Helena Price – Aunt Secret Family BJ

I was just relaxing while on family vacation when my aunt passed me a note. Written on it said, “meet me in the garage”. I could only imagine what was going to happen. I came in there & she told me how bad she wanted to take care of me. She got down on both her knees and sucked my dick until I filled her mouth with cum.

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RheaSweet – Sons Boner for Mommy

I was drying off my son after his bath and as I got lower and lower I started to feel something poking through the towel at me. When I went to dry his legs I see his hard little peepee staring at me. I explain to my son that its inappropriate to have thoughts like that around his mother but he tells me its because of me that he is thinking naughty thoughts. I try to tell him that its not okay to think those things but it doesn’t help. He’s hard penis is throbbing at me in desperate need of a release. My son begs me to help him. I can”t help but feel bad for him in his condition so I agree to help this once.

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xxxCaligulaxxx – Hands on Teacher Perverts You

You are innocent, cute and you have your first erection in my class! What am I to do? Luckily for you, I am a very hands-on teacher and used to dance to pay the University, so I give you a lapdance to help you cum, which you do, but you are still hard! and I cannot let you walk the hallway like that, so I give you an oral you will like for once and then ride you until you cum again and your – not so little- problem gets resolved.

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Dinkybum – Cum Fast For Mommy

I know you’ve been having some trouble recently with the girls you’ve been seeing. You can’t cum? I think you need some practice with someone you already know. Slide your cock into mommy’s tight warm pussy. You’re doing such a good job, I can tell how excited you are already. Are you going to cum for me, already ? See? All it takes is some motherly guidance! What a good boy!

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