Nikki Kay – Mom Needs Computer Help

Nikki’s son is always on the computer and never lets Nikki use it. So she comes in and asks her son for some computer help. She has never been good with the computer and asks him how to attach a couple of photos to an email. Kneeling on the bench Nikki sticks her ass in the air and backs it against her son. As she clicks she slowly moves her hips back and forth against his tightening crotch. She does not seem to mind when his arm brushes against her big breasts to show her what to click. Getting him right where she wants him she asks him to sit back down and show her some more. She sits on his lap and grinds on his harddrive letting him grope her tits. He pulls down her top and she straddles him putting her breasts in his face. Pulling down her pants he bends her over the computer desk and continues to grind into her hot ass until he cums in his shorts. Nikki knows how to free up some computer time from her son as she smiles as he runs to his room.
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