Syren De Mer – Giving Her Son Confidence After Losing His Job

Syren De Mer – Giving her Son Confidence after Losing his Job PART ONE
Syren is worried about her son. Ever since he got laid off from his job he has been depressed. He’s been working since he was in HS and it’s not his fault half the people at the shop got let go. Syren knows he just needs confidence and he can go right back out and get another, a better, job. She remembers how she used to give his dad the boost he needs, and Tommy is the man of the house now so…

Syren De Mer – Giving her Son Confidence after Losing his Job PART TWO
Syren’s son is back from the first day at his new job and she is SO proud of him! She knew that all he needed was for her to build up his confidence a some extra encouragement and look- he did great! She has never lost faith in him. Now, it’s time for his special reward so that she can show him just how proud she really is.

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Raven Hart – Mom Gives You The Talk

Raven Hart – Mom Gives You The Talk Part 1:
You’re looking for a bit of “alone time” when mom knocks on your door. Wow, sound really travels in your house. Mom heard your conversation with your girlfriend the other day. All the things you were trying to get that girl to do. Mom really doesn’t want to be dealing with the angry older brothers and furious fathers that may come looking for you if you have your way with any of the girls from school, so she’s decided you’re better off learning from her. She can teach you and take care of everything you need without you having to deal with inexperienced or gossipy girls. Mom’s all you’ll ever need.

Raven Hart – Mom Gives You The Talk Part 2:
You’ve been texting the new girl you’re dating. It’s not like it’s your fault you’ve been craving the touch of a woman so badly, and mom’s about to head out on a date. She struts in wearing a sexy red dress that barely covers her curves. After looking at that, you’re supposed to be left with what, just some sexting? That’s not going to cut it, and mom can read that on your face. Maybe she can spare a quicky be for she runs off to dinner. Besides, unlike the girls from school, mom really knows what she’s doing.

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Cherie DeVille – Taking Care of Mommys Needs

Cherie comes into her sons room and has him take care of her needs the way she has been teaching him. After she is pleasured and satisfied she turn to leave but decides he has been such a good boy he deserves some special treatment.

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Melissa Lynn – Finding Mom The Right Guy

Melissa Lynn – Finding Mom The Right Guy Part 1:
When your mom comes home from a night out, she talks to you about her “frustrations”. You didn’t expect her to talk to you about her personal life, but what she says to you next, you definitely don’t expect to hear from your mom! But she makes it pretty clear that she wants you to take care of her.

Melissa Lynn – Finding Mom The Right Guy Part 2:
Mommy takes her time with you since you had to rush last time. This time, she wants to show you more.

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Brooklyn Chase – Mom Takes Care Of Your Hard Cock

Brooklyn Chase – Mom Takes Care Of Your Hard Cock Part 1
Your Mom comes in to see if you’re ready to go to school. When she comes in and sees that you aren’t getting ready, and instead are jerking off, she offers to help by showing her tits to get you off faster. She tells you that she doesn’t have time to sit around all day waiting for you to cum. When you take too long, she starts to help you in another way.

Brooklyn Chase – Mom Takes Care Of Your Hard Cock Part 2
Your mom comes back in your room again after she’s done getting ready for work and catches you jacking off AGAIN. She exclaims, “again!? I just took care of this!” Since you have to leave soon, she hopes onto your bed and to help you take care of your boner, but this time, she has a different plan.

Brooklyn Chase – Mom Takes Care Of Your Hard Cock Part 3
Your mom is sitting at the kitchen table waiting to take you to a pool party. While you’re sitting at the table, she notices your hard cock. She says she cannot drop you off at the party with your dick hard like that! So she gets down on her knees and begins to help.

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Tyler Faith – Obsessed With Moms Tits

Tyler Faith – Obsessed With Moms Tits Part One
Tyler has discovered that her son is obsessed with her tits. Even finding pictures on his phone. She feels like the direct approach is the best way to handle the situation.

Tyler Faith – Obsessed With Moms Tits Part Two
Tyler is getting ready to go out when she notices her son watching her with a huge erection. She doesn’t have time to get all messy so she tells him to take care of himself while she encourages him. He’s become spoiled and his hand is taking too long, and Tyler did get a little excited herself watching her son stroking his cock wildly as he stared at her so she decides she can help him quickly.

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Diamond Fox – Dad Is Cheating

Diamond Fox – Dad is Cheating Part One
Rion’s mom has been trying very hard to make her marriage work. She has been going to the gym, wearing make up, making dates for her and her husband, but when she realizes he is cheating she decides to put all that effort into the man that really appreciates her…

Diamond Fox – Dad is Cheating Part Two
Rion’s father’s asleep and his mom slips into his room. Diamond has been needing this kind of physical attention for so long, she just can’t get enough now.

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Brooklyn Chase – Surrenders To Her Jealous Son

Brooklyn Chase – Surrenders to her Jealous Son Part One
Brooklyn comes home from a night out to find her oldest son Nathan waiting up for her. He starts to aggressively question her about where she was, who she was with, how she’s dressed and it gets worse from there. She tries to assert that he has no right to question her! After all she’s his Mother! Nathan won’t relent and his hands are all over her. Brooklyn starts getting scared, but, the way he is dominating her, she is ashamed of it, but she is turned on.

Brooklyn Chase – Surrenders to her Jealous Son Part Two
Brooklyn takes the chance when Nathan is supposed to working a late night to go on a date. Things can’t keep going on like they have, it’s wrong. She needs to find a man her age and look at something long term. She comes out of the bathroom to see her son waiting for her. Brooklyn knows she is in trouble. The dress she is wearing gives everything away. She knows she should put a stop to it. Tell him NO! But she just can’t. Nathan takes her again and Brooklyn surrenders to her son’s jealousy and lust for her.

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Krissy Lynn – Mom Shows Me That She Needs To Be Sexy

Krissy Lynn – Mom Shows me that she needs to Be Sexy Part One
I am just checking out some hot milf porn on my phone one night and my mom comes home feeling very good from happy hour. She starts talking and all the things I’ve kept out of my mind are coming at me from her mouth. It’s really clear she knows what she wants.

Krissy Lynn – Mom Shows me that she needs to Be Sexy Part Two
Ever since I gave my mom what she needs, she needs it all the time. She is really enjoying letting the slut she is show for me.

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Brooklyn Chase – Mom Desires

Brooklyn Chase – Mom Desires Part 1
Mom comes into my room late one night and lays down next to me. She starts talking about the guys she’s been dating since her and dad split, and I start to zone out. When she tells me she wants me to help her with her unfulfilled needs, I’m suddenly wide awake. When she starts running her fingers along my skin, I get tunnel vision. I just see this incredibly hot older woman seductively spread beside me, telling me how I’m exactly what she wants. I don’t know what made her suddenly come forward about how much she desires me, but I’m not the kind of guy who says “no” to his mom. She pulls down my boxers, and with the very first lick, I know there’s no going back to how things were before.

Brooklyn Chase – Mom Desires Part 2
Mom has been dodging me all week. I miss being able to feel her warm, soft skin, all those luscious curves… she wakes up when I touch her. Starts talking about how she’s having uncertainties about what we’ve been up to. But just my hands running along her arm and stomach erases her inhibitions. She still craves me just as much as she’s made me desire her. We both get what we want, and I leave her with my cum dripping out of her freshly fucked pussy. Already I can’t wait for the next time.

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