Penny Barber – Cream for Mommys Coffee

Cream for Mommy’s Coffee Recently you’ve been fighting against the impulse to fuck me, but I can tell that you want to, strutting around in your revealing sweatpants every morning, hard as hard can be. Mommy wants you and I’ll find a way to convince you eventually, whether it’s with my big tits, my squirting pussy, or my bizarre sexual requests. Because I need you all the time. Everything makes me think of your hard cock and your thick come. Speaking of which, this coffee could use a little cream. Why don’t you just stand there, let me get on my knees, and tease out the cream you have for me in your fat balls?

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Penny Barber – Finally Fucking Mom

Even after all the sex we’ve been having, you’re still horny, because there’s still one thing you haven’t had: Mommy’s pussy. You know I want it, too, but I’m so worried that we’re going to ruin our relationship! However, after an entire day of fucking, sucking, licking, and stroking, I just can’t help myself anymore: I need your big, fat cock. So, when you walk in on me masturbating at bedtime, I invite you over for a mother-son fuck fest. You ride me frontwards and backwards before you finally commit the ultimate taboo sex act and come in my eager MILF pussy. I love you so much, honey!

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Penny Barber – Caught Fucking Mom All Over The House

Stop trying to get me to be bad when you-know-who could be home any minute. I remember how embarrassed you were when he caught you jerking-off so how do you think it would feel if step-dad walked in to see your cock in my mouth. I would absolutely love to give you a blowjob but it is just too risky… unless we hurry. Did you really just bend me over the kitchen counter and start fingering me after I almost got caught got sucking your dick in the living room? I can’t make dinner while you make me cum with your hands. I do love it when you smack my ass while your fingers are in my pussy, though. I guess dinner can wait a little while longer. I should probably learn my lesson after almost getting caught fooling around with my step-son twice by my husband but you have gotten me too worked up now. I am locking the bedroom door and then I am going to ride that hard cock until my pussy is finally satisfied!

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Penny Barber – Flash Cards And Fellatio With Mom

I hope you are as excited as I am for our little vocabulary study session. I am sure you will get plenty excited once we start and it will be easy to see it in those pants you are wearing. Remember the rule is that for every word you get right Step-Mom will flash you or take something off. Was the thought of seeing these big tits and round ass enough motivation? If you do well enough to get me all naked then I might just do something to your dick that is so stiff from all this learning. A good job on your test equals a blowjob in my bed so you better be studying hard.

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Penny Barber – Magic Word Gets You Moms Tits

I really think it is time we had a discussion about your attitude and your manners, young man. Would it really be so difficult to treat me with respect and maybe even say Please and Thank You sometimes? I would be so much more willing to help you out if you just asked nicely. Will I please show you my tits? Very funny, mister. If that’s how you want to play it then fine by me. Please take off my panties? How far are you willing to take this? I did promise I would be willing to help you more if you said please but I did not expect you to use the magic word to make me into a sex toy.

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Penny Barber – Birthday Blowjob From Mom

When I ask you what you want for your birthday, I suspect you’re going to say something like a video game or, at worst, a sports car. I’m absolutely shocked when you ask to see me naked! I’m definitely nervous, but I do as you ask, stripping out of my cute polka dot mom dress so that you can see my sexy black lace bra and panties before I strip out of those, too! You can’t believe what big, beautiful tits I have, how tiny my waist is and how full my hips are. You get hard right there and decide that there’s something else that you want for your birthday, too: a deep, passionate blowjob from Mommy!

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Penny Barber – Watersports Blowjob From Mommie

Oh, sweetheart, you’ve been so stressed out recently between school and that little girlfriend of yours. You’ve been having accidents, but I think that I know what I can do to help you out. I softly encourage you to get your cock out, gently stroking your cock to let you know that it’s okay to pee all over me, but instead you start getting an erection. Well, that’s not going to make it easier to pee, now is it? What if Mommie gives your cock a little kiss? And a little lick? I think that it might be easier for you to pee if we deal with that hard on first. It isn’t long before Mommie is on her knees, just sucking your dick and playing with your balls. If you could pee right now, you’d be going all over my tits and in my mouth. Looking up at you, I start deep throating you and stroking you with my hand, sucking your balls and just completely debasing myself for my son’s cock. It’s just so dirty to be doing this with you at your age. I’m so obsessed with you that I actually like sucking your cock and thinking about you wetting yourself. You’re such a lucky boy that Mommie is willing to do this for you even though it’s soon embarrassing. You know you really can’t tell anybody that Mommie plays with your cock and spoils you like this, right? This is our little secret. When you’re finally ready, you cum a huge load all over my tits. It drips down over my nipples and I’m absolutely thrilled—but you still can’t wet! Oh, now you’re pee shy, huh? Well, I’m not—and I think that you could do with seeing what it’s like when someone has an accident that you have to deal with. I stand over you and slide my panties off and pee all over your cock, soaking you and marking my son’s dick as mine. Should I really be surprised that you immediately start getting hard again?

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Penny Barber – You Always Knew Mom Was Hot

After a long day of doing housework I need to relax. I look so grubby with my hair under a kerchief, wearing dirty overalls. But when I put down my feather duster and start stripping out of my work clothes, you get a different view of your mom. You realize that I’m actually really sexy. Who knew that I wore a thong under my clothes? Your compliments have me blushing and soon I’m putting on lingerie, jewelry, and even a little lipstick. Do you really think that I’m attractive? It’s been so long since a man looked at me this way that I can’t help getting on my knees and letting you know just how much I appreciate my son’s attention and praise, sucking your cock and leaving my lipstick stains all over your shaft, urging you to cum in my mouth and let me know that you really do think that your Mom is sexy. I think I’ll start dressing sexier around the house–just for you, sweetheart.

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Penny Barber – Den Mother Takes Care Of Your Hard On

What are you doing up here all alone, sweetie? You left the group! Wait–what are you trying to hide? Oh my god! Do you have an erection?! Well, don’t worry. I’ll help you out, but don’t tell anyone. Just start playing with it while I strip out of my jeans and top, showing you my perfect breasts and plump ass. As you stroke your cock, Mommy will finger her pussy until we both cum. But try not to make too much noise! I don’t want your scout mates to hear…

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Penny Barber – Practice For Prom With Mom

I’m clearly jealous of your prom date. I can’t help it, though! You’ve always been my guy. Our mom-son bond is…well, it’s indescribable! I’d do absolutely anything for you. Anything. And I can tell that you’re nervous. Just tell me what it is and I’ll help you! You’re concerned about tomorrow? It is your one shot to have a really amazing prom. Would it help if I coached you a little? There are so many things that I could tell you: How to get her bra off. How to use a condom. And if you were to need, say, as flask, I would be willing to help you out. So long as you do something for me in return. Anyway, you don’t want to have to tell her that you’re a virgin, do you? Again, I would do anything to make you happy, my darling son.

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