Bettie Bondage – Mom is Your Trained Anal Slut

Training your mother has been tough, but worth it. She was reluctant at first, but she really had no choice, did she? She was going to be her son’s anal whore, whether she liked it or not. Lately, though, you’re starting to sense that maybe she does like it after all. The way she’s always ready to take your cock, how her ass is always prepped and ready to accept a hard fuck. She may whimper and whine but her pussy gets soaking wet whenever you use and fuck her ass. You know a trained anal slut when you see one! Today, she comes home from work and before she can even get her work clothes off, you have her on her knees, giving you a deep and sloppy blowjob. She’s been a great throat slut, too, and you love watching the drool form and drip down her chin. Once your cock is dripping wet, you push her against the wall and get to work on deeply fucking her ass. She protests, per usual, but its foolish. You can feel the heat off her pussy, the way she pushes back on to your dick, to get you deeper inside her. She knows just how to milk your cock into her ass, and before long, you dump a heavy load into dear, sweet, slutty mom’s dirty hole.

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Bettie Bondage – Perverse Family Values

Honey, you don’t listen to those mean kids at school. They’re picking on you because they’re jealous. Yes, that’s right. They’re jealous of what our family has, the closeness and trust we have. Don’t take anything they say to heart, sweetie. And really, isn’t our family a comfort? Isn’t it wonderful to know you get to come home everyday and strip naked for your mother? Don’t you love it, honey? Yes, of course you do. Now, get undressed and go into the living room. I’m going to make you feel all better…yes, just like that. Spread your legs honey, make yourself hard for mommy. See, isn’t this nice? Isn’t it wonderful that Mommy strokes your cock? Isn’t it great that the whole family feels comfortable in watching me stroke and suck your penis? That your sister spreads her legs for you, too? You wouldn’t want to change that just because some kids at school are mean, right? Stop putting your penis inside mommy, just because of some meanies. That would be a real tragedy! I know I’d miss your smooth, slim body and your hard, young cock. Mommy loves it. That’s it sweetie, lay back and let mommy ride you. See, isn’t this wonderful? Watching me ride your cock? Oh, honey, I’m going to cum…you know the rules, don’t cum until I do! Mommy always cums first…mmm, good boy. Now, let’s get the whole family into the living room to watch you cum for mommy!

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Bettie Bondage – Moms Out of Prison

Mom finally made her release day. Three years in prison for a crime YOU committed! Now it’s time for you to repay her…in any way she demands. You come home to find her in your house. Well, her house. But since she’s been away, its just been you. You and your girlfriend. Fiance, actually. Your mom always hated her, but she hasn’t been around much, so it hasn’t been so much of a problem. Could you have visited your mother more in the prison? Sure, but your fiance didn’t like you going up there too much. And she said you two had an “unhealthy dependence.” Maybe shes right. And the way your mother is rubbing all over you doesn’t do much to dissuade that…never mind the way she’s eyeing your crotch, sizing you up. Like a piece of meat! She tells you she hasn’t been with a man in a long, long time…is she insinuating what you think she is? No…that can’t be. My god, she is! She grabs at your dick, which is hardening despite your discomfort. She starts to stroke you, getting on her knees and unbuckling your pants before you can say anything at all. It’s true, you should have visited more, but she’s just mad because she’s jealous…and horny….and maybe, just this one time, you can give her what she wants.

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Scarlet Ellie – Bath Time With Mommy Jerk Off And Tit Fuck

Mommy loves taking baths with you. POV video of you and Mommy in the bath as she washes you good. She notices you are getting hard and decides to jerk you off and put your cock between here tits. She counts you down to orgasm while titfucking you. Cum shot all over Mommy’s tits.

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Kellie O’Brian – Next Door Neighbour Milf

Kellie is baking some cakes for upcoming Thanksgiving party, but has ran out of sugar. Being new to the area as she has moved from UK, she knocks a neighbours door, to find the young stud son home alone. Will she get her sugar and will she get some plums?

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Kinkyexecutive – Let Momma Kiss It

Mom has just got home from working a long day, and requests a shoulder rub from son (you) to unwind and relax after a hard shift. And it seems that the shift isn’t the only hard thing!! And after getting a relaxing shoulder rub, Momma decides to act out on her naughty desires and seduces son to a striptease, and gets your cock out to play with it!! You do not resist, even though you know it’s wrong, you allow her to seduce you, and take advantage of your young hormones!

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SummerKnightz – Mom Son

In this solo roleplay video I find a pair of panties in my “son’s” room and call him into my office to talk about it. I take full advantage of the situation.

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Emmas Secret Life – Helping My Son With His Urges

Custom: You are a single mom and your beloved son has been a bad boy. Several times he has tried to f0rce himself on girls against their will. You realize that he has a dangerous sexual urge that could get him in serious trouble if things continue the way they are. You cannot stand the idea of him being taken away from you. After talking to him and trying to find out why he feels so wildly lustful, you decide that you yourself must help him. You must give him the sexual outlet he craves. He certainly proves quite animistic in his fucking. But you find you love it – even if is taboo. All the expenditure leaves your son totally satisfied and of no danger to other women for the present. But he will need further relief in the future! Notes: length about 15 minutes, POV style, solo – but with virtual sex. This is essential though. I am happy for you do it the way you think is best. The relationship is clearly related mother-son. You say things to emphasize this – both in small talk, and by regularly using words like: Mother/Mom (not Mommy)/Son/Honey/Young Man/Dear. At some points you say ‘own’ for emphasis – as in ‘My own son’ and ‘Your own mother’ (particularly during the heated sex). The last request in dirty-talk is awkward, but it would be great if you considered including it. The words /Incestuous – would be said throughout (again quite a bit during the sex). Their purpose would be to really drive the taboo theme home. Typical phrases might be: ‘Fuck you mother!’ ‘I can’t believe I’m fucking my own son!’ ‘You’re even bigger than your father!’. The way it is said depends on your character. One type may say things boldly, shamelessly (‘Mmm – is best’. Another shyly), guiltily (‘this is wrong – it’s !’). Yet another modestly but with assurance (‘It’s okay. Yes, it’s ; but no one has to know.’). Please feel free to addas many of your own lines as you wish. It would be great to hear you saying all sorts of inventive things throughout.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Son Sneaking Around Dad

Script: Story line begins with your son Ryan laying down in bed, you come in mad that his blackmailng you, and mention that his dad downstairs so we have to make this quick. You give him a blowjob and say things like “ I can’t believe your my son what is wrong with you. You start to ride him when all of a sudden you can head your husband walking up to the room You tell your son Ryan to act normal but your still on top of him. Your trying to not to moan while your talking to your husband. You make small movements to show that your still fucking your son. (I cum while talking to my husband, his father) Second scene is your in the kitchen giving your son a blowjob with a dildo whole your husband is fixing the sink. Your also taking to him while his underneath the sink. He fucks your doggy style and missionary. Then he cums in your mouth with a fake cum. Last scene is your in bed with your husband then your son sneaks in, you look surprise and you tell him he better be quiet. You give him a sloppy blowjob he fucks you in missionary doggy style, virtual riding him. And again he cum in your mouth with a fake cum.

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Lucy Alexandra – Impregnate Mommy

I had a romantic night planned for myself and your dad! He’s not here, I’ve had a few too many and I’m in need of your seed! Give Mommy a baby now you’re all grown up and don’t need me anymore!!! I need all your loads.. fuck me, let me push it deep inside.. I’m fertile and ready..

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