Brandon Areana – Hidden Desires Pt2

While doing my make up I feel someone watching me and turn to see you, a bulge already in your pants, what are you doing here? I have been avoiding you since what happened last time even though I can’t stop thinking about it. It was wrong, I know it was wrong and you know it was wrong and it can Never, ever happen again. Please leave while I finish my make up and then I will drive you to practice, I turn to continue but when I turn again you are standing there with your hard dick out, I am flushed with desire and embarrassment. We can’t do this, it’s wrong. Please go….but it’s so hard, so very hard and when your look at your my MILF tits you lose control, I pick them up and drop them, I play with my large nipples and heavy tits until you can’t take it any longer, once pre-cum begins to drizzle I can’t hold out any longer and must stroke your cock STEP-Son. I have too! My tits bounce wildly as I stroke your cock and get you closer and closer to blowing your load. Step-Mommy’s beautiful face and bouncing tits are to much for you to handle and you blow your massive load all over her tits as she strokes your face and reminds you how much she loves her special boy.

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Mommy’s Goodnight Handjob 1080p – Xev Bellringer

Oh dear, did I wake you up honey? How silly of me, tucking you in when you were already resting. I hope you don’t mind… it’s just… oh I miss the times we used to spend together before bed. Remember? You had such trouble dozing off without me.. well, without my help. You know, you can still come to Mommy whenever you need me. Oh! Oh honey, look at that… well your penis is hard. Oh sweetheart, I feel so guilty for causing that. Well, I’m already here, I should really help you go back to bed… the way we used to do it. How do you want Mommy to make you cum? Just tell me–OH! My breasts are dripping milk all over your sheets! They’re SO full, I’m just going to have to squeeze it out right here. I couldn’t leave you now, not in that state. Isn’t this fun?? Go on, reach under the covers. I know you want to, honey. Here, let me do it for you… just to get you started. Doesn’t that feel better? Mmm yes… so much better. I just feel so bad for waking you up… is there anything more Mommy can do? You can tell me… we can do anything you want honey. Just like old times. Just tell Mommy.

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Mommy Is Your New Girlfriend 720p – Xev Bellringer

Your mother playfully bounces on your lap, oblivious of her plump nipples poking over the top of her bra. It was wrong to notice, to be aroused by her… especially in her vulnerable state. She came to you in her time of need afterall… seeking love from the one man in her life she could count on. Her son. Mommy didn’t deserve to be stood up on her date tonight, although you couldn’t help but relish how sweetly desperate she was for your attention. Your mother needed to hear that she was desirable… that she was still attractive. That you would kiss her on a date… that you wanted her more than the other girls at school. Especially now that her big breasts were heaving inches from your face. Your own growing erection presses hard against your mother’s crotch as she sits on your lap, looking expectant – looking to be proven wrong. That she wasn’t too heavy for you, too overweight to be attractive. But that was the last thing on your mind. All you could think about was how good her legs felt against you, her body on yours. She tried to get up, but to your surprise, your hands held her there. Mommy’s expression suddenly changed. Did she finally notice how much you wanted her? That you couldn’t help the way she made you feel… that you wanted her to be your girlfriend. Her hips started moving. Slowly, rythmically. She was looking at you, watching you. Her eyes closed and her breathing intensified. Nothing else mattered, but the two of you… finally having each other.

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