Meana Wolf – Pose For Me

Your aunt is a free spirit. An artist. She plays by her own rules. You’ve always admired that about her. Maybe that’s why you wanted to be an actor. Who better to take your headshots than your aunt? The vibe quickly turns into something different. Something unexpected. She tells you to relax and be yourself. She asks, “What would you do if there were no Taboo’s, and you could do whatever you want with whoever you wanted?” The heat between the two of you is unbearable. She says “I’m curious to know what it would be like to feel your precum sliding down the back of my throat.” Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your bohemian aunt isn’t afraid to break societal norms. She’s not ashamed of being attracted to you and wanting to suck your cock. So she does.

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Jude Ryan – Cum With Me Little Boy

I’m chatting on the phone with my friend about how my boyfriend and I haven’t been fucking lately. She tells me I should go for my next door neighbor, but he’s waaaaay too young for me – he’s like 10 years old!! So I refuse to even entertain the thought. Until she tells me that the best orgasms she’s ever had were with much younger boys. I decide to go for it. I go over and ask him if he can come help me with something and I bring him inside. I come out in some lingerie and tell him that I’m going to fuck him. I suck his cock, ride him, and he fucks me missionary, making me cum twice and leaving me begging him to cum with me.

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Bettie Bondage – Do You Still Want Me, Son?

You and your mother have been carrying on an affair for some time now. It’s thrilling, a wet dream cum true, but you can sense your mother still has reservations. Not about fucking her son – you know she needs that, now that she’s had it – but about your love. When she slips into your bedroom one night, after your father has left for a long business trip, your suspicions are confirmed. She tells you she’s worried that you don’t want her anymore, that she’s becoming boring to you. Of course, this could never, ever be the case. Impossible, you tell her, you’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. She blushes, her eyes flitting towards your crotch, where your growing erection tells her everything she needs to know. Leaning forward, she reaches out and squeezes you, smiling. You know just how to reassure her, how to show her you want her now more than ever!

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Bettie Bondage – Mom Makes You A Porno

Your mother has always been so open about what she does, using flowery terms that do nothing to hide the truth: adult performer, erotic artist, adult entertainment producer. She’s a porn star. A good one, too. She doesn’t do hardcore stuff, though, just POV virtual videos. Here’s the kicker, though: her main role is that of a horny, son-hungry mother. The first time you came across her stuff, you were sort of relieved to know she wasn’t getting it on with a bunch of different dudes, and then you realized that she was talking to the camera as though the viewer were…well…you! Like everyone watching your mother finger herself and fuck a toy was her son. And you admit, you couldn’t help but pull down your boxers and go to town on yourself. It was hot! And the look in her eye…well, it was hard to believe it was all an act. That’s what started it. Soon enough, you were going to her site all the time, buying everything she put out. You even picked up extra shifts at the pizza place in order to pay for it. One day, while browsing her site, you saw a link titled “Custom Vid.” Hmm…a little out of your immediate price range, but the perfect thing to save up for over the summer. Should you feel bad, leading your mother into doing something like this? I mean, maybe, but when opportunity knocks, you don’t shut the door. You answer. Of course, she knocked it out of the park. She wore that outfit you love, and she used the pet names you told her to (all the names she uses for you and your brothers). You made your mother look right into the camera and say everything you always dreamed she’d say. It’s perfect! And, you paid extra to make it exclusive. Within 24 hours of her delivering the custom, you’ve cum countless times. Its insane how much cum your mother can coax from your balls! But, you were careless. You left your laptop at home, open, with the video paused at the mid-point. And she saw it. How did you get a copy? She has to know. Why did you want it? Of course, you can only pretend for so long. You were never very good at lying to her. Besides, you’ve long believed that there is a seed within your mother, something deep and maybe even denied by her, a tiny seed of intense longing…for her son. The way she reacted to your idea for a custom, the picture you sent of your cock so she’d know which toy to use…she loved it. And as you confess to her, her indignation falls away, replaced by tentative arousal. Her hand brushes across her breasts, wanders to the zipper of her jeans as you take the plunge and show your porn star mommy your rock hard cock. It works just as you hope, just as you always dreamed it might. She can’t deny what she wants, what she’s always wanted – what’s made her such a starlet in the world of taboo porn. She wants it, really wants it, and today, she’s finally going to get it: her son’s hard, horny cock, pumping and cumming deep inside her hungry pussy.

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Coco Vandi in On Vacation With My Step-Mom

Scene One: Mom Has a Secret
My mom took me to a hotel for the weekend and I am so excited that it’s right next door to an amusement park! I beg my mom to take me to the parks right away but she tells me that she can’t go with me. She tells me that I can go to the parks alone, but she has to work. She sits me down on the bed and she tells me how she hasn’t had much money since my dad left us, and she has some work meeting to go to. I don’t know what kind of meetings she is talking about since she isn’t really explaining anything to me! “What are these meetings you are talking about?! Do you need me to help you with these meetings?” I ask her. “It’s an adult meeting!” she tells me. “Are you getting paid for these meetings? What is it?” I continue to ask her. “Sometimes men give me money or gifts…” she begins to tell me. My mom pulls her dress down and flashes me her tits. “Sometimes the men squeeze THESE!” she giggles. I can’t believe my eyes!! “Mom! Put those away!” I tell her. She tells me that sometimes the men touch her butt or her boobs, or they go out to dinner and drinks. I still don’t understand what she is talking about! “Sometimes we do adult things in the bedroom…” she tells me. This sounds so confusing to me! She strips out of her dress and she sits on the edge of the bed, completely naked, talking to me. I’ve never seen my mom naked before but I can’t help but feel my cock getting hard in my pants! She tells me that she has to go get ready for her first meeting, and I want to take an Uber to the amusement parks already!

Scene Two: Mom Wants Me First
I can’t seem to get my boner to go down ever since I saw my step-mom naked yesterday! I tell her that I need help getting it to go down. She tells me that she can help me as long as we both keep it a secret between us. I ask her to pull her dress down so I can see her big tits again. She tells me that she hasn’t given a blowjob since my dad, but she is willing to try it. She gets down on her knees and she sucks my cock for a few minutes. She lies back on the bed and she tells me to fuck her pussy this time. “You’re so nice helping me out with this, mom!” I tell her. “Your dad never fucked me like this!” she tells me. My mom cums on my cock pretty quickly and then she tells me that she has to get ready for her meeting tonight…

Scene Three: Morning Sex with Mom
It’s early in the morning and my mom just walked in through the door! She sits down on the bed and she starts to tell me about all the men she fucked tonight. She tells me how the 2nd guy was a famous athlete, but she won’t tell me who it was! My cock starts to get hard so my mom pulls it out and starts to lick my cock up and down. “I think next time you should call dad and talk to him on the phone while you’re fucking me!” I suggest. She laughs and she tells me that sounds pretty hot! She pulls her big tits out from under her dress and she kisses my cock while she tells me all about the men she fucked last night! One of them was a high school principal but she promises that he wasn’t MY high school principal! She sits on top of my cock and her pussy still feels pretty tight to me, even after all those dates she went on. She pulls her dress off and she keeps riding my cock up and down. “I came last time, but I want to see you cum this time!” she tells me. I fuck her in the missionary position for a minute before I ask her to flip in to the doggystyle position. “I never thought I’d love fucking my son so much!” she moans. “May I cum in your mouth, mom?” I ask her, and she says yes! I pull my cock out of her pussy and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth. “Look what your stories did to me! Now let’s go take a shower…” I tell her.

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Katie71 – Waking Up My Son

MILF, Older Woman / Younger Man, POV, Strip Tease, Taboo
Mom gets tired of waking up her stepson in the morning so this time she takes a different approach to getting him up. She decided to tease him by getting on his bed and stripping off her clothes and eventually exposing her pussy, tits and ass. After seeing her stepson getting hard she starts to get excited and begins to rub on his cock and fingers her pussy. She tells her stepson to lick and tease her and talks him into fucking her.

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Eva Long – Let Mommy Take Care of Your Cock

MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Solo masturbation, Taboo
I know you’ve been watching me and lusting after me. In just my little robe, I talk to you secretly in a quiet, seductive voice. I’m here to fulfill your fantasy so I strip off my robe and sensuously touch my body. I play with your cock, spitting on it, licking it and sucking on it. Then I straddle it and fuck you hard, moaning with pleasure as your cock goes deeper into my hot, wet pussy. I scream as I bring myself to a powerful orgasm.

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Katie71 – It Slipped In Taboo

Taboo, MILF, Mature, Older Woman / Younger Man, POV
My mom came into my room all upset with me cause my room is a mess and I haven’t been cleaning anything at all lately. She started giving me a lecture about it and picking up my room and she was only wearing this small silk robe with nothing on under. I could’t believe it but I kept seeing flashes of her pussy and tits. Anyways, I decided to adjust my cock as it was rock hard and she fell back and onto my cock and it slid into her vagina. We were trying to be careful so I didn’t end up cumming into her as it felt so good in her pussy and she was freaking out. After a few minutes she pulled it out and my cum was dripping from her pussy..i came inside her. She told me to keep this between the two of us and made it very clear I needed to do the dishes and clean my room.

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