Pandagrl – Mom Fucks Son After Father

You watch your Mom have sex with your father, she notices you there and waves for you to go away, she is in such ecstasy that she continues to have sex even with you there. You watch your father take her missionary and doggy style while your mother makes eye contact with you and whispers at you during the love making. Your father is to busy to notice, he then cums and shoots a big load on your mothers ass and goes to take a shower. You see the cum on her ass while she talks to you, You come closer and she talks to you about how that was wrong and she sees you have a huge bulge in your pants,and is still worked up, your father, he didn’t finish her off and seeing your cock so hard has me feeling so overwhelmed that I lay you down in POV and suck your cock while your father is in the shower. I sometimes have to answer your father during our fucking, You can hear the shower running as I ride on top of you, taking you into mommy while your dad is right in the next room, it feels so good you accidentally cum inside me! Im so shocked at first, I just keep fucking you after you cum because I didn’t notice! I look down and oh Son! Did you cum in Mommy?

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Pandagrl – Spying on Your Mom

I’m cleaning the bathroom while your watching me through the cracks of the door, My ass is bouncing up and down as your watching and you can’t help but get hard. I hear you breathing and turn around, oh are you starring at me son? Your growing up and getting so horny seeing me around the house, you have been finding my moist panties around the house and have been smelling and touching them. You have been getting so worked up around the house, seeing your sexy mom. You tell me how you found nude pictures of me on dads phone and that you have been wanting to be with me. In my pussy, ass and mouth! You really want to try it in my ass. I tell you that we need to talk! We discuss it, I’m your mom there is no way I can do that! Your father has not even had my ass before! Your cock is growing as I talk and I am so excited by it overtakes me! Maybe we can do it just this once?! Your father will be home soon so I will keep the phone near by. I take you my son in my pussy, ass and mouth all in the bathroom against the mirror and you feel so rock hard and amazing… Eventually your father calls on the phone and you nudge me to answer the phone, You want me to answer it! I am reluctant at first but I pick it up and I talk to him while you are inside me, This excites you so you pull out cum directly in my mouth while I’m trying to mumble to your father. It drips down the side of my mouth as I’m trying to cover up and lie to your father.

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Pandagrl – POV Mom And Son With Father In Next Room

I am doing some laundry so I check if my son needs me to wash anything for him, I enter his room with my laundry basket. I quickly close the door, gasp! He is jerking off and he says he has been thinking about my pussy. Thinking about the little hairs on my pussy. I am in disgust at first, I say “What! You want your mom to suck your cock!” I make the motion for sucking his cock with my hand. I make some faces, “you want to fuck my pussy and ass?” I come closer to my son and I want him so I take his cock in my mouth, but his father is in the next room and keeps trying to talk to me, I keep talking to his father saying many many things like whats for dinner tonight and so on as I suck my sons cock. I tell my son that his father talks to much. I keep sucking. I ride on top of my son taking him into my pussy. Oh my boy you feel so good. “I think your cock is thicker than your father” We have sex in my pussy, He asks to put it in my ass, I look right into his eyes, you want to put it in my ass? I put his cock into my ass, my son is fucking my ass! My son cums twice he is so excited. My son can cum twice back to back. I dont think his father can do that. I talk to my husband, his father on and off the entire time being with my son.

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