Mama Fiona – Yes Mom! Pls Take My Virginity

Wow sweetheart I cannot believe you’re already going off to college! You have grown up so quickly, and I know how hard you’ve worked. But, there’s one thing I really do regret hunny – and that’s the fact that I didn’t push you out of your comfort zone when it comes to girls. You’re still a virgin! I love you so much darling, and I think its very important for you to have some experience before heading off to the big leagues. I know you’ve always kind of had a thing for me hunny… so… If its alright its you, I’d like to be the one to show you the ropes. I know alllll your little fetishes… I know how much you love momma’s ass and momma’s feet, and I know exactly the way to show them off to you while we’re getting intimate! I also know how much you love to be teased… and don’t worry hunny – if you cum too early, I’ll have you up again in no time! When you go off to school darling – you’re going to be SO glad that your m o m ma was the one to give you some experience!!! Let me suck your cock until you burst, then lets fuck while giving you perfect views of my ass and feet. I’m going to make you cum HARD!!! There is no pussy like your mothers!

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Emmas Secret Life – Your Mother Is A Clip Whore

Your son has found your manyvids account…. he’s been jerking off to it for a while. You found out while using his computer to check your email. He has a file folder named “mom” you wait till he gets home from school and confront him about it. You sit him down while you stand in front of a couch. You are wearing a robe with nothing underneath. Hey kiddo, soo I wanted to talk to you about something I found on your computer. ME! So you like watching mom get fucked huh? Shut up! You think that’s okay? Jerking off to your mom? Well if you think it’s okay on a computer screen then get your dick out. I’m serious, get your dick out. I’m your mom, I made you, so that dick belongs to me. (Take your robe off) go ahead, jerk off. You like mom’s pussy? (Start rubbing your clit) Look at it! Look at your mom’s slutty pussy. Here I’ll spread it for you. Yeah, mommy has nice wet fuckhole. Look at mommy’s fuckhole. You want mom to be your whore? Your dick is leaking little boy. Look at you getting hard for the pussy that made you. Your mom’s pussy. You wanna fuck the pussy that made you?. (Get real close to the camera and spread your pussy open) see that hole son? You came out of there. My little baby boy. Now you wanna fuck that hole. Can you smell it? You like the smell of mom’s pussy? Jerk that dick while you smell your mom’s fuckhole. I was just masturbating before you got home. I came really hard. That’s how your mom’s pussy smells after it cums. Maybe I’ll sit right down on your dick and fuck it. (Back up so I can see your body and face again and squeeze your tits together) What about mom’s tits? you like’m? I breastfed you with these tits. My little baby boy sucking on my tits, eating my milk. Now my baby boy is milking his cock for my tits. You wanna suck on mom’s nipples again little boy? I noticed you had a lot my of anal scenes. You like watching mom get fucked in her ass. (Bend over and spread your ass) look at your mom’s tight fucking assshole. I love getting fucked in my ass. How many times have you watched your mom cum while getting fucked in the ass? Does it make you cum hard? Maybe next time I make a video you can sit and watch mom get assfucked, and jerk off. You wanna buttfuck your mom? Maybe I’ll let you fuck my butt. (Turn around and spread your legs while laying back on the couch and continue masturbating) You like mommy being your whore? I do everything. I’ll even let you piss inside my pussy. You wanna piss in your mom’s pussy? You wanna piss in mommy little boy? you can piss in my ass too. You wanna piss in mommy’s asshole? I want my little baby boy to piss in my fuckholes. Call me a bitch, call me a bitch who lets her son fuck her ass. Call me a whore who lets her son piss in her pussy. I’m a dirty fucking whore for my son. I love my son’s piss inside my pussy. You look like you’re going to cum. Before you cum stick your dick in mom’s ass. I wanna feel it cum. (He sticks it in) Call mommy a slut, call mommy a slut that lets her son fuck her asshole. Use your mom’s asshole to cum. Fuck mommy’s ass until you cum. Then repeat fuck mommy’s ass 3 times….(son cums) keep fucking mom’s ass until I cum. Fuck your cum into mommy’s ass. I love my baby’s dick in my ass. My little baby boy is fucking my ass. Fuck your moms ass. (Rub yourself or finger yourself really hard and fast during this portion) fuck mommy while she cums. (Repeat 2 times)-My little baby boy is inside me. (Then repeat 2 times) my little baby. I can’t, I need you in my pussy!. Mommy needs you back inside her pussy. I want my baby boy back inside my horny fucking pussy. Mommy wants to cum on your dick! I wanna fuck my baby’s dick. I love my baby’s dick. Fuck mommy little boy. Fuck my hole. Fuck the hole you came from. (Then repeat 3 times) I love my little boys cock. I’m gonna cum on my son’s cock. End with creampie.

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Emmas Secret Life – Shower Time With Mommy

The video starts off with you in your robe going into the bathroom. The camera follows to the doorway of the bathroom and you turn around and see your son standing there. You say sweetie mommies about to take a shower. The son responds saying he knows and he wanted to watch you shower and ask you if it’s alright. You feign surprise at this but only tell him okay as long as he is a good boy and does whatever you tell him. He agrees. You tell him that he needs to take off his clothes first and he does. You take off your robe and turn on the shower. After getting in the shower you start massaging your breasts and playing with your nipples. You ask your son if this is what he wanted to see his mommy rubbing her tits. You then start rubbing your clit and ask him if instead it was this his mommy playing with her pussy as you then start fingering yourself standing up for a short time. you turn off the water and sit down in the shower spreading your legs. you briefly go back to rubbing your clit before spreading your pussy lips and telling your son how tight your pussy is. Now you really start fingering yourself for a while. while you are fingering yourself you tell your son to stroke his cock/dick whichever you prefer along with things about how it feels and how much mommy loves to play with herself along with how wet you are getting. you then tell your son to lay down on the towel in the middle of the bathroom. The camera moves back a litt;e bit and lowers to the ground just above the torso toy . you get out of the shower and dry off before smiling at the camera. You get down on your hands and knees and crawl over to the torso toy and start giving it a blowjob. After that you get on top and start riding it facing the camera. You start off riding straight up and down you moan in pleasure and mention he may be as big as his daddy maybe even bigger. you then lean forward a bit so we see your breasts bouncing/swinging towards the camera. after a couple minutes of that you lean back while riding. you eventually turn around so your riding it with your back to the camera. you lean forward away from the camera. the camera angles should alternate between a straight on angle and a slightly side view to simulate your son turning his head and neck to see your tits bouncing/swaying as you ride him giving a side boob and under boob sort of view if that makes sense. finally you tell him to fuck you in missionary. Now you are laying on the towel. the camera focuses on your pussy as your son slowly penetrates you he starts out slow at first but starts to pick up speed. the camera angles here would alternate between your pussy, your tits and face and third a view of all three. You end the scene telling your son to fill mommies pussy with his warm cum. He obeys and creampies you. Trough out the video say things like how much fucking your son excites you and makes you wet. How good his cock/dick feels in your pussy and asking him if he loves the feel of mommies tight/ wet pussy wrapped around cock/dick and any other thing of that nature along with some moans of pleasure of course.

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Emmas Secret Life – Motherfucker Club Pt 2

You come into my room, wearing just a towel. You start to ask me if I know where my sister put her conditioner because you’re out but then you see the camera and me, lying naked on the bed and ask what the hell is going on? Why am I naked? Why is there a camera here? You make like you’re going to leave and I ask you to stay. I am a little shy and reluctant, but you manage to interrogate out of me that my friend told me about the Motherfucker Club and I want to join because girls my age just aren’t working for me. You are disgusted and angry at first, telling me that is perverted but then sigh and ask me gently if I really want to do it with you. You say that you see, Mommy is also a pervert and you tried to raise me to not be a pervert, but we’re family and nature overcomes nurture. You say that if I really want it, Mommy is happy to be a pervert with her pervert son on camera for other perverts to watch. I say yes and you open your towel and ask me if I like my mother’s body. Ask if I like my mom’s breasts and the belly that carried me and the cunt my father fucked to make. You come over onto the bed and straddle me, saying how excited and horny it makes you to know that there are other pervert mothers who want to fuck their sons. You look at me and look at the camera and say, “Let’s do it. Let’s join the motherfucker club together.” and “We’re doing it! We’re committing taboo sex on camera.” You wave at the camera and ask the ladies if they’re fucking their sons while they watch us. You tell me to describe mommy fucking to the camera and call me a motherfucker and a mommy fucker a lot. Talk about how much of a pervert your son is and how only a bad pervert mommy could raise such a pervert son. Tell me that no other good girl will ever compare to degenerate family sex. Use lots of encouragement to get me to talk dirty to you and the camera about how much we love being motherfucking perverts for other mommy fuckers to watch and how much we want to watch them too. All that the dirty talk makes you cum on your motherfucking son’s cock. After you cum, ask me where I want to cum. Talk about how good it would feel to cum down Mommy’s throat or deep inside Mommy’s ass, but you know that the first time you know I want blow my gooey load deep in my mom’s unprotected womb. You can say things like “That’s it. Drive your big hard cock, deep inside your mom” and “Don’t pull out. I bet they’ll come too when they see you squirt your semen inside your mommy.” Encourage me to cum inside you by saying things like ‘Do it you pervert motherfucker. Cum inside your mom on camera’. Once I cum, tell me how good it was and say you wonder if there’s a Daddyfucker club my sister could join.

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Natalie Wonder – The Unforgettable One

Mom has found out that you had some inappropriate sexual relations with your Aunt…HER own Sister. All while she was resting in the very next room. The nerve! mom is a very jealous, competitive woman. Furthermore, SHE made you. NOT your Aunt. She sneaks into your room as you lay in bed resting. She straddles you. You’re about to be shown who the BETTER Sister really is… Oh hello sweetie. Nice of you to open your eyes. Why am I rubbing myself up against your private parts? I’m getting you nice and ready. I know what you did…at around this very time two weeks ago. I had told my Sister it was ok for her to stay in your room for the night since her house was flooded. Little did I know you’d be a VERY naughty boy. You fucked her! So I’m here to show you who’s the better one. You’re MINE and this penis only goes inside ME. And don’t you forget it…

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Emmas Secret Life – Aunt Catches You Jerking Off To Her Panties

So you walk in and catch me going thru your lingerie drawer and surprise me. What the fuck are doing!? You ask me. What the fuck, are you jerking off right now? Turn around right now! You are shocked at what you see, your nephews cock is fucking huge! You are upset but also turned on at the same time. You ask me if I like going thru your slutty outfits that you wear for my uncle. Well I don’t really know what to do with you I just can’t believe it. I need to teach you a lesson you fucking pervert! Fuck your cock is so big… what are you doing? No keep it out you fucking perv. Keep stroking that big dick for your aunt. That’s what you wanted isn’t it to see your aunt dressed like a fucking whore? Sit down I will be back. You change into a slutty dress with stockings and High heels for me and come back to suck my massive cock! You ask if I like seeing my aunt act like a whore? Normally I would be upset but I love big fucking cock and you are huge! You want me to suck your cock so bad don’t you, I can see that you do. Come here and feed it to me motherfucker! You proceed to wrap your mouth around it and try as best you can to suck my thick cock looking at me in surprise while it’s stretching your little mouth. I am such a fucking slut you giggle. You hold your mouth open for me and stick your tongue out telling me to fuck your face you fucking pervert! Your aunts going to drain your fucking balls all over her pretty face tonight. You like that huh you want to cum all over your slutty aunts face motherfucker! Bet you didn’t know how much of a little cumslut I am did you! Well I am and your going to give me that fucking cum aren’t you baby? You like watching me try and suck your monster cock don’t you stretching my little whore mouth out for me. I’m so fucking wet right now. I bet your a big cummer aren’t you yeah I thought so your balls are so heavy! I want you to pump rope after rope of your thick cum across my fucking face! Glaze the fuck out of me! Make me look like one of those bukkake whores in the pornos! Treat me like a filthy fucking whore and fuck my mouth and destroy my face with your nut motherfucker! I want it right now give it to me please cum on my face please please cum for me! I want to feel that warm load slap me in the face over and over! Your aunt will be your cumslut just give it to me! cum on my face motherfucker! I blast you with the biggest facial you have ever taken! It’s on your forehead, cheeks, dripping off your nose and chin! It’s everywhere you can’t see it’s so much! You can’t fucking believe it! You look at me and and let me see my handiwork telling me how amazed you are at how much cum I had in my balls and that you love the way it feels. Let the last couple minutes be of you sitting there covered in cum talking nasty to me about how I just destroyed your pretty face. saying I hope I learned my lesson at the end.

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Emmas Secret Life – My Neighbors Perverted Son

I catch my neighbors son spying on me while I masturbate. I catch him before he runs off and bring him into my room. I tell him I should tell his dad what a pervert his son is but he begs me not too. I tell him that he embarrassed me by watching me do something very private. I tell him now it’s his turn to be embarrassed and I demand him to strip and start jerking his cock. He is hesitant until I threaten to tell his dad again. He does what I tell him but I can’t help but notice how impressive his cock is. I tell him since I couldn’t cum because he interrupted me, he will need to make me cum in other ways! I ride his cock for awhile as I dirty talk to him then I give him a very special treat!! My ass! He cums in my ass and after I push his cum out I tell him next time don’t look through my window, next time knock on my door.

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Natalie Wonder – Mom Reluctantly Goes To Any Length To Help Quell Your Porn Addiction

You have an insane pornography addiction and were suspended for watching porn in class for the fourth time. You and mom have just returned home from a meeting with your counselor who helped set up some house rules. Porn is strictly banned from the house – but masturbation is still encouraged. You’re free to jerk off to anything, whenever you feel the need. The counselor said it’ll ‘help remove the link in your mind between porn and pleasure. mom sits you down to talk about what happened. She really lays into you about getting suspended, asking what you were thinking?! You interrupt her saying you NEED to jerk off. She can’t believe you’re really serious but remembers what the counselor said and reluctantly lets you masturbate. She tries to pick up the lecture but is thrown off by you sitting there jerking off. It seems you’re jerking off TO her. You stop her again asking to pull her tits out. She’s taken aback, scolding you for the language. You remind her about being allowed to jerk off to ANYTHING. You can look but NO TOUCHING. mom lectures away while you occasionally interrupt to make requests. She tries to stay serious. Finally, you ask her to show you her holes. She is shocked but gives in, spreading her legs on the couch to show you what you want to see. You crawl closer. mom grumbles saying she can’t believe this. She feels your breath between her legs – you’re trying to sniff her holes! “Honey, please tell me you’re not…” You ignore her, continuing to mindlessly jerk off to your mother’s body but never breaking the ‘no touching’ rule. You say you want to cum on her. She protests saying, “I know it’s not touching, but…” Before she can finish her sentence you shoot without a warning. mom recomposes herself, telling you she needs to go get cleaned up but this conversation is NOT over…

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Natalie Wonder – Mom Is Always Such A Pleasing And Welcoming Woman

Your friend is over and mom has decided to come sit with you guys. The three of you are talking about the annual end of year “Best…” results. Your friend won Best Looking and Best Physique. mom congratulates him and gushes a little. He probably would of won “Best Cock” too if there was a category. You’re insanely jealous but will never admit it. He always gets any girl he wants. But who knew his newest acquisition today would be your MOM?! What about you? Did you win anything sweetie? Aw okay. Maybe next year. You guys have been friends for so long. Make sure you keep him around for even LONGER. I need some eye candy. It sucks being single. I’m not flirting. And even if I WAS, i’m allowed to. Did you hear what your friend just said to me? That’s definitely crossing some boundaries…but I like it teehee. So sweetie, say I wanted to hang out with your friend…um alone…would you be okay with that? Or would you be jealous? You know what I mean. Me and him wouldn’t be reading books. Your friend is constantly flirting with me and smacking my ass jokingly. So, if I wanted to fuck him, he’d totally fuck me back. I REALLY want your friend. Oh baby, I hate to see you upset. Don’t be jealous of him. mommy still loves you. What…is your friend taking out his…BIG COCK. That is fucking huge. Did you know he had that in his pants? Now I REALLY can’t resist. Sweetie, even though you’re super jealous I bet watching him fuck me would make you super horny. Your friend doesn’t seem to mind you sitting a foot away while he pushes his huge cock into my pussy. Sometimes a mom has to do what a mom has to do…

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Nikki Brooks – Before School Handjob

Your Mommy is having breakfast and is stunned you’re even still in the house with the bus leaving any minute for school. She see’s you have quite the bulge in your pants and should send you to school like that to teach you a lesson. Instead, she tells you to sit down so she can give you a handjob before your stressful school day. She pulls down your pants and takes out your cock and wastes not time. You are rock hard and throbbing in her hand. Slowly and sensually jerking you off, you leak pre cum showing your Mommy you are ready to blow your load. Eager to see your load, she lifts up her shirt and tells you to cum all over her huge tits just before the bus arrives. She sends you off to school relieved and milked. Now go catch that bus and get your ass to school!

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