Bettie Bondage – A Very Special Foot Massage for Mommy

You’ve always been obsessed with your mother’s perfect feet. You think she can tell, too. Whenever she paints her nails, she points herself–and her lovely toes–right towards you. Tonight, even moreso. She even tells you that you should learn how to paint toenails so you can help her! She must know what she’s doing, right? She acts like she doesn’t, but you have your doubts. You’d do anything to have her feet in your hands. In your mouth… The next morning, you surprise her with breakfast in bed, like your dad used to. She smiles, and tells you that dad used to do something else, too. A foot massage with breakfast, she tells you, and you feel your cock twitch. A very special foot massage, she continues. Would you like to learn, honey?

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Penny Barber – Family Guy Taboo Sex Lois Griffin POV

On last week’s episode, Lois got mesmerized into treating her husband like a baby and now her son wants to be treated like a husband! Even seeing his own Mom naked isn’t enough, he wants a blowjob from Lois. Our redheaded housewife heroine has no intention of denying her sweet boy or his sweet cock!

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RheaSweet – Mom and Sons Secret

I was working at home today and getting slightly frustrated with work. My son came into my office when I was yelling at my computer. He asked me if I was okay. I tell him everything is fine and that work is just getting to me a little today. I admit that I am also not happy with my sons father. I tell him it’s nothing serious but that mommy is just feeling a little neglected. My son offers to help me but I tell him that its not okay for mommy and son to do such things. My son comes closer and moves my legs apart. He starts rubbing on mommy’s pussy. I try to say no and that we should not continue but he ignores me and keeps touching and teasing my pussy. It feels so good that I can’t resist anymore.

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scarletellie – Fuck Mommy Like a Dog Taboo Custom

You come into mommy’s room and ask if you can lay with her in her bed tonight. She softy agrees. You (jonathan) lay next to her and begin conversation about urges you are having. Especially around mommy. Mommy sweetly tells you these urges are natural. She then asks if you are having them right now. You say you are. She whispers in your ear that she is having them too. She asks to see your cock and compliments how big and beautiful it is. She quickly begins licking and sucking it. She then allows you to get on top of her and fuck her . Say nasty taboo dialogue the entire time. She then asks ” Do you want to fuck mommy doggystyle like a dog?” Of curse you agree . She continues to dirty talk until both of you cum.She begs you to breed her . She lays next to you and tell you we can breed her whenever you want she she is surely pregnant . She reminds you how much mommy loves you.

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Tara Tainton – Make Me Your Cam Slut Whore

You haven’t been here. I don’t know where you’ve been, what you’ve been doing… I guess you have everything you want. You don’t need… me. I thought you wanted what I did. That day was… I’ll never forget. I keep looking for ways… for you… but there hasn’t even been a chance to casually “bump” into you again. My boy… I need you to make me your whore. Again.

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Harley Sin – Mommy Gives You Head

It’s a usual Saturday morning. Mom is going laundry as usual. But you left the door open, and she sees you. Inside down, with you cock in your mouth. She can’t believe what she’s seeing. She stares. Then she interrupts. You’re shocked. But you wanted this. Why else would you leave the door open. She’s worries about your back, doesn’t it hurt like that? She wants you to turn around, get right side up so she can talk to you. She see’s what your hiding. An old Polaroid of her, how did you get that? Well, since you’re already jerking off to her, she might as well help you. So she makes you a deal. You stop sucking yourself off, and she’ll do it for you. She doesn’t want you to get hurt. She can’t even believe you can bend like that. She takes your cock out. It feels too good. So much better than you ever imagined. She makes you swear secrecy. No one can ever find out, it’ll ruin her life. And then, THIS, will never happen again. And you want this to happen again, don’t you? Day after day after day. But mommy can never fuck you. No. She can’t get pregnant by own son. How could she ever explain that? Now mommy wants you to cum for her, she’ll swallow it. And she does swallow it, since you both like the taste of cum.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy And Son The Lake House

You visit the family Lake House with your Mom for a few days to get away from your demons, but you cannot hide from this one. Your wife has recently left you and your Mom wants to treat you to a “get-away” to find out what caused it, and to help you over the breakup. You try to hide many things from her, but she’s your Mother and she always knows when you are hiding something. Pretty soon, emotions get the better of both of you, secrets are revealed and the isolation of The Lake House begins to take its toll…

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy And Son Sexual Relations

You turn up at your Moms uninvited one afternoon to stay for a few days. She is acting very strange and doesn’t seem to want you there. A few months ago your father left her and ever since, she has been off the rails, bringing men home and has fallen into a state of depression. You try to help her by being there for her, even though you’ve got a pregnant girlfriend at home who needs you, you feel you need to be there for your mother right now… What starts as an innocent hug between mom and son in the bathroom, soon spirals into a string of intimate encounters, where you both don’t know how it really makes you feel…

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AimeeWavesXXX – Losing Your Virginity To Mommy

Mommy finds out that the boys at school have been picking on you since they found out you’re a virgin. Mommy suggests trying to lose your virginity to a girl in class you like, but you’re too shy and awkward to talk to girls your age. But that’s ok, mom’s here to help! Mommy’s gonna help you gain some confidence, but first, you’ll need to lose your virginity to her! She’s experienced can teach you A LOT! Mommy strokes your cock until it’s nice and hard and gives you your very first blowjob! Then she teaches you how to eat pussy, and you’re such a quick learner to make her cum so quick! Then mommy rides you, lets you fuck her in missionary, and lets you fuck her in her favorite position last, doggystyle! You pound mommy’s cunt, taking out all that stress and frustration from getting bullied at school out on her pussy until you fill her up! Now you’re a man! The bullies at school won’t bother you anymore, and you’ll no longer be awkward around girls since you know how to please them. See, isn’t your mom so cool for teaching you new things?

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Penny Barber – Mom Sucks Your Cock During Online Class

I know I should let you study but it is just so much fun to tease you. It must be impossible to focus on your class with my big beautiful tits bouncing in your face. I wonder if any of the girls from your class recognize the facial expression of a boy with a raging hard-on. I bet they wouldn’t guess it is because your Mom is massaging your cock over your jeans. Or maybe it was watching me play with my fat wet pussy that got you so excited. I will make you a deal, sweetie. You do your best to focus on your online lecture and I will do my best to take care of that big stiff dick without your class finding out you’re getting a blowjob.

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