Paintedrose – Sons First Time Taboo Blowjob

Mom comes in to see if your room is done being cleaned and you still have not done it. Mom is disappointed and scolds you and you begin to cry. Mom wipes your tears and offers to help you clean your room and comforts you. You get an erection to Mom’s surprise! She didn’t realize you could get boners already. Mom explains and shows you how to masturbate. She shows you her tits, ass, and pussy and tells you it’s normal to be turned on by a womans body – even your mom. Mom get’s horny after helping you stroke and decides to teach you what grownups do and gives you your first blowjob. She’s so proud of you for cumming in her mouth. You promise not to tell…

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Paintedrose – Taboo Teacher Better Than Recess

Your parents hired a tutor to come out and help you with math and social studies. Rosie is a busty MILF teacher and she’s really cool and nice. She cares about your grades, helping you with your homework, and she makes sure you have fun. Maybe it’s not so bad having a tutor. Rosie starts being a little inappropriate while asking you about your hobbies and what you like to do for fun. You both agree that recess is the best subject along with lunch but, Rosie says she has something even better than recess. Rosie touches you and you immediately get hard. She’s surprised you have erections already. Rosie wants to see and begins to suck on your penis for a few minutes and then she tells you not to cum yet because she is going to sit on your dick and ride it. Rosie says she doesn’t have a condom so you have to tell her when you’re going to cum because she can’t get it inside – she doesn’t want to get pregnant. Rosie bounces on your penis and when you start to cum she pulls your cum out with a handjob that makes you shoot so much cum! Rosie is so proud of you and believes you learned a lot in today’s study session. Rosie says we can do it again tomorrow but only if you finish your homework silly boy.

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Paintedrose – Friday Night Cheating Mom Rides Son

It’s Friday night and you’re both home so mom asks if you want to hang out. Pretty soon she is noticing your body and your boner. Dad is at work and he’s too busy for lonely, cock hungry Stepmom. She starts to touch your body and kiss you. Instant wood needs some mouth and handjob attention. She reverse cowgirls your hard erection and then turns around and fucks you with her tits in your face.

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Paintedrose – Dump Your Girlfriend For Moms Creampie

Mom is calling you because you’re late…the third time this week and wants to know where you have been. Through questioning, Jealous Mom finds out you have a girlfriend! You don’t need a girlfriend son, you have me….I can do anything she can do…better. Dump her son…and I’ll fuck you, I’ll give you your first blowjob. I don’t want to lose you to her……Mom get’s sensual and turned on telling you how much she wants you. She sees you’re hard and takes it…She slow teases and sucks you with a wet sultry blowjob and ask you if you’d like to try doggy style. Next you bend her over and she has you give it to her from the back. That’s Mom’s good boy. You climb on top of mom and give her the creampie filling that she’s begging for.

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Paintedrose – Seducing Son to Like The Taste Of Cum

Mom is a horny cougar MILF and has a sex education conversation with you and discovers what she was assuming. You’re bi curious. She noticed your boner the other day after her hung boyfriend finished fucking her and asked if it was because of him or from listening to us fuck…You reluctantly tell her, “both”. Mom offers you a real education…She will train you to fuck, suck dick, and eat cum… starting with your own. She gives you head and lets you put it in her wet pussy. She tells you how her boyfriend fuck buddy is coming over for a threesome tonight. She tells you don’t cum in her pussy. Instead Mom sucks you off and cum swaps with you. Close up visual of cum dropping into your mouth.

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PaintedRose – Cold Night Gets Hotter Cougar Mom

You realize the heat isn’t working and wake Mom to ask her what to do. She is in bed and WOW her soft and warm skin looks so touchable! She wakes up and says she can’t call the furnace guy until morning so you will just have to keep warm some other way. You ask to just get in her bed and she agrees and drifts off but seems to be having an arousing dream. She touches and rubs. Of course your dick is hard. You know you shouldn’t watch but, you just can’t look away. She arouses and is embarrassed. She was having a romantic dream and also notices your erection. After a thoughtful process, she asks if she can just see your dick. when she sees it, of course she wants more and you’re ready to go anyway so when she teases you with her body, you innocently agree to let her ride it. She wants you to give it to her doggy, her on top, you on top, and then she wants filled and of course you’re good to go and fill her up with a hot load of cum to warm her shaved, pink pussy. You both realize you stayed up fucking all night and lay down to cuddle some more.

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PaintedRose – Taboo Impregnation Mom Fantasy

Mom comes in to read a couple chapters of a novel to you. You’re in the mood for something else and even though it is forbidden you reach out and touch her breast. She is shocked and decides to leave and tell you that it’s not ok behavior. Stepmom actually has fantasies about you and wants more. Later on, mom comes in dressed in lingerie and stripper heels. What? She tells you that after thinking about it, she decided she shouldn’t have been so grouchy and she starts teasing you with her body before sucking on your dick. Mom leans back and uses a vibe to show you how you make her pussy throb with a close up, pulsating orgasm right in your face. Now you enter her shaved pink pussy and she tells you to get her pregnant and you cum inside but to be sure Mom takes you again from behind and rides your dick doggy style until you cum in her.

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Paintedrose – Our Little Secret: Son And Mom Are Lovers

Mom and son begin a casual conversation which leads into them confessing their attraction and desire for one another. Mom seduces son into getting sucked and fucked.

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Paintedrose – Mom Is Sons Cum Whore

Son checks in with Mom when she get’s home late about where she was and he then accuses her of being more than his football Team’s ‘Team Mom’. She denies it at first but, then admits it. Son says he won’t tell Dad but she has to be only his cum slut now. She declines at first but, then submits to his wishes. He shows her his big dick and she sucks in and then he comes in her. She is worried about pregnancy and they agree if she gets pregnant, they will pretend it’s Dad’s baby.

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