Penny Barber – MILF Teacher Brainwashed Into Slutty Stepford Mom

I am not going to tolerate your lewd staring in my classroom any longer. I do not want to hear excuses for your behavior or blaming my appearance for your choices. From now on, I expect… What was that sweetheart? I guess I lost my train of thought. Would you like some tea? How about some cookies? I only have store bought but I promise they will be homemade next time. I just want my darling to be happy and healthy. Is there anything else… Never mind, sweetie, I have something more important we should talk about. Mommy is starting to get very horny and she needs your help. Don’t you like the way my body looks? Maybe if I just take off some clothes so you can see as much of me as you like. I am not sure why you are hesitating to fuck me right here on this desk but will you at least show Mommy your nice hard cock? Pretty please?

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Penny Barber – Mom Makes You Jerk Off In The Car

I said you could have a soda after your baseball game IF you won. You are going to have to do something else if you want to earn your this cold, refreshing treat. Why don’t you unzip your pants and get your dick nice and hard for me. I will even take my tits out for inspiration. Now I want you to finish yourself off right here in the parking lot. Do you think you can make that cute cock of yours shoot before Step-Mom finishes your soda or somebody catches you stroking it in the car? Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one getting a little naked in here. I am going to give you plenty of peeks at my bare breasts, round ass, and wet pussy to help you cum before you get caught playing with yourself.

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Penny Barber – Wanking in the Woods to Moms Big Tits

I do believe you that walking with an erection is uncomfortable but we really need to catch up to the rest of the group. I am sure you don’t want your step-sister to walk back here and find out the family hike is delayed because you got a boner. Can’t you just take care of it? You can jerk off this one time without porn. You young people today really are helpless without your phones. Will it help if I show you my bare breasts? I think these big beautiful MILF tits should be more than enough to get you off. Ok fine, I will show you my thick round ass too. I don’t believe you can’t masturbate without seeing my naked pussy but I am tired of arguing. I will get naked for you but please try to cum before someone comes to see what is taking us so long.

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Penny Barber – Campground Blowjob from Mom

I bet you are wishing we could slip in some special alone time on this camping trip but there really is not much privacy out here. I suppose there is not really anyone around right now so I can at least give you a little peek at my bare tits. Just a quick look, though, You don’t want someone to catch you jerking off to your topless Mom. I certainly don’t want anyone to catch me fingering my pussy while I spread my ass for you so I guess I better do it pretty quickly. Teasing you always gets me so wet but if I am taking all these risks then it is only fair that you take out your cock and stroke it for me too. I might be willing to put that hard dick in my mouth but only if you have the courage to take it out in the open air first.

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Penny Barber – Mom Fucks Herself with a Baseball Bat

I really want you to play baseball this summer so can you please just do it for me? I might be willing to show you an old trick I used to do with my bat if you promise to go to tryouts today with a good attitude. Let’s just say it is the kind of trick that requires me to take my panties off and put a condom on this slugger. I need a minute to get warmed up before I can fit something this size in my pussy so you just sit back and enjoy the show. I will make sure to give you lots of good angles to watch Mom fuck herself with a baseball bat but you better get your butt straight into the mini-van as soon as I finish cumming all over this thing.

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Penny Barber – Upskirt Peeks Lead to Sex with Mom

I caught you looking up my skirt so don’t even try to argue with me. Your stiffy is quite obvious. I can totally see that thick bulge straining against your jeans. Actually, come here for a second, I just want to… I know it is so perverted that I just unzipped you and put it in my mouth but I couldn’t help myself. I am only going to play with your cock and suck on it a little. Maybe a lot. Ok um, on second thought, let’s move this to the bed. I should not let you fuck me but I just need that dick. No cumming in Mom’s pussy, though, and this time I really mean it!

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Penny Barber – Making Mom Your Anal Sex Trophy Wife

Your father never really spoiled me–but he spoiled you. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised that he left you all his money, but I have to admit that I was blindsided. Otherwise I certainly wouldn’t have said all those nasty thing. Do you think…honey…you could see it in your heart to provide for Mommy? I have nothing to offer you in return…except of course my mouth, tits, pussy, and ass. Please, sweetie? I’m desperate!

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Penny Barber – Mom Drains Your Cock After Chores

If you really did finish all your chores then you will get your reward but I would hate to have to punish you if something got missed. If you are sure that everything is all done then I guess you earned an orgasm. Come here so you can stare at my big, full breasts while I stroke your cock. I might as well strip all the way naked for your handjob. I always say if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Do you think if I let you stare at my ass and slide your cock between my tits that we can get all the cum out of you? You worked hard on your chores so Step-Mom is going to work just as hard on your hard-on.

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Penny Barber – Fuck Me or I Send You to Live with Dad

Another guy cancelled on me. It’s so hard to date as a single mom! I’m sure your Dad is spending every weekend with another floozy, but it’s been ages since I had a hard cock buried in my pussy. Not that you understand: you clearly take after your father. Girls are calling the house constantly and some nights you don’t come home at all. Well, it’s time that Mommy started getting what she wants—and I want your huge dick! Maybe I shouldn’t be making rules after I’ve had a few cocktails, but your new chore is going to be making sure that I’m sexually satisfied, or I’ll send you to live with your dad. It will be nothing but studying and chores. So, if you want to continue staying with Mommy, being spoiled and catered to, you’re going to have to share that huge dick! I start by stripping out of my dress, showing you my curvy, round ass, begging you to fuck me before I take your gigantic cock in my mouth and between my tits. Getting fucked might be more than I bargained for as you stretch open Mommy’s pussy, showing me exactly why you’re so popular with the girls. Of course, Mommy’s just as big a slut as your are, and I’m not satisfied until you pump a huge load of cum deep inside of me.

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Penny Barber – Blowjob From Mommy After Her Aerobics Class

I don’t know who should be more embarrassed, me or you. I am pretty sure everyone at the mall saw your hard-on sticking up the whole time you were watching my aerobics class. I can’t believe you don’t have the sense to jerk-off before you get in the car or at the very least, cover your crotch with something. I guess I am going to have to start sucking you off before we go anywhere. That was probably not the solution you were expecting but I bet it would be quite effective. If you can’t control that big cock of yours then I guess Mom will have to control it for you. How does that sound? We might as well test out this plan right now. You have to promise to keep your boners hidden from public view and keep these Mom and Son blowjobs a secret. If you can do that for me then I might let you have a little treat involving my hot pink leotard covered ass.

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