Penny Loren – Fucking Mommy at Family BBQ

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You are at a family BBQ and horny as fuck, perving at all the women and especially your mommy in her neon green bikini, she’s looking so damn hot. Your Mom calls you into the kitchen and scolds you for perving at everyone and is embarrassed what everyone will think of her son staring at his moms big tits and ass. You just cant stop looking at her juicy ass when she bends over and thats the final straw, she drags you upstairs to the bathroom and demands you stop it, She is so embarrassed. She realised you have a massive erection in your shorts and tells you to get rid of it, it gets bigger and harder at the sight of your hot angry mom and she realises she has to take matters in to her own hands. She strips for you showing you her perfect tits, spanking her ass for you. She then demands you fuck her over the sink to get rid of your erection for Mommy once and for all! Mommy starts enjoying herself and demands you fuck her hard and fast and cums all over your cock before returning to the BBQ before any of your family realise whats been going on in the next room.

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Penny Loren – If You Weren’t My Son I’d Marry You

You have been in a Taboo sexual relationship with your Mom for as long as you can remember, its just normal life for you both. You spend all your time together and are so close it hurts. Dad is always away on business but books hotels, holidays etc for you both unaware what is going on right underneath his nose. On this particular weekend its Moms birthday and you spend the night at a country hotel, Mom is so happy and you crack open the Champagne as soon as you get to the room. The bubbles go straight to Moms head and its not long before she is giving you one of her amazing blowjobs with the Champagne until you cum all in her beautiful mouth. Your Mom is hot as fuck, turns you on with her loving dirty talk and you can do whatever you want to her whenever you want, you think of your Mom as your girlfriend and vice versa. You have a beautiful roll top bath in your room and you both have a relaxing soak, you love Bathtime with Mommy, how it has changed from when you were really young! She gets more and more horny and you end up fingering, eating her pussy out and fucking her. You love her so much and you have the best sex with Mom, you know exactly what you both like. In the morning you cuddle and she tells you lovingly that she would marry you if you weren’t her son. You both are so in love and nothing will ever change that.

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Penny Loren – Breeding With Mommy On Valentines Day

Its Valentines day and also your Mommys Birthday. You decide to treat her as dads been working way a lot, and you know Mommys been down lately as she desperately wants another son or daughter before she gets too old. Dad is never around and has been neglecting her in a big way. You arrange to take her out for a coffee in town but at the last minute tell her to meet you at a posh hotel. You have pulled out all the stops for your amazing Mommy, a Rose, A Chanel handbag she’s been wanting for years and a bottle of champagne. You also have a very taboo present for her which you have been planning to give her for ages, today being Valentines and her birthday is the perfect day. You want to make your Mommy Pregnant as you know this is her only chance as your dad is only interested in his job and is never around. You love her so much and have fantasised about Fucking your Mommy for years. You want nothing more than to shoot your massive load of hot son cum into Mommys Cunt and make her pregnant. Keep it in the family and keep it pure. It feels so fucking right.

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Penny Loren – Son, I’m a Whore Because of You

Your mom calls you up to her room, she needs to have a serious chat with you. She begins by scolding you because of your inappropriate actions towards her. Dry humping her leg when she hugs you, she can clearly feel you’re erection. She keeps finding her worn panties in your room full of your cum. You’ve also been taking pictures of your hot milf of a mom whilst she’s been masturbating with her 12 inch dildo both in her pussy and in her ass. You are so ashamed when she confronts you about selling pictures of her around the school. One of the dads has seen the extremely dirty pictures circulating and blackmailed her into fucking him and his virgin son who is also your sons friend. She is dressed like a slut with no knickers because your fantasy of fucking your mom has lead to her being blackmailed and having to fuck lots of your friends and dads. She seems to be getting extremely turned on and admits she dreams about fucking you and wants her sons stiff willy inside her wet pussy and ass. She wants you to lose your virginity to her right there right now and you fuck your moms Milf pussy in her thigh high boots and mini skirt while she talks dirty and you empty your sticky load in your Mommys pussy, what a way to lose your virginity. You are glad your mom is a whore now and you and your friends can fuck her whenever you want.

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Penny Loren – Mommy Will Be Your Girlfriend Now

Part 1 – You have split up with your GF and feeling down in the dumps and feeling sorry for yourself. Mommy hates to see you like this and wants to cheer you up, what can she do? she gently sucks your cock and lets you cum in her mouth as she knows that will take your mind off your ex girlfriend, Mommy knows best. Part 2 – A few days later Mommy want to show you a new underwear set she has been out shopping for, she’s being very flirty and showing off her Sexy body to you. You get more and more aroused, your Mommy is so damn hot!! She wants to go further with you her son this time she is so horny, you want to but are hesitant as you don’t want to get your Mommy pregnant. You know there is a condom in the bathroom so you tell her to go and get it. Its unfortunately out of date so you have to fuck her naturally but she promises to get off you before you cum. You have amazing hot sexy with your Mommy, wow can she fuck! Mommy has other ideas and doesn’t get off you as she wants her sons big Milky load up her Pussy, she wanted you to cum in her the whole time and had no intention of getting off you! naughty Mommy.

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Penny Loren – Mommys Special Medicine

You have been poorly, your significant other isn’t looking after you the way she should in fact she has neglected you in the bedroom too. What better than to recover from your man flu at mommys, she’s hot for her age and so attentive to your every whim. She will nurse you back to health with her special sweet Mommy milk straight from her big brown nipples and as a special treat as she knows you love it she lets you aim your virile young cum straight into her pretty mouth. She loves making you better and you always have a big load of sticky cum for your beautiful Mommy.

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Penny Loren – Let Mommy Help You

Mommy walks in on you jerking off to porn, you are embarrassed but she seems unfazed by seeing her son with his dick out, turned on in fact! She compliments you on your hard dick and starts flirting with you saying she wants to help you cum. She starts jerking you off, its so fucking good and she looks amazing, she then takes her clothes off and shows you her new tiny red panty set, omg your mom is smoking! She then sucks your cock talking extremely dirty taboo to you then slides down your rock hard cock gives you the fucking of your life until you shoot your load up Mommys cunt. Mommys pussy is the best, no one makes you cum like Mommy.

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