Bettie Bondage – Learning To Lick Mommy

Your friends have been such assholes lately. They keep teasing you about not knowing how to go down on a girl! It’s not your fault all the girls at your school are prudes, and even though you know they’re just being jerks, you can’t help but let it get to you. You decide to tell your mom, to get a woman’s perspective on it, and see what she thinks. She’s a little startled, a little taken aback by the subject matter, and you almost regret asking until…well, she says she can help. You can’t imagine how, unless…but no, that can’t be what she’s thinking, can it? But it is. She tells you that you can practice, on her, so that you don’t feel so overwhelmed, once the time comes. You can’t believe what’s happening. Is she really willing to do that, with her own son? She climbs across her bed, and settles herself, looking eager but nervous. You watch her pull off her dress, exposing her body, her big breasts and her curvaceous hips and ass. You’ve always thought your mother was pretty but…she’s downright sexy. Your cock throbs as she pulls her panties off and spreads herself for you, telling you exactly what to do to her. Your mother closes over her clit and she moans. She looks gorgeous, looking down at you as you lick and suck and slurp at her wetness, her moans getting louder and louder. You shouldn’t be doing this, but there’s no way you can stop now! You’re of a single mind, the only thing you can think of now is making Mommy cum, hard!

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Alura Jenson – Before You Go Away Part Two

I decided to head home during a two week break, I was going to hang out with a girl I met but, honestly she is pretty boring compared to what’s waiting at home. I got in late and didn’t want to wake my mom but she must of woken up and seen my light on, she is VERY happy I came home earlier than she expected.

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Jessica Starling – Mom Takes Your Virginity

You mommy always said she’d take care of you — and now is no exception. Mommy knows her baby boy has never had sex before. She knows he’s nervous, and he needs mommy to guide him. Mommy approaches you in sexy black lingerie. She’s going to take her sweet boy’s virginity tonight. Mommy pulls out her big, natural tits and invites you to suck on them. She moans while you tongue her pretty pink nipples. Mommy feels her baby boy’s cock getting hard, and she pulls it out and begins to tug. Mommy is getting you ready for her pussy. When you’re ready, she lays you down on the bed and slowly lowers herself on your erection. Mommy’s pussy feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before — wet and silky. She rides your cock slow at first, and builds up faster and faster. She then alternates between fast and slow riding, to make sure her baby boy’s virgin cock doesn’t cum yet. Mommy then invites you on top of her. You eagerly pump into her wet pussy, watching her tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy then begs you to cum inside her pussy, and you fill her up with the first creampie you’ve ever given. Mommy’s baby boy is a natural.

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Jessica Starling – Baby Boy Creampies His Mommy

It’s baby boy’s lucky day today, because mommy has some very special plans for you. Mommy is wearing sexy lingerie — but it’s okay that you’re seeing her like this. Mommy is going to make you feel so good today, and she’s going to guide you through all of it. She gets on top of you and starts to grind on your crotch, getting your cock hard. Mommy then asks if her precious baby boy wants her to take his cock out. You eagerly agree, and mommy begins to stroke your shaft, up and down. Then, mommy slides you inside her warm, wet pussy, and starts to bounce on your dick. Mommy is making her baby boy feel so good! You love watching her big titties bounce while she rides you. You burst your load inside of her, then watch it drip out of mommy’s pussy.

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Emmas Secret Life – Cum Inside Your Mom Not Your Hand

Custom: So basically it would be one of your awesome POV-style videos with the roleplay where you would be my mommy. You would walk in on me masturbating, and you would be a little embarrassed at first but then tell me it’s okay. And you would notice how big and hard my cock is and start to get turned on. You would eventually help me first by stroking, and then sucking on it before climbing on top and having your way with me. You are the absolute queen of dirty talk, so I would trust you with most of the dialogue, although at some point it would be super hot if you said something like “wow…mommy hasn’t had a cock that big and hard in a long time,” and it would be awesome to finish with you asking to “cum inside mommy’s pussy” or something like that – would really turn me on! And I would love a little reverse cowgirl too but mostly riding facing me, as you know how much I love watching those titties bounce!

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Jessica Starling – Mommy Helps You Go To Bed

You’ve been tossing and turning all night, you’re too restless to close your eyes. Mommy feels bad for you, and agrees to cuddle you in bed until you drift off. She pushes her body right up against yours. You’re only in your boxers, and can’t help but get hard as mommy pushes her ass against your cock. You start to rub against her. You’re too aroused to control yourself. Mommy is surprised, but delighted. She starts to mimic your movements, rubbing her ass against your erection. Mommy then turns around and tells you that she knows just the thing to help you drift off. Mommy puts her hand underneath your boxers and begins to stroke your cock. She undoes some of the buttons on her shirt, her breast is practically falling out of her bra. It feels so good to have your mommy stroke your cock like this. Mommy then takes off her bra, and you suck on her tits while she continues to jerk you off. She takes off her pants and panties and shows you her wet, pink pussy. You lick your mommy’s quivering pussy, making her drip. Mommy wants to make you cum to help you relax and close your eyes. She makes you spoon her, and then guides your cock into her wet pussy. Your mommy’s pussy is divine. She loves your cock. She loves fucking her baby boy. Mommy wants to help her baby boy every night like this. You then climb on top of her and pound her in missionary. You love watching your mommy’s tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy begs you to cum all over her, to cover her in your load. You fuck her pussy until you pull out and shoot cum all over her torso. You’re definitely ready for bed now.

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Ashley Alban – Step mom Teaches You To Jerk It

Your step-mom comes home fairly late from work, exhausted per usual. She asks what your plans are for the night, and you say that you were about to shower. She tells you to hurry up since she wants to take a shower too and relax. While you’re in the shower, you hear the door open and your step-mom walks in. She complains that you’re taking too long and she wants to shower now so she can unwind from the day. She asks if she can just start getting ready for her shower since you should be almost done. She starts to undress. You stare as she peels off her clothes. She catches you staring, and tells you that you shouldn’t be sneaking peeks at your step-mom like this. (Yes…I know she is the one getting undressed, but this is porn.) Since you basically stop washing yourself to gawk at her, she says she’ll just join you in her impatience. She gets into the shower an begins to wash herself. You look at her round butt as she soaps it up and you feel your dick get hard. When she bends over to grab some soap, you “accidentally” step forward a bit so your cock presses against her ass. It slides right in! She stands up quickly and asks you what you’re doing. You tell her it was an accident. She then asks why you even have a boner, but she realizes that you probably can’t help it. You tell her that you have never masturbated before and ask her to show you how. She is skeptical, but she feels bad for creating this situation (plus she likes your dick), so she’s willing to help. After the shower, you step-mom gets into bed with you. She takes your dick out and strokes it herself to show you how. She even sucks it a bit to lube it up. When you start feeling like you’re close, she tells you to take over and stroke it. You jerk it until you cum all over her face!

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Veronica Chaos – Your New Stepmom

I know you’re not used to me living here yet, but I’m your stepmom now and you have to start treating me like family! That means no more spying on me while I’m in the shower, or changing in the bedroom. Yes, I know that you’ve been peaking. Don’t deny it…or do these tits not ring a bell? You’re lucky I’m a cool stepmom and won’t tell your father. I’m just nervous about you going off to college so unprepared though…it’s obvious you have no idea how to handle yourself around women. Let me show you how it’s done, for your own good. Don’t worry, you naughty boy; mommy will teach you everything you need to know.

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PurpleHazeTV – My Stepmom Into Hentai

Mom was in her room, watching Hentai that she find out on reddit site, while browsing when horny. Her step son enter her room in “right moment” when mommy almost came. Step son told her, he has same downloads of hentai on his laptop, and he wont tell anything his religious Dad if mommy help him to cum. Mommy asked if step son can keep it as a secret only between them and that he promise wont tell his classmates! Mommy turned into a slutty MILF who loves hetai, blowing dicks, and ride dicks wildly.

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