Ariel Anderssen – Upskirt Aunt Quickie

Darling, please don’t worry about me! I WANT you to go out and enjoy yourself with your friends this evening! I’ll be perfectly perfectly alright here on my own, dressed in my sheer tan holdup stockings, sheer blouse and short pencil skirt! I’m not even wearing any panties, because they’d get dreadfully in the way of the activities I have planned. What activities? Well, since you ask, I’m going to be treating myself to a few orgasms with my wonderful new vibrator! I can’t wait. As soon as you’re through the door, I’ll be lying here on the bed, with my legs open, playing with my pussy. What’s that? Well it’s certainly not my fault that my plans for the evening have turned you on! You most certainly mustn’t let your friends down on my account! Hmmm, it does seem a terrible waste of that simply glorious erection though. How about if had a really QUICK fuck, sweetie? Do you think you could cum really fast? Cos I’m pretty sure I can! Look how wet I am already, and how inviting my pussy looks when I spread it open like this. Are you going to fuck me right now? Cos I CERTAINLY think you should!

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Penny Barber – Dream Mommy Fucks You

Good morning, sweetheart, I think you might be having a naughty dream about me again. That would explain why I am wearing this sexy lingerie and your dick is twice its usual size. If I am your wet dream version of myself then I guess I should suck that fat cock of yours right now. Do you think my big, soft breasts would even feel this good sliding up and down your dick in real life? You will probably never find out so I better make this time count. Between my tits isn’t the only place I want to stick that cock during this dream, though. I don’t plan to let this fantasy of yours end until well after I feel you in my pussy.

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Goldie Blair – Little Boy Hunter

Cougar Goldie is a little boy cock hunter and is ready to teach you how a Cougar loves to cock tease her young pray , showing off her big tits and dirty talking you and your friend POV before getting you to take out your little cocks and stroke them JOI then not being able to hold herself she pounces on your cock stroking and sucking your cock before getting you to fuck her Cougar pussy with you little boy cock missionary and doggy style then countdown for you both to cum all over her big tits in a big pop shot!

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Nikki Brooks – Taboo Fantasy with Auntie Nikki

Auntie Nikki is completely startled as she catches you on the floor as she’s getting undressed. Auntie Nikki expresses that it’s just so nice to have you at the house. Since some other family members are out of town, she tells you how she’d love for you to come around more often and spend some much NEEDED quality time with her. As time goes on, Nikki admits she wants a whole lot more. FUCK ME, she tells you. She’s thought of you for years and fantasized about how it would feel to finally have you inside her. You can hardly resist seeing your Auntie Nikki in her robe, garter belt, stockings, heels and more. She opens up her legs and let’s you taste her. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you’re fucking her in multiple positions. It doesn’t end there….she has a request….CUM INSIDE HER!! Fantasy becomes reality and before you know it you’ve blown your entire load inside her. Seems like you’ll be visiting Auntie Nikki way more often!

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California_girl – Son Comes Home And Mom Fucks Him

Son comes home to visit mom. Mom missed her son so much. She was excited to see him because last time he was home he fucked a girl in his bedroom. Mom heard the whole thing. She was listening outside his door. Mommy was a bad voyeur. She started masturbating listening to her son having sex with a girlfriend. She called her friend and told her all about her plan to fuck her son. She grabs her son by the shirt and takes him into her room where she sucks his dick POV and then she lays on her back and starts rubbing her pussy. Then she fucks her son and they both cum together. Son cums inside mommy.

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Goldie Blair – Taboo Kitchen Sex

Milf Goldie is in Her vintage lingerie heals and robe getting ready for the day in the kitchen after breakfast She starts washing the dishes , You can’t stop staring at Your Milf Mom looking so sexy and soon She notices You staring not taking much notice until You lift up Her robe to take a look up at Her stocking legs and perfect ass framed by garter belt, She is shocked and even more so When You spank Her ass and say You want Her in the bedroom! Goldie argues You aren’t right in the head if You think You can fuck Your Mom! You can’t help Yourself with a raging hard-on You push Her against The countertop pulling Her robe open and exposing Her breasts groping Her big milf tits as She is laying across the countertop, Next You spin Her around so She has Her but against Hour hard cock and enter her tight wet pussy! Goldie goes from protests to praises as You fuck Her hard doggy across the countertop before She comes down onto Her knees on all fours doggy for You to fuck Her harder then rolling Her onto Her back with Her stocking legs in the air until You both cum hard ! Now Goldie is happy to go into the bedroom with Her new toy boy Son any time!

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Mama Fiona – The Prank War

You are my son’s little friend and you seem to have quite an obsession with his very sexy, flirtatious mama. You follow me around like a little puppy dog, teasing me, playing pranks on me. One day you take it too far and I am NOT in the mood. Well, sort of! I decide to get you back. I’m going to get you back for all the little pranks you’ve been playing on me, all the trouble you’ve been getting into. But first you manage to seduce me, then you kiss me, and then – you REALLY NAUGHTY BOY – you show me what you’ve got under your blanket. SO NAUGHTY! I grab it and give you a blowjob, but… you’ve got other ideas. What ELSE do you want me to do with that??? I’ll make you a deal hunny – you find a way to get that thing to mama’s height. But you’ve got to really really try hunny… you’re a lot shorter than I am! If you manage to find a way to get to my height, well, I think I will give you the ride of your life! Its going to be a challenge but, I think you’re a clever boy. You may be able to figure it out.

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Harley Sin – Mom Wants To Get Caught

My son is almost home from school and my new boyfriend wants to fool around. He keeps grabbing at my pussy, ass and tits. But I have some chores I have to do, so I keep telling him no. He doesn’t buy it though, he knows I’m interested. Every time my son is almost home from school, he wants to fuck. He keeps on me, so I finally agree. But quickly, since I know he’s on his way home. He tells me I should call him while we’re fucking. I can’t believe what he wants me to do! It’s so bad, but I secretly like it. So I call my son, while my boyfriend has me pressed up against the counter with his cock inside me. My son keeps asking why I’m out of breath, I make up excuses. We chat about day to day things, but it’s getting harder to concentrate on what he’s saying to me. He asks me if we can watch a movie when he gets home. I agree, but that I have something to finish up so he can start without me. We get dressed just in time for him to walk in the door. I find my boyfriend, in my sons room! I can’t believe it. He wants to fuck me, in my very own sons bed. He is VERY convincing. He grabs me and puts his hands up my dress. I’m still so wet from him fucking me in the kitchen, it doesn’t take much convincing. As his huge cock slides inside me, I keep looking over, thinking my son might walk in. I know my boyfriend wants him to. To see his own mother, with another mans cock balls deep inside her cunt. I know my boyfriend loves the taboo risky nature of what we’re doing, so I keep talking dirty to him. Telling him about my son catching us, seeing his mothers wet cunt. I’m so close to cumming now, but I really don’t want my son to hear us, so I cover my mouth. We both cum and I slowly ease his cock out. I can’t believe what we just did. Fucking in my own sons bed. I think my son knows something is up, but he just hasn’t confronted me yet.

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