Natasha’s Bedroom – Mommy Discovers Your Naughty Secret

Rise and shine, my little son. It’s time to wake up and start the day – and you’d better hurry up! Mommy needs to leave for work soon, but I need to be sure that my smart boy shows up on time today to the SAT. Mommy’s so proud of you, how grown up you’ve become, and I know you’re going to make me even prouder today, baby.
Wait a minute. Wait just one minute, mister. What is that on your computer? Is that PORNOGRAPHY?? Let me see that RIGHT now. Oh my goodness, those are…they’re…oh my, they’re pictures of mommy – naked pictures! This is very wrong, son. It’s very, very inappropriate to spy on mommy and take pictures of her without her clothes on. Were you masturbating to these photos, son? Is that what you were doing under the covers when mommy walked in?
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Natasha’s Bedroom – Only Mommy’s Touch Can Fix Your Broken Heart

Son, why are you home from your date so early? And, oh my goodnessare you crying? Ohh, I cant stand to see my darling son in so much pain. Tell mommy whats wrong; let mommy make it better. Oh, sweetie, your first heartbreak. I know it feels like nothing will make it better, but there are other fish in the sea. Let mommy wipe away your tears, ok baby? I promise that youll find another girl, and, as soon as you feel her touch, your heart will be full of joy again. I know youre in so much pain right now; I just wish I could help you in some way. Let mommy climb on top of you and ride your cock until she cums. Watch her face contort with so much pleasure that it twists into pain; and then just relax, stare at the breasts that you used to suck milk from, and let her ride your cock until it explodes deep inside her pussy. Let mommy mend your broken heart and make everything all better.
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Natasha’s Bedroom – Moms Dirty Little Secret

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and you’re lazing around in your room despite telling mom that you’d help her clean all day. You know that she’ll be furious, but you don’t care. You found out her naughty little secret: she’s a porn star. Your very own mother secretly shows her naked body to strange men on the internet. She’s not going to boss you around anymore if she wants to keep her secret safe from dad, from her friends, her family…she’s going to have to do whatever you say.
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