Nicole Nabors – Mommies Panties

Your mom is doing laundry when she finds a pair of her panties that had went missing for awhile and thought she lost them somehow. She notices they are crumbled up and stiff, she smells them and they smell familiar but she can’t put her finger on the the smell is. A few days go by and she’s doing laundry again and finds yet another pair of panties that were missing, she inspects them and finds that they arent dry like the last pair, they’re damp. She realizes they’re full of cum! She gets some on her fingers .she’s completely shocked! She knows the only person that could have done this is her son. She comes into his room to talk to him. She tells you she knows your probably are going through some changes. She notices your not paying attention, your starring at her boobs, she clears her throat to get your attention. She tells you about the panties in the laundry basket. How she knows you did it. She tells you its completely normal for a boy your age to go through a panty phase and being attracted to your mom. She tells you shes gonna get you your own panties to use so hers don’t go missing anymore, plus the amount you jerk off you’ll probably ruin the soon. What you must have used that last pair ATLEAST 4 to 5 times. You tell her you only used them once. She doesn’t believe you she demands you prove it. There’s no way someone could cum that much one time. She takes her panties off for you to smell to turn you on, your cock twitches. She jerks your cock and tit fucks you until you cum into the panties. But your not done yet, you explode again… All over your mom.

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Nicole Nabors – Your Dads Calling

Your mom wakes up beside you after a nap. She asks if you slept well? She leans in for a hug, realizing you have a hard on. She asks if you had a naughty dream? Perhaps a naughty dream about mommy? She begins stroking you softly. She tells you she knows how excited he gets when he sees mommy naked in the shower or changing. She tells you she knows exactly what boys at your age are doing, sneaking peeks at their mom even though they are supposed to see women naked. Especially not your mother. But she knows you jerk off to your mom afterwards, thinking about her big tits, wanting to suck on them while she jerks you in your fantasy. Or thinking about fucking your mom. Do you wanna stick it inside mommy, and suck on her tits like a baby to feel good? Your mom climbs on top of you and slowly slides your cock inside. She rides you, telling you how good of a boy you are. Then she gets a call from your dad. Shes out of breathe and he wonders why. He asks if she’s fucking someone? Perhaps their son? This kind of turns him on. She goes along with it and tells her husband what she would do to their son, not knowing that shes really doing what shes talking about.

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Morina – Mom Receives and Gives Gift

Due to an unintentional gift mix-up, you unintentionally have asked your mom to try on a sexy lingerie gift that was meant for your girlfriend. What could have been an awkward moment turns into a very hot, steamy and memorable evening…

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Sydney Harwin – First Time Inside Mom Impregnation

You have always enjoyed fooling around with your mother, but lately your mom has grown tired of holding back from having full sexual intercourse. Tonight your momma wants to go the whole way with you for the first time… but she is so perverted that not even sex would satisfy her hunger for the ultimate “Wrong”… Your momma wants you to impregnate her and become a daddy to her baby. Would you get your mom pregnant if she asked you to?

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Sydney Harwin – Unplanned Fuck With Mom

Your mom gets a phone call from her friend inviting her to a work party taking place next saturday night. She is initially upset because she doesn’t have anybody to go with. Your father left home a few years ago, leaving your beautiful mom alone. She is worried that her colleagues will make fun of her and whisper behind her back if she doesn’t turn up on the arm of a man. Her work friends are all married to successful men, and she doesn’t want to stand all by herself all night with nobody to dance with. But then she has an idea! Why don’t YOU, her loving son, go with her and PRETEND THAT YOU ARE HER TOYBOY?! Her colleagues would be soooo jealous if they thought she was dating a guy half her age, and so you agree to accompany your mother to the work party. *Scene Two* You watch as your mother picks out a dress on the evening of the party. She moans at you for not getting ready fast enough (“Go put a decent shirt on, son, we are going to be late!”;) but you are too busy watching her gorgeous body squeezing into that little tight blue dress. Your mom is excited to be seen with you at the party and tells you to give her your coat at the end of the night, so her friends will see how much of a true gentleman you are. *Scene Three* You and your mom both stumble back into the house, tipsy and laughing. She jokes that she appreciates the realism of you playing her boyfriend , but did you really need to squeeze her ass that hard? Your mother takes off her heels and puts her arms around you, the two of you giggling like school friends. You both sway together, getting closer. Your mother can’t think straight, but you know exactly what you are doing. You know exactly what you want. Suddenly, you are both kissing and you fall to the floor in a moment of passion. Your mom quickly lifts her dress up and before you know it, she is filled with your dick.

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Nicole Nabors – Mommy Helps With Your Morning Wood

Your mom comes into your room. She notices you have morning wood. She can’t resist. Shes wanted to fuck you for so long now. She notices you’ve been stealing her dirty panties. She lays on top of you and grinds against your cock. You start to wake up and she starts kissing you and tells you to be quiet..let mommy use your cock. She pulls your cock out and gives you a blowjob, then climbs on top and slowly slides your cock into her. She rides you and tells you you don’t have to use her panties to get off anymore… you can use her pussy anytime your horny. Shes your cum dumpster. She then rides you reverse cowgirl until you bust inside of her..

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Lourdes Noir – Mommys X Mas Gift Of Your First Time

It’s Christmas and your Mom comes to wake you up early before everyone else. This year is special, you are 18 and she wants to give you something special for Christmas, the gift of your first time…

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Lourdes Noir – Cumming Hard On Mommys Tits

While having a deep conversation with her son about his lack of responsibility, things turn a bit awkward. Lourdes suggests he get some experience with an older woman and he becomes confused, fixating on that older woman being Lourdes. While things get more heated he becomes aroused and the end result is an explosion of love for her, all over her tits.

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Kelly Payne – Manipulative Son Tricks Mom

You call your mom and ask if she’ll help with your last-minute school photography project. When she shows up you hand her one outfit at a time… Lingerie… Mom is taken back, and asks why you’d want her to help you with a project like this. Wont people find it odd if you take photos of your own mother in such risqué clothing. You ask her nicely, plead with her, you really need her help… the lingerie continues to get more and more risqué… and your mom hesitates but does as you ask. After the last outfit, she asks where her clothes are… as you’ve hidden them… and tell her you’ll look and offer her a glass of wine. With well… an incredibly special ingredient. Something to make your mom feel really really good, and a lot less hesitant. After she naps for a minute you pull her clothes, rub her feet, legs and eventually pull her into you and start fucking her. She can’t resist and the pleasure is overwhelming… she moans out in pleasure. After you cum inside her, she struggles to comprehend exactly what’s happening and lays back down for another nap…

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ScarletEllie – My Sons Graduation Present

It’s my sons’s graduation. His father is out getting stuff for the party tonight. So we are all alone. Im so proud of him and I know how hard he’s worked for your grades. I want to show him how much i appreciate him. Just don’t tell your dad. I know he likes me. I see the way he looks at me. I take out my tit and start deep throat his cock. I eventually titty fuck him and count him down to cumming in my mouth.

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