Sydney Harwin – Mommy And Son Taboo Impulse

Mommy Roleplay, POV, POV Sex, Reality Porn, Taboo

When your Mom discovers your terrible taboo secret, she reacts at first with disbelief.. but you soon find out that your innocent Mother has a few terrible taboo secrets of her own…

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Jaybbgirl – Mommy Needs More Cock

Kink, Mommy Roleplay, POV, POV Sex, Taboo

*You spy on Mommy as she touches herself, but clearly doesn’t finish* Hey sweetie, can Mommy talk to you for a bit? I’m sorry I’ve been so busy today. I’m just trying to get some chores done before the week starts. Is it alright if I come in? Thank you. So, Mommy has something that she needs. It’s something that Daddy hasn’t been giving, and I desperately need it. Would you help? Because you love Mommy, right? Oh. Listen, it’s totally okay if you do, Mommy doesn’t mind. But. Are you hard right now? Your penis is very erect. You didn’t happen to see me touching myself, did you? I see. Well, the thing Mommy needs is more cock. Do you want to give it to me? Judging by how hard you are, you want Mommy to take your cock. Here. Shove it in Mommy’s mouth. It’s been so long since Mommy has sucked cock, Daddy never lets her. I crave it. It want it in my mouth, and then my pussy. Oh fuck Mommy wants it in her pussy. I need it. Let’s go to my bedroom. Now fuck me. Your cock is so much better than Daddy’s. I needed this. You really do love me. I love you too. You’re Mommy’s good boy. You can use me whenever you want, you don’t have to just spy on me anymore.

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Miss Malorie Switch – Mommy Takes Care Of You

Family, Kink, Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Taboo

Your mommy finds out that your sister has been using you by getting you to pay her to have sex. Upset about your bitch of a sister using you, she decides to take good care of you from now on, for free. Trash talking about your sister, she begins to play with your cock and teasing you with her body in front of her. She eventually leaves, but your mom wants you to fuck her so hard that your sister hears. She makes you take pictures of you fucking her, send them to your sister, and tells you that you can have her whenever you want, as long as it will make you happy and your sister pissed off. Mommy is all yours.

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Paintedrose – Secrets In The Dark Taboo Auntie

Caught, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Taboo

Auntie is house sitting while your parents are out of town. One late night of hanging out turned into passionate all night sex education all week and now your parents are coming home early and Auntie says she doesn’t know when you can be together again. You’re struggling to rest and Auntie comes in and asks if she can lay with you because her room is cold.. and.. and.. she misses you. You two decide to just cuddle but you start kissing and touching while spooning and then she sucks on your tongue like it’s your dick. Next thing you know you decide to just make out but you’re stiff as a rock so Auntie can’t resist putting you in her throat. She loves you – and your stiff cock. Auntie needs you inside and says that she has to be on top because otherwise your parents might hear. She tries to be quiet but the bed is rocking and you’re struggling to contain yourself while she has to cover her mouth to not holler out when you orgasm together with her on top!

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Paintedrose – Moms Red Dress Taboo Love Affair

Femdom, Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Taboo, Virtual Sex

Mom Rosie is getting ready for a date and can’t decide which dress to wear and so her son offers to help. She changes behind the curtain into three dresses and has her son pick the dress. He can see through the curtain and saw everything, unknowing to Mom. He chooses the red dress and as Mom gets the call that her date is cancelled, she notices her son’s erection! Mom confesses her attraction to her son too. She is overcome with passion and begins to suck her boy’s cock and has him do the same to her. She teaches him what she likes and then climbs on him and fucks him with her tits in his face. He loves it and missionary creampies his mother and they confess their forbidden love.

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JocelynBaker – You Forgot Mother’s Day

Mommy Roleplay, Taboo, Virtual Sex, POV Sex, Creampie

You forgot Mother’s Day and Mommy isn’t very happy about it. Seeing your Dad spend this day with his new whore was almost more then she could take. Now her own son can’t even remember her! You’re so ungrateful and she’s going to make you pay. Every one in this family gets taken care of but Mommy. She’s always doing this and doing that. Mommy needs pleasure, too. Luckily she’s got you there to take care of her every need.

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Mama Fiona – My Son’s Filthy Secret

Duration: 0:38:25 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1.44 GB

You are my sun and we have a great relationship. Very friendly and open, very close and lighthearted. One day I ask you to give me a footrub, to which you happily oblige. I had no idea that not only do you have a “thing” for me, my legs and feet, you also have QUITE a thing for pantyhose. Hardcore. You are clearly aroused by this footrub and I decide to snoop in your room, leading to uncovering a myriad of secret little kinks you’ve been keeping! Needless to say I am EXTREMELY turned on by this and can’t help pleasuring myself in your room. I do think you need to be scolded, however. So I scold you and encourage you to confess your little secret to me. You are tight lipped until I start masturbating in front of you and decide to have my way with you right then and there. That’ll teach you a lesson not to take my things or lie to your mother! You could have just ASKED me hunny…. Maybe your m a ma is a little kinkier than you thought… next thing you know I might be begging for you to impregnate me!

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Sloansmoans – Mommy Finds Out

Duration: 0:34:07 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 4.79 GB

I’m cleaning your room one day and I find your journal… little do I know what I’m about to read. Countless sick fantasies written about bondage, and gang bangs, and impregnation. And what is even more repulsive is that they all involve ME. You watch me get used by all your friends and you always finish me off with a creampie. I’m sickened by this and I can’t believe you could possibly have those thoughts about me. I’m angry and upset and I start to get a headache as I scold you. You hand me a pill and… next thing I know I wake up naked, with my arms tied over my head. I struggle and beg and plead with you to untie me but my cries are no use. You use me, fuck me, make me beg for your cum and by the end I’m exhausted and worn out. But now… I’m yours. Days later I prove to you that mommy is all yours now by writing my own sick fantasy and by seducing you into fucking me again. I ask to be tied up and call you my dirty boy. My body is all for you now and I prove it by turning into a cum-begging mommy…

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Forever

Following a family dinner at home, your Mom bravely admits to your Dad about the affair she’s been having with you. Your father, horrified, walks out of the house, leaving you and Mommy to fantasise about all the things you can do now you don’t have to hide anymore! Maybe you could get married, or make love on a beach in some far away country? All you both know is that you love each other, and all you wanna do now in this moment is fuck your Mom without protection for the first time.

Duration: 0:26:48 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 2.46 GB

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