Sydney Harwin – Fucking Mommy Next To Dad

Tonight, you don’t care if you get caught with your Mom. You find it so hard to keep your hands off her, it doesn’t matter if your Dad is resting right next to her in bed. If he wakes up, you’ll just have to be honest and tell him that your having a family affair with your own Mother. Dad doesn’t satisfy her like you do. NOBODY satisfies this Mommy like her own son does…

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Sydney Harwin – Camping With Mommy

Its been a long time since you went camping with your Mom, but when she asked you on the phone the other week to accompany her to a campsite for a short vacation, you couldn’t say no! You wouldn’t let her go on her own and your Dad is too busy working to do anything for her. When you arrive, its late and your Mom is freezing so you offer her your jacket to keep warm. You tell her you don’t need it, because you go to bed commando anyway, which she is a little shocked at, but doesn’t mind (as long as you face the other way, she doesn’t want your morning glory poking her in the back!) You only have one blanket to share and your Mom is tired after the long drive here, so you decide to get a semi-early night to rest together. Some time passes overnight and you wake up horny.. you can’t stop thinking about the tipsy “kiss” you and your Mother shared last month at a family party (even though she hasn’t wanted to talk about it) and you start to pull the blanket off her, just to get a quick look at her ass as you jerk off quietly.. but she wakes up and catches you. She is embarrassed, but throws herself at you for a kiss without explanation. Before you both know it, you are fucking on the floor of the tent without protection.. hard and deep.

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LongHairLuna – Mommy Claus Teaches Son To Fuck

Includes: POV Doggy, Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Christmas, Kiss training. Word in the Christmas Village is someone doesn’t know how to pleasure a woman. Being a good mother, and seeing how much you struggle, I teach you how to fuck, all the ins and outs, the dos and the don’ts of sex. We cant have anyone tarnishing the Claus name, after all, its your fathers job to empty his sack around the world, and you’ll be expected to do the same. Oh you thought he was delivering presents? You have so much to learn son.

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Sloansmoans – Mommy’s Demands

I may have had a sip or two too many, but I can’t help it that I think of you when I touch myself. I sigh your name as I finger my pussy, I’m so wet for you and that’s when… I see you. You’ve been watching me. Naughty boy… I tell you to come over. I want to see your cock. You’re reluctant but I saw you rubbing your dick to me so, what’s the problem? Be a good boy and listen to mommy. I’m going to get what I want one way or another…

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Sloansmoans – You Belong With Mommy

Please tell me why you’re upset… Mommy’s here to take care of you. We’ve shared a bed since your Father left, our bond is special, unlike any other. Suck on mommy’s tits and reminisce. It’s time you felt my love, my darling. Feel where you came from. Look into my eyes. Thrust deeply into me. You have my love forever. I need you and you need me. I brought you into this life… welcome home my sweet boy…

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MisterCoxProductions – Mommy Wants To Cuddle With You

Mommy comes in your bedroom and asks what you would like for breakfast…. but she’s a bit cold because Daddy has not woke up yet to turn on the furnace! Can Mommy climb in bed with you so she can stay warm? She needs to cuddle. Mommy cuddles up to you to get some warmth off of your body under the covers but ends up finding your hard cock! Mommy sucks your cock before fucking you three different ways until you cum like a good boy!!

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Alana Cruise – Step-Mom Takes Care Of You

Alana Cruise – Step-Mom Takes Care Of You Part 1
You walk into your room to find your step-mother sitting on your bed waiting to talk to you. Your heart starts racing when you realize what she has in her hand. She knows you took your step-sister’s panties and came all over them. As she starts to tell you how gross that is, she stops herself, realizing your just young boy with urges. She goes onto tell you that she just wants you to be happy and taken care of. She doesn’t want you sneaking around anymore. Step-Mom wants to take care of you.

Alana Cruise – Step-Mom Takes Care Of You Part 2
You’re eating breakfast at the table with step-mom when she starts nagging you to hurry up because you’re going to miss the bus. When you finish and go to get up, she realizes that you’ve become a little excited from starring at her tits. She insists that you can’t go to school like that, and you should hurry up and take care of yourself. When you start to take too long, Step-Mom insists on taking care of you herself.

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KikiDeez – I Find My Step Sons Porn

I find my Step Son’s computer left on. It was full of Stepmom Porn. I can’t stop thinking about it… Does he want me? Fantasize about me? Then I can’t help thinking how it would be to fuck a younger, harder version of my husband. Fuck I had to talk to him. Can We talk? You left your computer on. And I think you know what I’m talking about. You seem to have a thing for Stepmom Porn. Oh you just like it… Any particular reason? No? Oh ok… I wonder what your Dad would think. Maybe that you have a little crush on me.. Oh you do? Hmm your Dad does want us closer. I think it would be nice to be a close family. Why don’t you take your cock out. It’s OK. I want you to. Here let me make you more comfortable. I give you a blow job and tell you to look into my eyes as you cum. Then I want you to fuck me. Fill me with your cum. Call me mommy. We cum 3 times together from behind then on top of me. Nothing like a young cock hard, firm and hitting everything your father can’t. Truly filling this Mommy cunt.

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Sloansmoans – Happy Birthday Son

Watch as your mom wakes you up on your birthday by straddling you. You’re shocked and as you attempt to get up she pushes you down gently and tells you to relax. She’s been waiting for this moment your whole life. She wishes you a happy birthday and tells you that she wants to share herself with you: Her pussy and her memories of you growing up. She rides you while confessing her darkest secrets about you until you cum deep inside her.

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