Princessberpl – Lonely Mom Tricked Into Taboo Threesome

Your friend invited you over after work, but you got there early and with enough time to comfort his lonely divorced mom. She sucked you dry and promised next time you can come over and fuck her for real. Being a bro you had to get your friend’s permission. Thankfully he’s totally down and you came up with a plan to include everyone in the fun: A Surprise Taboo Threesome. I mean, it’s his mom after all.

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PrincessBerpl – Submissive Mommy Bikini Fuck

Mommy asks you for your help in keeping her skin young for her trip down to the beach, but instead of using your hands you rub the sunscreen all over with your hard throbbing dick. One thing leads to another and your mommy fully submits to your big fat cock. You even get to blow your load deep inside.

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Princessberpl – Ditzy Mom Roleplay

Mommy’s boys can’t seem to go to bed. Their little stiffies just won’t go away!!! Don’t worry, she’ll take care of you and your brother. And don’t worry it’s not weird at all. She’s performing a mothers duty!

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