Phatassedangel69 – Bad Mommy: The Beginning

I’m a single mom and I’ve been working really hard lately on trying to get a promotion at work. I have a HUGE sales meeting this morning so you have to take the bus to school. Sometimes you wake up late and I have to take you myself but today that is absolutely NOT an option. As I’m rushing to get ready for work, I tell you how important today is for me and how your bus is going to arrive at any moment. When it’s time for you to leave I am pushing you out the door but you insist you can’t go. I start to demand that you tell me what’s going on. You’re really embarrassed but I am freaking out and yelling at you to tell me what’s wrong. You admit to me that you have a boner, and you don’t want you classmates seeing that!! You cannot get on the bus right now. We start arguing and I demand that you leave right now. I tell you to take care of it but you say that you can’t!! There’s so much anxiety in the room as I begin to panic. Mommy NEEDS you to take care of this and get on the bus!!! We are running out of time. You are embarrassed and don’t know what to do. In a frantic state of hysteria I take out your cock and start jerking you off. I tell you to hurry up and cum but you can’t! Panicked about being late to work, I take out my tits to hurry things up. You blow your load all over your mom’s chest. Pissed off, I yell at you to leave and that we can talk about this later. After work, I go into my room and start recalling the stress of my day. I’m so upset and tired. The last thing I want to do is go talk to you about what happened. I had no choice but to take care of your extremely inconvenient boner!! As I start talking to myself about what happened, I can feel myself getting turned on. My panties are getting soaked as I think about stroking my son’s cock and especially when I think about the load he blew all over my chest… ugh!!! What is wrong with me? I am such a bad mommy. I finally give in to how turned on I am and finger myself (off camera) while I talk about what happened. Why is this turning me on? I should be disgusted. I get changed out of my work clothes and get myself together to go and talk to you. I come into your room and start apologizing for what happened in the kitchen. I explain that I had no choice but to do what I did. Mommy had to get to work so that she wouldn’t lose her job! As I’m explaining what happened, I keep tripping up over my words and obviously getting flustered. You can tell I secretly liked it. So you take out your cock. I yell at you to stop but you don’t. You start stroking it for me and I clearly can’t resist. My demeanor completely changes. I ask you if you want mommy to stroke your dick again. You say yes. I give you a handjob (off camera) while talking about how crazy and wrong this is. And how good it feels… but Mommy needs more than this. I need your cock inside of me. I get on top of you and fuck you in cowgirl. Then I turn around and ride you in reverse until I start to cum. I tell you to cum for mommy over and over until you blow your load inside of me. This is our little secret now… nobody else ever has to know. Okay, honey?

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phatassedangel69 – Mommy Just Cant Resist You

Your mom is frustrated because you haven’t gone to the tailor’s to get your suit fitted for your big event next week. She says it needs to get done today and she will just have to take your measurements here at home. Mommy starts measuring your torso and realizes your shirt is in the way so she tells you it needs to come off. You are reluctant but agree. Your mom is shocked to see how muscular you look! She mentions your abs and body and said she never realized how big you’ve gotten lately. Next she takes leg measurements but has the same issue with the pants, so off they come! You are reluctant but she convinces you that its the only way to get proper measurements. Then mommy sees how big your cock is and can’t help but mention it. She is flustered and is getting turned on. She can’t stop looking at it. She insists that she needs to measure your cock in order to get the fit right and that your boxers must be removed. You really aren’t sure but she tells you to be a good boy and do what Mommy tells you. You take off your boxers and your mom measures your cock, she is getting more and more beside herself seeing your naked body and how big your dick is. She simply cannot help herself and starts kissing and licking your cock even though you are hesitant. She convinces you it’s fine and starts taking her top off while she gives you a sloppy blowjob and also sucks on your balls. Mommy pulls her jeans to her knees and tells you to eat her ass and pussy. Then she tells you she needs you to fuck her. You fuck her in doggystyle, missionary, and then from the side. Mommy begs you to blow your load inside her pussy like a good boy. You do and then you watch every drop drip out of her pussy.

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Phatassedangel69 – Mommys One and Only

After another frustrating dating experience your Step-mother enters the family room where you are, obviously in need of venting. Being a good little boy you sit and listen. Through conversation you convince your mommy to destress with a nice, relaxing foot massage. Soon enough you can’t resist sucking on mommy’s sweet feet. Mommy is apprehensive and hesitant but quickly succumbs to temptation. From sucking toes, to eating her out, you please mommy in multiple positions Finishing with a creampie and mommy telling you how she isn’t going to date any other guys, you are all she will ever need.

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