PaintedRose – Cold Night Gets Hotter Cougar Mom

You realize the heat isn’t working and wake Mom to ask her what to do. She is in bed and WOW her soft and warm skin looks so touchable! She wakes up and says she can’t call the furnace guy until morning so you will just have to keep warm some other way. You ask to just get in her bed and she agrees and drifts off but seems to be having an arousing dream. She touches and rubs. Of course your dick is hard. You know you shouldn’t watch but, you just can’t look away. She arouses and is embarrassed. She was having a romantic dream and also notices your erection. After a thoughtful process, she asks if she can just see your dick. when she sees it, of course she wants more and you’re ready to go anyway so when she teases you with her body, you innocently agree to let her ride it. She wants you to give it to her doggy, her on top, you on top, and then she wants filled and of course you’re good to go and fill her up with a hot load of cum to warm her shaved, pink pussy. You both realize you stayed up fucking all night and lay down to cuddle some more.

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PaintedRose – Taboo Impregnation Mom Fantasy

Mom comes in to read a couple chapters of a novel to you. You’re in the mood for something else and even though it is forbidden you reach out and touch her breast. She is shocked and decides to leave and tell you that it’s not ok behavior. Stepmom actually has fantasies about you and wants more. Later on, mom comes in dressed in lingerie and stripper heels. What? She tells you that after thinking about it, she decided she shouldn’t have been so grouchy and she starts teasing you with her body before sucking on your dick. Mom leans back and uses a vibe to show you how you make her pussy throb with a close up, pulsating orgasm right in your face. Now you enter her shaved pink pussy and she tells you to get her pregnant and you cum inside but to be sure Mom takes you again from behind and rides your dick doggy style until you cum in her.

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