Tara Tainton – Why Did You Do That To Me?

Why… Just… WHY? You… You’re my SON. My boy, my child. Yes, no matter how old you are, you’re still MY CHILD. You came from me. I mothered you. I taught you nearly everything you know and do… and how you act. Why did you have to go there? THERE? We were just watching TV. Family movie night. Me, you, your dad. We were having fun. Joking around. Having a good ol’ time. And that foot massage… that was amazing. But that was it. That SHOULD have been it. But it wasn’t. You went further. WHY! Why did you have to touch me inappropriately? And your father – my husband – wasn’t there, at first. But then, he was IN THE ROOM. And you… you STILL… you chose to TOUCH ME. I should have asked you to stop.

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Penny Barber – Mommies Panty Fetish

I come home from lunch with your auntie. I have no idea, but you’re hiding in my room, spying. I open my bag and take out a pair of lacy, white panties. I inhale them deeply, then put them down on the bed and start to strip out of my tight dress, bra, and silk neck scarf. I slip into a silk robe and leave the room. You take advantage of my absence to start masturbating with both the panties and my scarf. When I come back in with a laundry basket seemingly full of nothing but panties, I notice that something is amiss and catch you red handed. I’m upset to find my s0n masturbating with my things that I snatch the scarf back from you and tie your hands up so that you can’t play with yourself anymore. I snatch the panties back, too. Do you know whose panties those are? They’re your auntie’s. And these in the basket are your s1ster’s. You see, I have a panty fetish, too, so I can’t be too upset with you, but you do still need to be punished. I’m going to leave you all tied up so that you can watch me enjoying these panties, but not enjoy yourself! I cover myself in your s1ster’s and auntie’s panties, smelling and stroking them, breathing them in before I cum hard in my own panties. Then I take them off and shove them in your mouth. Those cummy panties ought to keep you quiet while you think about what you did.

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Mindi Mink – Mom Loves Porn

Your mom Mindi Mink is laying on her couch looking incredible. You catch her watching a video of three girls on one young man’s cock. She cheers the girls on as the girl with big tities sucks the man’s cock. This is turning her on so much. You can’t believe how amazing Mindi looks in her pantyhose and high heels. She gets more and more into it, starting to mimic the action, sucking on her dildo. She spreads her legs for to see her perfectly hairy pussy, rubbing it, getting hotter and wetter. Her dildo is getting rammed in her pussy, turning her on even more, moaning for you. She pulls out her second toy and starts working her clit with a vibrator, getting her closer and closer to cumming. On her belly, she spreads her legs for you to enjoy her tight ass, while she fucks herself hard with her dildo. She changes into a one-piece fishnet with her purple lace crotchless panties over top. As she turns to continue pleasuring herself, she catches you watching her. She’s going to tell your dad that you skipped school and are spying on her. She makes a deal to keep you from telling him about her dressing up and masturbating to porn. She’ll let you watch her finish. She really gets into seeing girls get fucked by big black cocks. It turns on her so much. You can’t believe how many toys she has as she keeps pulling them out, fucking herself, cumming over and over. She lets you cum as she fucks herself and rubs on her big tits.

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