Pregnant Kelly – Pregnant Mom And Son Get Married

After getting your mom pregnant, she tells you she has a special surprise for you. She wants to be a real family, move away and get married and live as husband and wife. She knows you both can’t share a traditional wedding but getting married should be about the love between two people, and she wants to share that special moment and marriage with you. She tells you to go to her room and wait while she gets the surprise, she enters the room dressed in white lace lingerie and a veil… ready for our wedding night sweetheart?

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Pregnant Kelly – Pregnant Mom Accidently Sends Nudes

Your pregnant Mom sends you some… XXX photos of herself. You even get sexting like text messages?! From your MOM!? Your a little confused at first but also really turned on by how up front she is being, you respond with a dick pic. Mom says it’s been to long your cock seems smaller but thicker? Maybe she needs more to remember… Until you send a text… and Mom realizes she isn’t texting her husband, she just sent her own son naked photos of herself!!! She decides she has to say something and talks to you about it the next day. Your both a little awkward, hiding your turn ons and attractions, and trying to act like everything is cool. Until she notices your boner and is enticed and interested by your flirting? Your both flirting? Maybe if we keep it a secret it could be okay?

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Pregnant Kelly – Step Mom Teaches Son To Be Nice

Your step-mom is desperate to bond with you and have some kind of close relationship with you. She’s already won over your father and little brother but you haven’t quite come around. She asks you to please share your favorite old bear your mom got you when you were smaller with your brother, he asks and begs for it constantly and she is determined to convince you to share. She sits down with you and admits she wishes you both were closer and she seduces you a bit into being nicer, we all care for one another because we’re family and you both could be intimate if you promise to be nicer and share, beside she’s not your real mom anyway… she’s your step-mom which makes it perfectly okay.

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Pregnant Kelly – Did I Just Fuck My Mom

Your home from a college break and visiting your mom. She’s busy doing some chores but you hang out in the kitchen chatting with her, when all of a sudden those old memories and urges start pouring back, and almost taking over… it feels and seems so real.. but is it? Your mind is playing tricks on you as you flash back between mom and… “sexy mom” ?? dressed in a maids outfit talking dirty, teasing you, leading you on… before you know it your moms naked fucking herself with dildos beginning for your cock and then she’s dressed. back to “normal” asking if your, okay? Your urges are out of control today … mom says she’s going to lay down for a nap, and you try to resist the urge to go into her room. But next thing you know mom’s naked begging for your cock, sucking you, asking you to eat her out, fucking you, begging you to cum inside her… is this really happening?

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Pregnant Kelly – Protective Mom Fucks Son’s Bully

Protective and nurturing mom decides to take matters into her own hands and confront you, her son’s bully. She is a sweet, respectful, kind of vanilla mom but she wants to stand up for her son. She shows up at your place and demands to speak with your parents hoping they’ll be able to get through to you to stop being so mean to her son. Unfortunately your parents are out on vacation and your home alone for a week or so. You flirt with her, compliment her, and tell her you both could work something out, after all it’s not your fault her son is such a nerd. You agree to protect him even befriend her son if she gives you sex in return… she’s saying no, and resisting but her body language clearly contradicts her words… she eventually agrees. You push her onto the sofa and tell her to play with herself, she’s a little confused but very aroused and does as you suggest. you then tell her to continue playing with her wet squirting pussy while she uses her feet to stroke your cock. She likes it and tells you how kinky you are. she bends over and you fuck her good and hard making her moan loadly, flip her around have her stroke your cock with her feet a little more and then fuck her hard again until you cum deep inside her pussy.

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Kelly Payne – Pregnant Mom Needs Your Cum

Your mom has noticed you haven’t been cumming. There are no dirty tissues to clean up or any sticky jizz residue in your socks anymore, she is concerned and confronts you. There is no excuse or good reason to not be taking care of yourself. Your not just depriving yourself she explains, your depriving her as well. But don’t worry, mom knows exactly what to do and how to take care of you and your heavily full balls. Use mommy to relieve yourself, let mommy empty those balls completely, every last drop.

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Kelly Payne – Son Wants to Help Impregnant Mom

Mom is visiting the family therapist and is a bit taken back but the nature of the conversation today. Its starting to feel like her therapist is encouraging her to use her son’s sperm to get pregnant again since her husband doesn’t want to try for another. She tries to open herself up to the idea but… she decides to end the session early due to all the uncomfortable feelings coming up for her. When she gets home, she checks in with her son, really wanting to ask if what the therapist said was true, but she resists. You however admit to your mom you want to help her; you’ve hated seeing her so sad lately and you want to get her pregnant. She is surprised, and resistant and tries to talk herself and you out of this crazy idea… but with the encouragement early today and now you are encouraging her… she gives in.

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Kelly Payne – Pregnant Kelly Meets VoyeurHigh Taboo

Your mom wakes you up in an abrasive manner, you’ve hit snooze way to many times and it’s the first day of school for everyone and your mom is not amused by your lazy uncaring attitude. She’s naked and seems to not realize until she sees your morning wood and covers herself. At breakfast she notices again, you still haven’t gotten ready and have a boner, you ask for help… not wanting to be late she reluctantly agrees to “help” by giving you a hand job, and sucking a little to speed things along… Until… you unexpectedly explode a huge load all over her face! Dad walks in… mom plays it off, being the excellent drama teacher she is. Since you upset her this morning and your lucky enough to be in her class, she volunteers you to play the part of one of the bears and you insist she help you into your costume… no surprise… another boner. Again mom reluctantly takes care of your boner and again… you unexpectedly explode another huge load all over her, this time covering her face, hair and body… She grabs a baggy and tries her best to clean herself of your cum… but the class notices her… umm… prop make up?! good thing mom is good at improv… apparently so are you as you mess with her through the entire one on one example of improv… until you get her to sit on your cock… shocked, embarrassed, and horrified… she plays along with your improv dance?? while you fuck your mom in front of the entire class, filling your moms pussy full of cum… Mom tries her best to quickly excuse you both to the dressing room where her stress from this crazy day explodes… and you have a great idea to fuck her stress away. Oh did I mention Dads the principle and decides to sit on the class? Good thing he’s glued to his phone…

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