Paintedrose – Our Little Secret: Son And Mom Are Lovers

Mom and son begin a casual conversation which leads into them confessing their attraction and desire for one another. Mom seduces son into getting sucked and fucked.

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Paintedrose – Mom Is Sons Cum Whore

Son checks in with Mom when she get’s home late about where she was and he then accuses her of being more than his football Team’s ‘Team Mom’. She denies it at first but, then admits it. Son says he won’t tell Dad but she has to be only his cum slut now. She declines at first but, then submits to his wishes. He shows her his big dick and she sucks in and then he comes in her. She is worried about pregnancy and they agree if she gets pregnant, they will pretend it’s Dad’s baby.

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Paintedrose – Sleepytime Mommy Shares Vibe With Son

Mommy awakes and with son asleepytime next to her, decides to masturbate with a vibrator. Mom is startled by son who she accidentally wakes up. Son loves when Mom shares the vibrator. Down with his undies and they share the vibe on their private parts. Mommy let’s him orgasms several times before she does. It’s always a happy ending in Rosie town. Mommy is very nurturing and loving.

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Paintedrose – Mommy Loves Sons – Brother Competition

Mommy adopts her son’s best friend who has been inlove with her. Mommy didn’t know her son was inlove with her too. Mommy sweetly diapers and breastfeeds you, then both. Mommy pees in your mouth and you must clean her (Ass and pussy piss scene). Mommy orgasms during this and then sucks you. Wow you’re big. Bigger than your brother. Son is humiliated – prematurely cums. You fuck Mom and cum inside and son must eat your cum out of her pussy. Now let’s cuddle. You can share the big bed with Mommy. Let’s get a clean diaper on you. I expect to see this wet in the morning. Are you hungry for more milk?

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Paintedrose – Mommy And Son Help Dad Cum In Condom

Mom calls you in to start helping her and Dad in the family business. Daddy has very special sperm/semen and supplies it and needs help cumming. Mommy will stroke and suck Dad today into the condom while you train to assist with holding supplies, getting needed items, and opening the condom wrapper, and then helping with packaging Daddy’s semen to be mailed. Mommy sucks and teases Dad to get his big dick to full size. During Jerking Dad into the condom Dad need to squeeze Mom’s boobs and he finger bangs her pussy (you can see his hand up her dress and hear splashing when he gives her a g-spot orgasm!) She continues sucking him off until he cums in the condom. Mommy cleans Daddy’s big dick lovingly with her mouth. Then you learn how to package the condom up in the ice for mailing. Good Job SON!

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PaintedRose – Mommys Little Helper

Mommy’s little dear almost forgot his goodnight kiss. So he gets many many kisses close up and then Mommy bumps into his pee pee and notices it is hard. She can’t help but want to touch and suck it. She tells him it’s ok and that when it feels like he has to pee to just do it in her mouth. We will do this more! Kiss. Mommy Loves You!

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PaintedRose – Mom Loves Son – Jerk You Off

Son is a good boy who loves to cuddle with Mommy and talk about their love. He gets hard down there and wants to touch Mommy’s breasts so she lets him and then she jerks his little cock for him.

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Paintedrose – Son Seduces Mommy To Be Her Fuck Buddy

Mommy comes back a little tipsy. Her son is waiting for her with a stiff one. Mommy complains she can’t find a man to play with and he offers…it’s so wrong but he’s gonna make it right! She rides his cock and he fucks her and cums inside!

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