful yet sensual sex. Dialogue included would be “give in to the pleasure”, “give in to mommy”, “feel our energies become one”, “feel me taking over”, “feel me taking you inside me”….anything along those lines. The more mom fucks her son the more resistance gets lost. In the end, mom will deny allowing son to cum until he gives himself over. Things like “this is forever” or “surrender to these sexual urges”. The idea of being taken over by a sexy, confident woman is extremely arousing. Some licking and tongue kissing too. Lots of long, deep eye contact and aggressive yet sensual desire. Looking forward to your interpretation.

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Natalie Wonder – Moms Hot Workout Ass Causing Trouble

Mom hears her son and his friend fighting. She runs in to break it up and asks what provoked the fight… Break it up you two! Why are you boys fighting?! Your friend thinks I’m a hot MILF and have a great ass? oh…well…why did that cause a fight? Thank you, by the way. That’s VERY sweet of your friend. Sweetie, don’t be jealous. I’m your mom but you can’t keep me all to yourself. Your friend is allowed to find mommy attractive and admire my ass. I work really hard to have an ass like this! It’s about time SOMEBODY noticed. Oh honey, don’t give me that face…mommy’s a grown woman and I can make my own decisions. Mommy’s proud of her ass and I can show it off…and I WILL. I can show you guys the different types of exercises I do to keep my ass looking great. Things like downward , squats, twerking…and um…you know what else is really good at working out the glutes? Sex. ESPECIALLY anal sex. Come to think of it…I can use a trainer, hehe. Oh sweetie, calm down. Mommy’s just joking. Kind of. I think your friend wants to touch my ass sweetie. Oh honey don’t be such a party p00per! You should be GRATEFUL to mommy’s ass! Do you know how my ass has helped you through the years!? Well, let me remind you. It has to do with your teacher…with those bullies who used to torment you. Mommy’s sexy ass always saves the day for you. This is just innocent fun. Some moms might cook you boys dinner…I show you boys my hot ass. I’m a very special type of mommy. Don’t these short shorts make my booty look amazing? It might be better if I slide these booty shorts off…so you can see my ass better. Now let me show you boys some moves I do to maintain this hot ass of mine…

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Natalie Wonder – You Say No But Your Dick Is Saying Yes, So Let Mommy Get What She Needs

Hey sleepyhead, you dozing off already? You remember what tomorrow is, right? It’s mommy’s birthday. And you know what mommy wants every year for her birthday. You. I love spending the day with you. This year wasn’t too good though since your father left. It’s been hard. So this year, mommy needs something extra from you. What’s that? What’s wrong sweetie? Oh stop it, mommy just wants to touch you. There’s nothing wrong with a mother showing affection towards her boy. I want you for my birthday. I want everything your body has to offer. You understand? Are you trying to fight me? Stop it. Mommy’s sacrificed SO MUCH for you. The least you can do is let mommy use your body. You keep saying no but it seems your hard dick is saying yes. Mmmmm don’t fight it sweetie. Mommy always gets her way, especially when you make mommy angry. I can easily over power you & you know it. Just go with it. Let your dick be taken in by mommy’s warm mouth, by my pussy. Mmmm mommy needs this. I need your seed as well sweetie. Mommy wants your strong seed to shoot deep inside her pussy. Put a babyyy inside me. Please. For mommy & for us. It will be the greatest present you can ever give me. Mommy’s not getting off until she gets it.

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Natalie Wonder – Fucking Mommy Hard On The Kitchen Countertop Quickie

Me? Acting weird? No, I’m fine baby. I’m just feeling a bit…um…restless. Listen, why don’t you put that away & have a little fun with mommy. Before daddy gets home. You look especially good today. I couldn’t stop staring at you before. It got me thinking about some very naughty things you & I could do right here in the kitchen…right on the countertop. I’m sooooo horny baby and you’re growing to be such a goooood boy. It’s wrong of me to use you like this but…I know how much you love it when mommy comes on strong like this. Or when mommy gets vulgar because I’m so insanely horny for your cock. I can almost smell the testosterone coursing through your body. You need to get that aggression out baby. Fuck mommy like a madman. You know you want it. Throw mommy up on the kitchen counter & fuck me silly. Mommy makes all our family’s yummy home cooked meals on that countertop. Mmmm but now you’ll be cooking up a nice big hot creamy meal & dumping it right inside mommy’s pussy…

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Natalie Wonder – A Pervy Son Only A Pervy Mother Could Love

Mommy got a call from one of your teachers today. Were you doing something very, VERY inappropriate with one of your classmates? You know what I’m talking about. Tell mommy the truth…what did you do? Something so wrong…and so dirty…touching those girls like that. Did you like it? Did you?! Or were you just doing it for attention? Tell mommy the truth. Did you enjoy touching those girls down there…between their legs? You’re supposed to be studying in class but instead you’re sneaking away to touch those young girls in their pussies. Don’t be silent. Tell mommy the truth, NOW. DID YOU ENJOY DOING THOSE DIRTY THINGS? Speak up! Yes!? You did, you say?? Relax sweetie…I LIKE your answer. Mommy would of loved to do those things too. Like mommy, like son. BUT you need to be more careful. Don’t let the teacher catch you next time. I want you to invite one of your pretty class mates to our home. I bet all the pretty girls like you, because you’re such a handsome boy. It’ll be really easy for you to lure one here. Then the three of us can play all together. I can watch my boy touch her all over. With your fingers and your cock. If she misbehaves you can shove your cock in her little mouth to shut her up. Play with all her holes. Mommy can help you…watch you…and have a little fun of my own. We’ll make a great team. Don’t worry, your very dirty, pervy mommy won’t disappoint…

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Natalie Wonder – Mom Teaches Sex Ed To Young Son And Friends

Script –> Scene One: Idea includes sex ed & gang bang. This is about a mother who walks into her boy’s room and finds him with a few of his friends. They see mom is pregnant and wonder how she got that way. Mom is very surprised that some of the boys don’t know about these things so she decides to teach them. They ask questions and mom realizes they know too little about the birds and the bees. Some of these young boys don’t even know what an orgasm is! Mom will explain but the best way to explain is by using her own body. She undresses in front of the boys so they can see what a naked woman looks like. The deal is that the boys also need to get naked. They can touch her belly, breasts and ask questions. Mom answers in ways boys understand. She never gets angry. She is a sweet and kind mom that only wants to help. The boys get erections and mom explains why. She’s taught her own boy how to masturbate but his friends are all very curious and unexperienced. They are virgins, including mom’s son. They all want to know how babies are made. Mom decides the best way to learn is by doing. This way they can learn how to orgasm and how good it all feels. Scene Two: Mom is on her back laying down (from the side). She is speaking to the nervous young boy who is about to have sex with her. They are all nervous but mom encourages them. They take turns having sex with mom. Some cum quick and some need help entering the vagina. Some are too nervous and need more encouragement. One of them even pulls out when he’s close to cumming because he doesn’t know what’s going on. But mom explains and encourages him once more. Mom’s son is the last to have sex with her. He’s on his back so mom straddles him. She wants to show all the boys that sex is possible in various positions. Her boy touches her and she gets close to cumming. She tells all the boys she’s getting close and they should come gather to watch. Her son is close too, she can tell by his expression. They cum together. They all decide to try again later.

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Natalie Wonder – Mommy Dutifully Drains All That Built Up Semen From Your Engorged Balls Per Doctors Orders

Good morning baby. I know it’s really early but remember what the doctor said. You have a condition that makes your balls produce an excess amount of semen. Your balls swell and engorge so much that semen will start leaking out of your cock hole. Worst case scenario is that the pressure will build and your balls might burst. You don’t want that, right? No, definitely not. You need your balls drained a minimum of three times a day. There’s no other way. The doctor showed me exactly how to do it. I have to stroke you at a certain pace. Not too slow & not too fast. I’m afraid if I let you do it, you might stroke yourself too fast and cause more damage. It’s better if mommy does it. There’s nothing to feel bad about. Mommy’s here to help. Doctor’s orders. If you get turned on that’s okay. Perfectly normal. After all, mommy’s hands will be on your penis. I need to pull down your covers & take a look at your balls to see how swollen they’ve gotten overnight. Well, it looks like you also have a nice case of morning wood. Oh sweetie, your balls are huge! Absolutely full with semen! Oh my, every time I gently squeeze your balls some cum leaks out of your cock hole. I need to drain you ASAP. Remember the doctor advised us it’s okay for you to look at porn while mommy strokes you. No? You’d rather look at my tits? Okay baby. I suppose it’s alright since this is being done under medical advice. Sure, you can play with them too. Ready? I’m going to lube up your penis…then stoke it until all this cum is drained out. It’s going to be a lot & get quite messy. Oh darn, I just washed these sheets. I don’t want them getting splashed with cum. I have an idea. Cum right in mommy’s mouth. No mess. I’ll swallow it all down. A mother’s gotta do what a mother’s gotta do.

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