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You wake up rock hard at your bestfriend’s house. He’s laying in bed beside you, awkward, so you get up to see if you can slip off somewhere to solve this big problem. You slip out and notice his Mom’s light is on, and suddenly you remember just how hot she is. Perky, squeezable tits, big wide baby making hips, huge bubble ass… You had made up your mind, and you slowly open the door to her room. There she is, bent over her bed, in tight as fuck shorts, showing off that amazing ass. You feel yourself grow harder right as she turns around and notices you. Oh my GOD! You scared the crap out me! What are you doing up, aren’t you supposed to be with my son? She laughs, leaning back on the bed and letting you get a good view of that amazing body. You nervously laugh and explain you can’t go to bed, and after some coaxing you admit it’s because you’re too damn horny to go to bed. At first she’s reluctant, but then grows obviously horny. Okay… you’ve never been with a girl before, right? Let me teach you the ropes, get that cock out, and get it hard for me to suck. She teases you with her amazing curves and then takes your virgin dick in her mouth, teasing with her perfect lips and tongue. I’ll assume if you’ve never been sucked before you’ve never been fucked either… Why don’t you use her pussy and fill it with your huge virgin load? I hope my son doesn’t find out what a nasty little whore I am…

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I’m your Mother and I have caught you watching and downloading my porn. This may be the wine talking but I’m not mad, just curious… You have a Mommy fetish don’t you?! I can see by your face that you do, and notice your growing bulge in your pants from your cock. Your Father is out of town and he’ll never know, get your cock out! Don’t you want to know what Mommy’s mouth feel like? I take a hold of your cock and start licking and sucking, and you nearly blow your load in seconds. Don’t you dare cum yet, I want you to fuck me! After a few minutes of sucking you while I talk super dirty, I think you’re ready to fuck my pussy. I switch to my back where I let you pound my tight pussy. I cum hard, and you fill my pussy with your cum shortly after.

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