Natalie Wonder – Get Real Close And Dont Wake Daddy

Sweetie Don’t Shake The Bed Too Much While Your PeePee Is Inside Me, We Don’t Want To Wake Daddy but from the son’s POV this time. I’d also like missionary sex and if you could add in a part where “daddy/husband” wakes up in the middle of it (still half resting so he doesn’t really notice). He asks why son is there and you say he had a bad dream and you’re just cuddling. He goes back to rest and you and son slowly go back to fucking.

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Natalie Wonder – Forbidden Family Affairs

This is POV through the husband’s eyes. It is your husband, you and your son in the bedroom. Your son is laying on the bed (out of view, restrained). You and your husband have very kinky and taboo sexual desires. You’ve also been trying to get pregnant by your husband but he just can’t get you pregnant. Your son has to step up now and follow through on getting mommy pregnant. Son is opposed to it but mom and dad leave him no choice. How dare he be ungrateful? After everything mommy and daddy do for him? He is perfect. He is young and has potent sperm. Is it too much to ask? To make it easier for mommy to fuck the cum out of her boy, mom has her boy tied to the bed. Mom checks to make sure they are tight enough. Mom knows her husband can’t wait to see his wife fuck their boy’s cock. It’s been a fantasy of his for years. Seeing the look of euphoric pleasure on his wife’s face while she grinds up and down on their son’s dick will be extremely arousing. Mommy is going to fuck their own flesh and love every second of it. Please include dirty talk (which I love your dirty talk btw), a sexy striptease (for the son), hand job/blow job on the son. Look at your husband a lot (camera) as you are fucking your son. Tell him how good it feels to fuck him. Start off riding him slow, sensually but then your intense desire takes over. You hold on to your son’s chest and grind down on his dick really hard and fast. Tell your son to blow his hot sperm deep inside your pussy. Get mommy pregnant. Daddy loves watching. Lots of moaning and heavy breathing. You will force your son to explode inside you even if he doesn’t want to. Beg for your boy’s cum. Good sons make their parents happy.

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Natalie Wonder – The Greatest Gift Mom And Son Go For Round Two

We haven’t been home alone like this in months since -mommy had your baby. Thanks goodness we found a babysitter. We only have two hours with the house all to ourselves. Mmmmm I’ve missed being naked and so close with you. Imagine the babysitter knew the baby was ours? It’s practically unheard of and so taboo of course…a -son getting his mom pregnant. We couldn’t help falling in love and sharing that deep love with each other. Remember those naughty nights baby? It’s been so long since we’ve had alone time. You look especially handsome today. Come kiss me baby. I’ve missed this so much. I almost came from that kiss! I’m beyond horny. I’ve been counting down the days of when we could fuck again. Mmmmmm and make love. I love you so much baby. My pussy is yearning to feel your cock again. But today, I want to feel your cock in both my pussy and in my ass. We don’t get much help with the baby and once the babysitter comes back we don’t know when we’ll be able to fuck again. Let’s take advantage of this special, intimate time together. Mmmm fuck both mommy’s holes. We can get as loud as we want. I’d love to fuck in different positions too. Slide your hard cock in my pussy first. Then I’ll turn around for you so you can fuck my ass. Give it to me good from behind. I want to feel your warm hips thrusting against my ass. But try not cumming in my ass…I want to feel your hot load cum in my pussy while I’m on top. Mmmmm sweetie your warm balls are so full of cum. There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you. I’d love it if we had another baby. Inseminate me with your potent seed. I love you and I love getting filled with your hot cum. Give mommy your strong sperm. Make a baby inside me again. Let’s go for round.

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Natalie Wonder – The Greatest Gift

Ohhhhh baby…your fingers feel amazing. You got mommy soaking wet. I love that you take your time getting my body ready. Guess what mommy needs now? That nice big hard cock of yours. My pussy is swollen…my clit is so huge & right on the edge of cumming. But not yet. I want to cum while you’re fucking me. Mmmmm there’s that cock mommy loves so much…thrusting in & out of me…penetrating me deeper each time. I’m so close to cumming. Harder, harder…please fuck me harder I’m going to cum ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkk. That was so good. Start pumping me again. You want to cum so badly, don’t you baby. But wait, stop. Actually…don’t pull out this time. Cum inside me. Yes, I know, mommy can get pregnant. I’ve been thinking about this sweetie…I want it. I want to have a baby with my boy. Deep down, I know you want it too. I can feel your desire to have a baby with mommy. Our love is like no other. Mmmm there you go…fuck your mom good until you drain every single drop of hot sperm inside my fertile pussy.

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Natalie Wonder – Watching Her Carry Out The Unthinkable

Custom: Hi I have another idea for a mom/mom’s boyfriend, mom/son scenario. This would be a pov via the mother’s boyfriend. The boyfriend talks about his shameless desire to watch his MILF girlfriend perform sexual acts on her young son. They discuss the plan, kiss, flirt and joke about how fucked up they are. To watch a mother inappropriately touch her own son like THAT? She loves the idea. They’re definitely meant to be together. Mom’s not sure how her son will agree to this but she’s determined to figure something out. Son’s still at school but the bus should be dropping him home any minute. Son comes in and mommy tells him to sit down. How was his day at school today? Son gets upset because the bullies beat him up again. Mom looks at her boyfriend with a smirk. She’s got an idea. She tells her son he needs to fight back. Mommy’s going to teach him a good lesson today. She’ll pretend to be a big bully and hold him down while son struggles to get her off. But mom and boyfriend both know what’s REALLY going to happen. Somehow, through all the struggling and manipulation, mommy will undress her boy, grope him, touch him and then force his dick inside her pussy. Holding him down will feel even more exciting. And of course he’s no match for mommy’s strength. He’s still quite small and lanky.

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Gangbang Mom – Natalie Wonder

Son can’t believe how drunk his mom is right now! Her eyes are bloodshot, she’s running her fingers through her hair, her body is squirming on the bed in a very provacative way. She’s touching herself. Mom’s drunk and horny! She hates being so good all the time just because she’s a “mom”. She starts blurting out things that a mother should never say! Mom wants a gangbang! She wants him to call up his friends right now and have them come over so they can take turns ramming her wet horny pussy. The dirty little whore inside her wants it so bad! Son is shocked yet extremely aroused by what he’s hearing. Her boy gets to fuck her first of course. Then he can watch as his friends all fuck her real good. Her boy can even hold mom’s legs spread wide while she gets rammed. Mom starts touching her body, begging to be gangbanged by her son’s hot young horny friends. They can use her body for their own pleasure. Fill her up with their cocks and all their hot cum. Mom gets on top & rides her boy’s cock. She wants so much cock and cum tonight, starting with her boy.

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Baseball Team Sleepover Gangbang With Mom – Natalie Wonder

As per mommy’s deviant request, son has invited friends from his baseball team over for a sleepover. But this isn’t just ANY sleepover. These horny virgin boys are going to get to fuck! It’s going to be one dirty and super naughty sleepover. Mom comes into the bedroom where her son and all his friends are hanging out. She lets them know the fun is about to begin. The boys are getting very excited. Some are a little nervous but that’s okay, mom will walk them through it. Mom directs all the boys to take their penises out and get them hard. She uses the words penis, peepee and cocks. All the boys will fuck mommy first while son watches. Then son gets to fuck mommy while his friends watch. Everyone cums inside of mom.

Scene changes to a side view of mommy on the bed with son standing right next to her. Mom has her legs spread open wide as she waits for the first boy to come and stick his peepee inside her wet hole. Mom watches son masturbate while they all take turns fucking her over and over again. They each cum inside mommy’s pussy hole and fill her up. They are all losing their virginities and mom loves it! Mom can’t get enough cum. She loves the feeling of their potent cum loads filling her up. She instructs each boy and if he seems nervous mommy tells him what to do.

Scene changes to pov sex. Son is last to fuck mom and cum inside her as his whole baseball team watches. Lots of good dirty mommy talk. She directs the baseball boys around as dirty and descriptively as possible. She just loves all these young horny boys dumping their creamy cum loads into her cunt hole.

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Download Natalie Wonder - Baseball Team Sleepover Gangbang With Mom.mp4

Natalie Wonder – Your Friends Love Fucking My Horny Mommy Pussy

Sweetie you’re over-reacting! Mommy’s a sexual being too. Your father & I are split up so I can do what I want. I raised you right. Now it’s time for mommy to have some fun. They’re your friends…so what? They’re hot! And they like me, so what’s the problem? You should take it as a compliment that much younger men think your mommy attractive & want to fuck me. You know mommy loves them younger. Mommy is allowed to fuck your friends, no big deal. One is better looking than the next…how can mommy resist? Mommy has a VERY high sex drive. Men my age just can’t keep up. I need some young horny boys to satisfy me…like your friends. Mmmmm they’re sexual beasts. Oh sweetie, stop rolling your eyes. Don’t worry sweetie…our love is strong…but mommy also needs some real sexual satisfaction. You want to know the truth? I think you’re jealous! Part of you hates it…but part of you LOVES hearing mommy talk about all the dirty deeds she does with your hot friends…how they all pound my horny mommy pussy in a big gangbang…

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Download Natalie Wonder - Your Hot Friends Love Fucking My Horny Mommy Pussy.mp4

Natalie Wonder – Mom Wants It Even When Shes On The Phone With Dad

Mom’s on the phone with dad who’s away on a business trip. Mom’s being very naughty…she’s using her eyes to quietly flirt with you, her handsome boy. There’s an attraction between the two of you that can never be tamed. And when daddy goes away, the two of you always play. Dad has no idea of course. Mom continues to chit chat with dad…all the while whispering naughty ideas in your ear. Mom wants it so bad. She pulls up her shirt to reveal she’s not wearing a bra! You already knew because her nipples were rock hard through her top. She fondles her breasts as her hungry eyes stare into yours. She bites her lip…so desperate to sit on your cock. Who cares if she’s on the phone with dad. All the more exciting, she says. She signals for you to pull out your cock. She wants to suck it. Mom gets down on her knees. Uh oh, dad notices something weird but mom tells him she’s having something to eat. Her mouth is full. Feeling your cock in her mouth makes mom insanely horny. She gets up and rubs her pussy under her panties while giving you a variety of silent sexual innuendos. Mom can’t wait any longer…she’s practically begging to ride your cock right here, right now. You both have to keep quiet. Try to at least. She straddles you and continues to have a conversation with dad as her pussy slides down onto your rock hard cock. Mom can hardly contain herself. She covers her mouth to hold in her moans as she fucks you…her tits bouncing up and down. Her voice quivers on the phone. Mom tells dad not to worry, she’s going to take real good care of their boy while he’s away. And like a good mother, she does…

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Download Natalie Wonder - Mom Wants It Even When Shes On The Phone With Dad.mp4

Natalie Wonder – Mommy Can Never Get Enough Of It II

Mommy’s young son and his two friends are being rowdy late at night in a rest over. Mommy comes in and says she wants to “play a game”. Mommy has them drop their pajama bottoms to show their peepees which are all small and not erect yet. Mommy strips and masturbates in front of them. She has them get hard for her and masturbate too. She guides them and teaches them some sex ed. Then mommy has them lick her pussy all at once. Now it’s time to fuck. Son watches mommy while the other two fuck her. They are each virgins so they cum pretty quick. Son is last in the mess of cum. Mommy talks very dirty and filthy. She talks about their horny little penises, smooth boy cock, her mommy cunt. Mommy talks about the sex ed type words but also mentions the dirty words. When it’s time for son to fuck mommy she talks about how forbidden it is. This sexual act is extremely taboo between a mother and son. Mommy talks about it to her son’s friends while son is fucking mommy. Mommy loves young virgin cum. She scoops out some cum from her pussy and shows it to her boy. Mommy gets cum filled. Mommy can never get enough of that young horny boy cum.

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Download Natalie Wonder - Mommy Can Never Get Enough Of It 2.mp4
Download Natalie Wonder - Mommy Can Never Get Enough Of It 2.mp4