Noel Knight – The Cool Mom

You’re a bit embarrassed about the fact that you are the guy with the “cool mom”. All your little friends have crushes on me and you can’t stand the fact that I just love to tease all of you boys. You didn’t think it could get any worse until I decide it’s time to have “the talk”. I tell you that I’ve seen you watching me in the shower and peeking under my door when I’m changing. I know you run off to your room to masturbate after you’ve got a nice eyeful. Don’t worry, sweetie pie, that’s totally natural! Boys your age just can’t help themselves. Your hormones make you so horny and needy that you truly are helpless to obey your lust. I know how to help you. I’m going to make sure that you get all the release you need. After all, I am the “cool mom”
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