Littleredheadlisa – Mom Has A Secret

I come into your room and tell me I’m lonely, and ask if I can sl**p with you tonight. I get under the covers and give you a quick kiss on the mouth. I cuddle you and tell you how much I love my little b0y. You kiss you again, this time a bit longer… and tell you I want to talk to you. I tell you that I’ve been alone since your father died and I don’t want anyone else because I like things that are… taboo. I tell you that I’m really turned on by the idea of ince*st. I take out my boobs and tell you to suck on them, like when you were a [email protected] I slip my hand into your pants and kiss you, passionately. I tell you that I can’t believe how big my son’s penis is. I say this is wrong for a mom and son to do, but it’s turning me on. I start to suck my son’s cock. I say we definitely shouldn’t have sex, because that’s in*est, but I love my son and want to make love with you. I guide you on top of me. You fuck me for a bit, and say that I want to tell you a secret. I like taboo so much that I fucked my own father, and that he’s your father too. The I tell you I want to feel your cum inside me, I want my son to impregnate me.

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Sloansmoans – Nephew Are You A Virgin?

Watch as your aunt comes into your room one night and starts stroking your cock until you wake up. She tells you to be quiet and is sweet and calm as she begins to seduce you. She explains that you’ve been getting so big and grown and she’s noticed that you’ve been checking her out too. She’s wearing a sexy satin slip and she looks so good, you can’t help but get hard. She then asks you about your experience with girls and you admit to her that you’re a virgin. She tells you that it’s okay, that she can help you. She starts off by asking to kiss you. First innocent pecks on the mouth and then she incorporates tongue. You love feeling your aunts tongue on yours. She tells you not to be nervous and encourages you to touch her body. Her breasts, her legs, her waist, her neck. She exposes her tits and tells you to go ahead and suck on them and lick her nipples. She feels your cock has gotten much, much harder. She then tells you to feel her pussy. She’s slick and wet and she says that this means she’s ready for sex. She tells you that she’s going to get you ready by sucking and licking your hard cock. She gives you a sensual, short blowjob because she can tell you’re about to bust and she wants your cock inside her. You ask if she has a condom and she tells you that you don’t need one because it feels so much better without one and… she wants you to get her pregnant. You’re hesitant but she assures you that it’ll be fun and feel so, so good. She then straddles you and coaxes your cock into her wet, warm, tight pussy. She starts out slow and sensual and continues to seduce you with dirty talk and you cum pretty fast inside her. She’s sweet and understanding as she smiles and congratulates you on your first creampie. However, she’s still moving up and down on your cock. You’re still rock hard and she says that she knows it’s a little sensitive but she wants more. She becomes more dominant as she rides you harder and faster. She begs for your cum and tells you that she wants you to breed her and impregnate her. She wants you to cum deep inside her pussy. She’s adamant about riding and fucking you until she cums. She’s about to cum and this leads you to cum again. After you cum together she tells you that she’s going to be back tomorrow night for more of you…

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Sloansmoans – Nannys Secret Game

Watch as your very sweet and loving nanny is looking after you for the week while your parents are away. The scene begins as you just finish up a bath and she’s drying you off. She makes small talk with you until she notices that your peepee is getting hard. She is shocked at how big it is, saying that it’s bigger than her boyfriends and she asks if you’ve ever gotten hard before. When you tell her that you’ve never seen it get like that she tells you that it’s okay, not to be embarrassed. She tries to ignore it, trying not to look at it but then she murmurs to herself that “it’s wrong, but I can’t help it” and she asks if you want to play a secret game with her. She tells you that she’s never tried it with a boy she’s nannied before but she wants to try it with you because your peepee is so stiff. She tells you that you can’t tell mommy or daddy or anyone about this game and you promise her that you won’t. She explains that the goal of the game is for you to shoot white stuff out of your peepee because you’ve never done that before. She strips out of her clothes and tells you that the tingles you feel for her are all a part of the game. She asks you to touch and suck her breasts… you love her big tits. She then lowers down to give you a handjob as she continues to be sweet and gentle. This progresses into a blowjob and she’s starting to get hornier and sluttier as she goes on. She gags on your big boy cock and she starts talking more and more naughty as she reminds you that this game needs to remain a secret. She then tells you that you’re going to put your peepee inside of her. You move to the bed and she straddles you in cowgirl and begins to ride your cock. She’s talking very dirty now about how good you feel and what a naughty little fuck you are. She cums on your cock and wants more. She turns around in reverse cowgirl and continues to get more and more naughty as she bounces on your cock. She then puts her ass In the air and tells you to spank her for being a naughty nanny and for introducing you to this secret game. She starts telling you to fuck her hard in doggystyle. You listen and she cums again and at this point she’s adamant about making your big boy cock shoot out your yummy white stuff. She lays in missionary and you fuck her hard as she tells you how good it feels to have you fucking her. She starts begging for your cum, she wants you to shoot your white stuff deep into her pussy. You cum with her and it feels so damn good. She congratulates you on your first creampie being inside of a grown woman. She tells you that you’re both winners because there are many ways to play this secret game and you have all week long to play over and over again…

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy And Son The Lake House

You visit the family Lake House with your Mom for a few days to get away from your demons, but you cannot hide from this one. Your wife has recently left you and your Mom wants to treat you to a “get-away” to find out what caused it, and to help you over the breakup. You try to hide many things from her, but she’s your Mother and she always knows when you are hiding something. Pretty soon, emotions get the better of both of you, secrets are revealed and the isolation of The Lake House begins to take its toll…

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AimeeWavesXXX – Losing Your Virginity To Mommy

Mommy finds out that the boys at school have been picking on you since they found out you’re a virgin. Mommy suggests trying to lose your virginity to a girl in class you like, but you’re too shy and awkward to talk to girls your age. But that’s ok, mom’s here to help! Mommy’s gonna help you gain some confidence, but first, you’ll need to lose your virginity to her! She’s experienced can teach you A LOT! Mommy strokes your cock until it’s nice and hard and gives you your very first blowjob! Then she teaches you how to eat pussy, and you’re such a quick learner to make her cum so quick! Then mommy rides you, lets you fuck her in missionary, and lets you fuck her in her favorite position last, doggystyle! You pound mommy’s cunt, taking out all that stress and frustration from getting bullied at school out on her pussy until you fill her up! Now you’re a man! The bullies at school won’t bother you anymore, and you’ll no longer be awkward around girls since you know how to please them. See, isn’t your mom so cool for teaching you new things?

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Sloansmoans – Mommy Proves Her Love

Watch as mommy comes into your room and instead of tucking you in, she straddles you and tells you that she wants to show you how much she loves you. She removes her robe to expose her beautiful, perfect tits and she feels how hard you are for her. She begins to ride you as she dirty talks in a very sensual way throughout her riding and grinding. Her tits are constantly in view and they bounce in front of your face just like you them to. She tells you that you need to be quiet because Dad is in the other room… She is so continues to ride you until she starts begging you to cum inside mommy’s pussy. She won’t stop riding until you give her every last drop…

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Mama Fiona – Surprising Mom with your Boner

I’m your mom and you and I are hanging out in my room. I’m surprised that you’re hanging out here so much lately hunny, but I love it! I love to cuddle with my son. Things take a quick turn when I sit up and notice your GIANT ERECTION!!!!! WHAT THE HELL! How did you even get that out? At first i’m upset and am completely taken aback by your hard cock and even more taken aback at how… turned on I’m getting. When you ask me to maybe help take care of it… it’s too hard for me to resist your advances. Before you know it i’m rubbing my pussy in your face, stroking your dick, and soon enough i’m bouncing on it too. I guess exposing yourself to me actually worked!

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Paintedrose – Vacation Sleepover Sons Forbidden Fuck

Mom Rosie and you are on vacation with your friend and his Mom. You are staying at a cool B&B and didn’t realize you would have to share a bed. Mom has you step out while she changes but you see everything! Then her T-shirt rises up and you try to ignore it. Then you hear sexual noises coming from the next room. Could it be your friend and his Mom? You’re super turned on and start to touch yourself and Mom makes you stop. Then she confesses she can’t take it. It’s hard for her because she is attracted to you so you have to stop being hard. Just then she decides to take it and suck it! She apologizes that she is your Mom and has sexual desires for her son. She shows you more of her body and tells you that it’s a big decision and once it’s done, we can’t go back. You start fucking your Mom’s soaked pussy missionary, Doggy, Her on Top, she masturbates her clit and makes her pussy soaked with a wet pulsating real orgasm and then tells you its your turn to cum. Cum for Mommy with your dick inside!

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sloansmoans – Conditioned by Mommy

Watch as your mother comes up to you in lingerie while you’re getting ready for a date. Mommy loves seeing her handsome boy all dressed up. She knows you’re excited for your date but, hmm… why are you hard already? Did you just get hard for your mother? She begins to tease you with her body asking if it was mommy’s big boobs, or mother’s big round ass that gave you an erection. She tells you that you can go out on as many dates as you like but you’ll only be thinking of her, your mommy. She’ll be making sure of this by having you fuck your mother, NOW. She gets on top of you and keeps talking about how much she loves you and how much she knows you’ve been wanting to fuck mommy. She tells you that she wants your cum. Mother wants you to cum for her right before your date. You cum quick for mommy and she tells you that from this moment on your cock and your cum are only hers…

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Tess Taboo – Mom Taboo Sleepless Nights

Son it’s time for bed so let me tuck you in. Goodnight. You know before I leave your room I want to tell you the real reason I have not been with anyone else since your dad left .. the real reason is I am only turned on by Taboo and you know what would be the ultimate Taboo.

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