Payton Hall, Sofie Marie – 2 Horny Moms + 2 Eager Sons = 1 Taboo Orgy

Sexy MILFs Payton Hall and Sofie Marie are sitting on the couch chatting while their sons Conor and Patrick are in the other room playing air hockey. The conversation steers toward how they both feel their sons are incredibly sexy. At the same time, the boys are trash talking back and forth about how they want to fuck each other’s moms. They make a wager that whoever loses has to make out with the other’s mom. Conor loses and then goes to make out with Patrick’s mom, Sofie. It’s not long before Patrick is making out with Conor’s mom, Payton, too. The horny foursome then move to the living room where both mom’s start sucking the others’ son’s cock. Payton and Sofie then fuck their friend’s sons in several positions, before they decide it would be fun for the boys to fuck their own moms. The boys then fuck their own moms until they cum all over their faces. Payton and Sofie finish off by making out with their sons’ cum loads still all around their lips.

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Payton Hall – Moms Confession To Son

Payton Hall – Moms Confession To Son
Taboo, Orgasms, Dildo Fucking, Mommy Roleplay, MILF
This was a custom movie I did awhile back and I dedicate it to All My Fantasy “Son’s” out there. Basically I am a mom who kids are all grown up and she really misses her one son. She reminisces about all the times she spent with him and how she felt and how she really loved him, loved him. In some crazy taboo ways. She ends up making a video about it for him to express her undying love and passion for him. She talks about various times and how she felt and then shows him with her toys and pleasuring herself. It is heartfelt but tender and sexy and the young man who wrote it I think put a lot of imagination into the script. I had fun acting it and of course am flattered by the love of all my “Son’s” They keep up with me on my cam show and it’s some naughty sexy fun!

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Payton Hall – Mom Plays With Morning Wood

Payton Walks in her sons room in the AM and finds him sound asleep with very hard morning wood. He doesn’t wake at all but his cock is at full attention enjoying a fabulous hand job. Stroking and caressing the hard member until he comes a huge load all whilst asleep. Filmed from a POV style this is very stimulating!
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Payton Hall – Mom Rewards Son For Great Game

Payton and her son are traveling for an away game for his basketball team. They are sharing a room in a hotel. Payton is captivated by seeing her grown up son naked in the shower. She can’t pull herself away despite his requests to have privacy. She decides quickly to offer him a reward for his good plays in the game by giving him a special treat!
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Payton Hall – Panty Sniffing Son

Payton’s son Is very into her lingerie and esp cum stained panties. She comes home one day and catches him just sniffing away and touching himself and all hard and bothered by her cum soaked panties as she gets real wet. She is at first a bit surprised but decides to go ahead and make him satisfied as his dad had the same issues with being exciting by that . She reaches down and gets out his hard boner and helps him masturbate with the panties … he finally comes all over her face giving his mom a facial shower which makes her a little bit wet !
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Payton Hall – Morning wood for mom

Mom goes into hotel room to wake up her son and finds a huge boner poking up through the sheets. Wow she just cant keep her hands off of it then her pussy begins to get wet and she just cannot resist she begins a spitty blow job and becomes more excited…she feels she must feel this morning wood. She pulls off her sweatpants and climbs atop of her sleeping son and slides it in and out of that hot wet clean shave juicy mature pussy. Somehow he doesn’t stir and she is able to finish herself . She then calls the hotel to make an official “wake up ” call now that she has brought down the hard on.
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Payton Hall – Blowjob from mommy for my improved grades at school

Payton’s son has something to show his mom. A big A+! Well she had promised that she would let him choose whatever he wanted if he improved his poor grades. Well he did and now he wants to collect from his attractive mom. She of course wants to follow through, after all he did get a A+. Well it turns out what he wants is to see his own mother naked. Payton finally agrees to give him a tiny peek if he doesn’t tell anyone. She had offered him money for the strip club, a trip a new phone and no avail he chooses her.
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Gianna Phoenix and Payton Hall – Fuck your son and let me watch

Payton and Gianna have just come home from the mall. It’s been a while since either one of them have gotten any dick and Payton’s husband is out of town. Gianna recommends putting Payton’s lazy stepson to good use. Payton is reluctant to fuck her husband’s son but Gianna convinces her that it’s ok, after all, Gianna says she fucks her stepson in a pinch when she’s wicked horny for some dick. Payton decides to go for it and before long Payton gets her boy to fuck her every way possible all while Gianna drinks wine and watches. Payton gets the dick she needs and in the end Gianna takes the load of sperm into her mouth so she can cum swap to make sure Payton swallows her stepson’s load.
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Payton Hall – Paytons family album

Payton Hall – My Son’s Huge Cock
Payton Hall – Seducing My Son
Payton Hall – My Mom Seduced Me
Payton Hall – Cock Blocked By Mom

Sometimes a woman just has to have a big cock!!! Even if it’s her own son’s!!! Payton is addicted to her son’s huge cock….And she doesn’t care who knows it!!
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