Penny Barber – Dick Pics With Mom

I did not mean to walk in on your little photoshoot but since I am here, we may as well get some better dick pics for you. I can get it from angles that will make it look bigger but first let me make sure it is as hard as possible. I’ll just get my tits out and play with your cock a little before we snap any more. You have a very nice dick, dear, and I just want to make sure you have some pictures that make you proud. I mean it really is very, very nice. Actually, sweetheart, I think your cock would look the best after it is has been freshly fucked.

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Penny Barber – Special Easter Holiday Handjob From Mom

I need you to hop up, get out of these jeans and into your Sunday suit before you make us late. I will give you your Easter present now if you promise to hurry. I know you are too old for an egg hunt but these say they are for adults. Oh wait, these aren’t fun Easter eggs, these are sex toys! I guess you stick your thing inside the egg? We should test this one out just to be sure but then we really need to run along to church. Oh that just slides right on there, doesn’t it. So stretchy and slippery on your nice stiff cock. This toy is actually pretty fun for Mom and it looks you are definitely enjoying it too. We are running late though so I need you to enjoy it a little faster. Maybe the sight of my bare breasts and wet pussy will help you cream your egg a little quicker.

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Penny Barber – Mommie Catches You With Sister’s Panties

Mommie Catches You With Sister’s PantiesCan you not keep your hands out of your pants for five minutes? I just warned you about playing with yourself in your sister’s panties and now you are doing it right in her bed! I don’t want her getting any more upset right now so Mommie will just finish you off real quick before sis gets back but this sneaking panty wanking has to stop! For now lie back and Mommie will make this pervy little cock cum in no time.
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Penny Barber – Milking Bib Handjob From Mommie

I know my special boy is just so eager for Mommie play with his stiff little cock but first we have to make sure there isn’t a little mess. Usually I would make the naughty boy cum in his diaper but since he is all naked this time I will just tie a cute babyblue bib around his precious little erection. Just add a sprinkle of babypowder and you are all ready to get milked by Mommie
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Penny Barber – Growing Boys

Mommy Penny comes to wake you up for school when she notices something under your sheets. Looks like you have had the kind of accident that sometimes affects growing young men. She giggles at the little mess you made but does not scold or lecture you. She is worried about you getting a good night’s sleep though… and maybe growing up too fast. That night she comes to tuck you in and reminds you how well you used to sleep with a stuffy. while sucking your thumb. If you agree to start doing both again maybe Mommy will do what she can to help make sure you sleep tight… or at least won’t wake up all sticky again.
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