Fiona – Your Best Friends MYLF

You are my sons friend over for a party, and you come in to ask me for some snacks. I was actually in the middle of getting dressed and I start to see how hard you’re getting! Well, I guess you can’t help it considering your age and all. Boys will be boys and teen boys tend to get hard quick! Being the hott mylf I am… I think we should take advantage of this opportunity. One thing leads to another and woops! we’re fucking! Give me some of that hot cock and we can make this a regular thing.

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Natalie Wonder – Your Friends Love Fucking My Horny Mommy Pussy

Sweetie you’re over-reacting! Mommy’s a sexual being too. Your father & I are split up so I can do what I want. I raised you right. Now it’s time for mommy to have some fun. They’re your friends…so what? They’re hot! And they like me, so what’s the problem? You should take it as a compliment that much younger men think your mommy attractive & want to fuck me. You know mommy loves them younger. Mommy is allowed to fuck your friends, no big deal. One is better looking than the next…how can mommy resist? Mommy has a VERY high sex drive. Men my age just can’t keep up. I need some young horny boys to satisfy me…like your friends. Mmmmm they’re sexual beasts. Oh sweetie, stop rolling your eyes. Don’t worry sweetie…our love is strong…but mommy also needs some real sexual satisfaction. You want to know the truth? I think you’re jealous! Part of you hates it…but part of you LOVES hearing mommy talk about all the dirty deeds she does with your hot friends…how they all pound my horny mommy pussy in a big gangbang…

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Download Natalie Wonder - Your Hot Friends Love Fucking My Horny Mommy Pussy.mp4
Download Natalie Wonder - Your Hot Friends Love Fucking My Horny Mommy Pussy.mp4