Kelly Payne – Mom Ruins Another Bet

Mommy comes into your room to check on her favorite little man, who’s been hiding out in his room a lot lately… Mom comes in to try to see what’s going on, and finds out you made another one of those stupid bets! 30 days no sex… you only have a few hours to go and you will be ready for mommy. But mom is not happy, nor amused and when you ask her for some water, she gets a naughty idea. Adding something extra special to your water, you wake up tied to your bed. Mommy dressed in sexy white lingerie on top of you letting you know she does not appreciate your silly bets and unfortunately it looks like your going to miss out on winning another. Mommy sucks your cock right up until your ready to explode… and stops. Leaving you wanting more and wanting her to stop all at the same time, only 6hrs left to win the bet. Mommy then shoves your throbbing hard cock between her tits and brings you to another close orgasm before stopping just before you cum. Letting you know this is your punishment for regretting mommy when she was wanting your cock so badly, all those nights you didn’t even so much as grab her ass like she’s used to. Mommy reassures you not to worry, climbs on top of your cock and rides you, and flips around knowing you love watching her ass bounce up and down on your cock… until you cum deep inside her. But mommy is not done with you just yet… she continues to ride your cock shoving your sensitive cock to not only stay hard but also cum again… After you cum a second time mom reminds you of your punishment leaving you tied to the bed while she enjoys a shower… but don’t worry, mommy’s coming back to make you cum one more time before untying you from the bed.

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