Sloansmoans – Mommy Finds Out

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I’m cleaning your room one day and I find your journal… little do I know what I’m about to read. Countless sick fantasies written about bondage, and gang bangs, and impregnation. And what is even more repulsive is that they all involve ME. You watch me get used by all your friends and you always finish me off with a creampie. I’m sickened by this and I can’t believe you could possibly have those thoughts about me. I’m angry and upset and I start to get a headache as I scold you. You hand me a pill and… next thing I know I wake up naked, with my arms tied over my head. I struggle and beg and plead with you to untie me but my cries are no use. You use me, fuck me, make me beg for your cum and by the end I’m exhausted and worn out. But now… I’m yours. Days later I prove to you that mommy is all yours now by writing my own sick fantasy and by seducing you into fucking me again. I ask to be tied up and call you my dirty boy. My body is all for you now and I prove it by turning into a cum-begging mommy…

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Forever

Following a family dinner at home, your Mom bravely admits to your Dad about the affair she’s been having with you. Your father, horrified, walks out of the house, leaving you and Mommy to fantasise about all the things you can do now you don’t have to hide anymore! Maybe you could get married, or make love on a beach in some far away country? All you both know is that you love each other, and all you wanna do now in this moment is fuck your Mom without protection for the first time.

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Sydney Harwin – Babysitter Finds Your Taboo Secret

You thought you hid them well, but obviously not. Your weird babysitter has found your secret stash of photos.. the ones you took whilst you were touching your sister. Its a fucking good job she’s just as pervy as you are, otherwise you’d have been in serious trouble.

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Sydney Harwin – Babysitter The Movie

Your new full time live in babysitter/ house keeper starts today. Obviously you fancy her! Her sometimes strange and erratic behaviour around you makes you question yourself… and your new found sexual fantasies- but who seduces who really?

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Goldie Blair – The Wrong Pill

Mom Goldie comes in with a realization You took Your father’s boner meds instead of vitamins and now have a raging hard-on right before college classes!…She says as long as You keep this between You and Her She will help You get it down , revealing Your hard cock She gives You a POV hand job and blowjob, then to help it a little faster a titty fucking tit job until You cum over Her tits!…But You are still so hard so She strips Her skirt and panties and rides Your cock cowgirl until You and Her both cum hopefully that will do the trick?!

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Jocelynbaker – Mommy Becomes Slave Leia

Mommy surprises you dressed as Slave Leia when you get home! She knows how stressed her boy is, and wants to do something special. She knows how much you love Princess Leia and gets a naughty idea in her head. Mommy wants to be used as your little sex slave, just like Leia. First she uses her wet mouth to tease your dick, getting you nice and hard and pleasing you until you blow a load all over her face and tits. Mommy isn’t done yet, though. She wants to make sure she relieves ALL your stress. She uses her big soft boobies to wrap around your dick and milks you again this time all over her chest. You swear you don’t have anymore cum left for Mommy but that isn’t going to stop her. She mounts your dick and bounces on you until she cums hard. Then she lays back and tells her sweet boy to fill her cunt with that big dick. You’re happy to oblige and stick it in her thrusting as hard and deep as you can. Her tits bounce and flop everywhere as you blow your final load inside her sweet pussy. Look at the huge mess you made pouring out of your Mommy. Seems like Mommy needs to dress as Leia more often!

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Sydney Harwin – Just Do Your Mom

Mom doesn’t know why she feels strange… she didn’t see you put that thing in her glass of bubbly. All she knows is that her head is spinning and she is feeling weak. She tries to push you off, but she also doesn’t know whats happening to her because you’ve made sure of it… she might not even remember this tomorrow…

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Jocelynbaker – Mommy’s Friend Helps You Out

Mommy threw a pool party for your sister and her friends. You tried to hang out with them but seeing those cheerleaders in bikinis got your dick too hard. You run down to your room to hide it and within minutes your mom’s best friend is calling for you. She enters your bedroom to see you looking anxious. You know you can talk to her about ANYTHING! Okay..well, here it goes. You tell her all about your boner and at first she chuckles. That’s nothing to be concerned about! It’s completely natural for a boy like yourself to get a boner seeing all those hot girls. She pauses for a moment before suggesting she can help you. She knows just what you need. She tells you to pull down your swim trunks, suddenly she gets on her knees and reveals her big soft boobies. Shh, don’t look so shy! It’s alright. She takes your dick into her mouth and gently sucks you, playing with you and making you throb. A boy like yourself deserves more then a blowjob though. She pushes you back on the bed and mounts you, riding slowly at first and then so fast and intense that she cums all over you. You’re positive you’re about to cum too but she stops you. Your mom would freak if you got her pregnant, so her mouth will have to do. She gets back on her knees and sucks you until you explode in her mouth. She shows off the massive load before swallowing with a giggle. Alright sweetie, all taken care of! Now let’s clean up and get back to that party!

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Sydney Harwin – Unprotected Sex With Mom

You have been away for a year ,and today, your whole family has gathered at your moms house to welcome you back for the weekend. You have brought your girlfriend to meet your parents but when you arrive, your mom is nowhere to be seen. You go upstairs in search for her and find her in her just top and panties, getting ready to see you. When she turns around and you are standing there, she is so excited that her boy is finally home… You have especially missed fucking your mother and you both quickly realise that you have a short while to rekindle the spark you shared before you left. You kiss and your mom is touching your cock through your trousers when she asks if you have a condom. You don’t! She is initially worried, but decides it doesn’t matter, you’ve just got to be so quick before somebody comes and catches you together. Your mom gets on top and rides you. You have missed her body so much. Her pussy feels so fucking good inside of her, raw with no condom, feeling your moms pussy for the first time properly! She fucks you reverse cowgirl and you get an amazing view of her tight asshole. She tries to stop herself from moaning so loud, but can’t help it, she hasn’t felt her sons dick inside of her for so long! before you left, you were at it like rabbits and you’ve both longed for the intimacy of being together one more time. Your girlfriend is just downstairs and you are balls deep inside your mother upstairs. She cums all over your cock and you can actually feel it properly! It feels incredible! You then become worried about cumming inside of her, but she tells you its ok.. and is it wrong that she now WANTS to get pregnant by you?! Fucking with no protection is so much better when you do it with your mother, isn’t it?

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