Paintedrose – Fuck Your Mother Anal From Behind

Your Mom heard your porn playing on your computer this morning and after finding her panties in your room she decides to snoop on your pc. She is shocked and worried when she finds MILF porn and realizes you want to fuck her. She decides to confront you – this can’t be going on! She tells you she already knows and that you’re in big trouble if you lie so you might as well confess.. that you want to fuck her. You turn it around and convince her it’s not a big deal and get her to kiss your dick, afterall look what she is wearing in front of you. Mom tells you she likes Doggy after a blowjob and missionary entry. You start fucking her from behind and put her panties in her mouth. She says you can’t cum in her pussy so you fuck mom’s ass hole (simulated) and it’s so tight you give Mom and ass creampie! That’s what Mom gets for snooping and dressing sexy in front of you.

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Paintedrose – Lonely Single Mom Taboo Temptation

Step-Mom and you are hanging out and discussing evening plans and of course she is bored and you help her set up a dating profile online because you think she is lonely since her divorce from Dad – She’s still wearing the wedding ring and staying home a lot. A couple of hours later, Mom already has a date and she’s wearing lingerie and a sexy dress – you’ve never seen her like this! She asks you for your opinion on the dress and tells you that she is nervous because she hasn’t been on a date in years and asks you to help her practice. She pretends that you are your date and even begins flirting as she warms up! You tell Mom not to fuck her date and then you tell her you don’t want her to go on the date. Mom tells you that she was kind of hoping she’d get laid tonight – and so you offer… Mom says it’s inappropriate and asks if you’re ‘Man Enough’ for the job! Next thing you know she’s slobbering and sucking your dick, riding your stiff cock – woah – this is your Mom! This is her PUSSY and ASS in your face! It’s so wet and tight and she rides you until she tells you to cum for her. You never knew Mom was nasty – why did Dad divorce her? Mom will probably delete the dating app right?

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Paintedrose – Taboo Touching: Your First Handjob

Ever since a shy and gentle Mommy watched you cum when you had your first erection, she can’t stop thinking about it. In fact, her behavior has changed to being more sensual and sexy in front of you. Today You watch Mom workout and you start getting turned on – Did she notice? Of course she did. Back in the bedroom afterward, Mom has slipped into something more – comfortable. She tells you how she liked watching you and not just because she’s your Mom but she enjoyed it as a woman. She tells you how she wants to take a more, ‘hands on’ approach to your private time together in the bedroom. Mom teaches you about sensuality and erotic movement and shows you how she touches herself and then she touches you. Part JOI and then Mom takes over, spits on it, and gives you your first handjob!

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Paintedrose – Mom Seduces You For Young Dick

Mom walks in looking too hot for her date and luckily he cancels so you get to spend time with Mom instead. She offers some fun things to do but you say you want to chat but, Mom starts chatting about how your body is getting really sexy since you’ve been working out. She asks to see your muscles and then she asks to see your dick. Mom is surprised at what a strong and big stiff boy you are. She asks you what you like about her body. You like it all and before you know what’s happening, Mom is sucking your dick and teaching you what “I” is. She asks you if you like and want sex from your mother and then teaches you to fuck her in her juicy pussy.

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Paintedrose – Vacation Sleepover Sons Forbidden Fuck

Mom Rosie and you are on vacation with your friend and his Mom. You are staying at a cool B&B and didn’t realize you would have to share a bed. Mom has you step out while she changes but you see everything! Then her T-shirt rises up and you try to ignore it. Then you hear sexual noises coming from the next room. Could it be your friend and his Mom? You’re super turned on and start to touch yourself and Mom makes you stop. Then she confesses she can’t take it. It’s hard for her because she is attracted to you so you have to stop being hard. Just then she decides to take it and suck it! She apologizes that she is your Mom and has sexual desires for her son. She shows you more of her body and tells you that it’s a big decision and once it’s done, we can’t go back. You start fucking your Mom’s soaked pussy missionary, Doggy, Her on Top, she masturbates her clit and makes her pussy soaked with a wet pulsating real orgasm and then tells you its your turn to cum. Cum for Mommy with your dick inside!

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Paintedrose – Aunties Birthday Gift Strip Suck Fuck

Happy Birthday Nephew! I keep noticing you staring at Step-Aunties butt and now you have an erection and you’re touching it! Come with me before Grandma sees you! Would you like my gift in this envelope or a surprise gift? Great choice! Auntie gives you a strip tease in a back bedroom away from the party and then begins to blow you. Auntie uses you now that you’ve grown up so nice. I love how hard you are. Don’t cum yet! Auntie has you bend her over, fuck her missionary, her on top riding, and bent over Doggy again for the finale with a cum dripping out ending.

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Paintedrose – Moms MILF Bikini and Your Friends

How could you forget, it’s BEACH day! Mom comes in to find out why you’re not ready and you’re friends will be here any minute! C’mon you can change in front of me. What do you mean you don’t like my bikini and it’s too revealing? Don’t worry about your friends looking, It’s not like I’m going to blow them if they get little boners… Mommy is not a slut, I’m just curvy and I can’t help it. I mean, if were there and my top slips off because it’s a nude beach it is no big deal. I wonder if you will get a boner if I have you rub oil on my butt, I’m trying to work on my tan. Get changed son! Ok I’ll look away while you change. Mom peeks to see if you have a chubby one. I continue to tease you about blowing you and your friends at this clothing optional beach until you…cum in your swim trunks. Oh I hear the doorbell, it must be your friends.

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Paintedrose – Patriotic MILF: Your Mom and Your Friends

It’s going to be hot today for the parade and fireworks and your Mom is at it again with the slutty outfits in front of you and your friends. She thinks it’s ok to dress like that and be sexy in front of your friends, she loves the attention. She buys them candy, and is sweet to them, and she even flaunts her body hoping to give them their first boners. Stepmom teases you and tells you how she isn’t ashamed of her body and loves turning on the boys.

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Paintedrose – Sons First Time Taboo Blowjob

Mom comes in to see if your room is done being cleaned and you still have not done it. Mom is disappointed and scolds you and you begin to cry. Mom wipes your tears and offers to help you clean your room and comforts you. You get an erection to Mom’s surprise! She didn’t realize you could get boners already. Mom explains and shows you how to masturbate. She shows you her tits, ass, and pussy and tells you it’s normal to be turned on by a womans body – even your mom. Mom get’s horny after helping you stroke and decides to teach you what grownups do and gives you your first blowjob. She’s so proud of you for cumming in her mouth. You promise not to tell…

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Paintedrose – Taboo Teacher Better Than Recess

Your parents hired a tutor to come out and help you with math and social studies. Rosie is a busty MILF teacher and she’s really cool and nice. She cares about your grades, helping you with your homework, and she makes sure you have fun. Maybe it’s not so bad having a tutor. Rosie starts being a little inappropriate while asking you about your hobbies and what you like to do for fun. You both agree that recess is the best subject along with lunch but, Rosie says she has something even better than recess. Rosie touches you and you immediately get hard. She’s surprised you have erections already. Rosie wants to see and begins to suck on your penis for a few minutes and then she tells you not to cum yet because she is going to sit on your dick and ride it. Rosie says she doesn’t have a condom so you have to tell her when you’re going to cum because she can’t get it inside – she doesn’t want to get pregnant. Rosie bounces on your penis and when you start to cum she pulls your cum out with a handjob that makes you shoot so much cum! Rosie is so proud of you and believes you learned a lot in today’s study session. Rosie says we can do it again tomorrow but only if you finish your homework silly boy.

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